Reframing Consistency as a Heart-centred Business

You're Not a Machine & Life isn't Always Consistent!

Episode 27 with Sydney Flethcer, Do the Heart Work
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Building a Heart-centred Business Starts Grows from the Inside Out...


What does it look like to build a business from a place of love? What would happen if you stayed curious about your relationship with consistency as it relates to your heart-centred marketing strategies and creating a sustainable business you love?  

What would it feel like to embrace the cheese inside you? 

Ha! Ok that last one may have been a hilarious-yet-unintentionally-awkward quote from Sydney and we're here for it!

Listen in as Sydney and I unpack what it REALLY means to be consistent in your business and why reframing the way we think about what consistency means on a personal level might be the key to you unlocking your inner knowing and trusting your gut as you create a magical business you adore!


Just a Few of the Magical Tidbits Sydney Shared in This Episode...

  • Life isn't consistent! Is consistency in our heart-centred marketing strategies as important as we've been led to believe?

  • Stop building your heart-centred business based on fear, pressure, or rigidity of algorithms
  • The importance of empowerment and self-agency as business owners and the difference between seeking answers and creating answers
  • I don't know is just the starting point of your answer before going inward to unlock your inner knowing
  • Stay curious about your resistance to certain business-building tools or strategies; use that curiosity to understand your relationship to those tools and strategies!

"Life isn't consistent. Expecting this machine-like work ethic is not honouring our humanity and who we can be. It doesn't honour the richness of answers that come from stopping and taking a moment to pause and not be consistent."

- Sydney Fletcher, Do the Heart Work


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