You're a Badass Entrepreneur Changing the World!

You wear your heart on your sleeve, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and work your buns off to create something from nothing driven by the impulse to solve a problem and change the world. 

Can I get a Heck Yah and a High-Five?!

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You're a Badass Entrepreneur Changing the World!

You wear your heart on your sleeve, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and work your buns off to create something from nothing driven by the impulse to solve a problem and change the world. 

Can I get a Heck Yah and a High-Five?!

Why I Started My Business:

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and it didn't take long before I noticed that:

1. Entrepreneurship is pure magic. We can create a profitable business from almost any idea within our heads and hearts

2. Entrepreneurship will suck up every ounce of your time, energy, and money if you let it

After years of repeating the same old cycle of working hard until burning out, I decided to stop the madness and figure out how to build a profitable business by WORKING LESS and PLAYING MORE. I was determined to find an easier and faster way to build a profitable business that was fun, authentic to my vision and values, and most importantly, didn't require me to sacrifice my mental and physical health.

I've spent the last 20 years nerding out to all things entrepreneurship and business development (how we make money) and have distilled what I've proven actually works into simple strategies and formulas for new entrepreneurs to follow.


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Working with Lindsay has been an incredible adventure. They have an amazing ability to zero in on what's not working and come up with a solid plan of action to get me moving in the direction of my dreams. They're whip-smart and big hearted, and really fun to work with."

-Gina Li, GRL Translation Communication

"Lindsay Johnson is the real deal. I was at a loss. I felt like I had tried "all the things" to gain momentum in my business. Lindsay gently showed me my blind spots and delivered bespoke strategies to help me hit my stride."

-Brigid Dineen, Boundary Coach for Women

Since our very first conversation, I felt a connection with Lindsay - they were and remain candid, inquisitive, and genuinely invested in my success. They bring me fresh new takes when I'm stuck in a rut, get me out of my comfort zone to take things to the next level, and help me prioritize when I'm overwhelmed.

-Sonia Dong, Henkaa

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My Entrepreneurial Philosophy

  • Entrepreneurship is a tool for building your dream life
  • Working hard is not the same as being busy. Hard work is essential for growth; busyness is not!
  • Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for radical self-acceptance
  • Successful businesses are built by entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to make mistakes and play outside their comfort zones
  • It's going to take longer and be harder than you think ... but if you stick with it ... you will become bigger and your business will be so much more magical than you ever could have imagined!
  • You're going to meet some incredible business friends along the way and they will make your life so much better than before
“It’s your game; make up your own rules.” - Barbara Corcoran

My Core Values

  • Kindness. Make people feel flipping incredible about themselves
  • Inclusivity & Accessibility. We need to make sure there's a place for everyone at the table
  • Geographic Freedom. My office is in my backpack, my home is in my heart, and the world is full of friends I haven't met yet.
  • Transparency & Authenticity. I'll keep it real with you, do my best to create safe and inclusive spaces, and communicate with full transparency.
  • Leadership. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader in their own world. I've made it a lifelong commitment to stand up and lead by example at every opportunity.
  • Adventure & New Challenges. Life is a heck of a lot more fun when I'm facing a new challenge or exciting adventure. 
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Helen Keller

My Nerd Life

  • Sci-fi or Fantasy Everything! Books, movies, tv shows, podcasts ... I love 'em all.
  • Training for Physical Challenges. I've done two triathlons; spent two months in Thailand at a Muay Thai camp; travelled around North America for Capoeira batizados; Did a 200KM bike trip in the mountains of Quebec; love playing sports, hot yoga, hiking, swimming, and pretty much anything that makes me get out of my head and into my body!
  • MCU fan theories. Seriously, TikTok is my new favourite place to hang out after work and catch up on all the MCU conversations.
  • Unlearning internalized fatphobia, misogyny, gender norms, ableism, racism, sexism and smashing the patriarchy and white supremacy in general.
  • Meeting new people and travelling to new places. I'm wildly extroverted, super curious, and find it impossible to turn down an in-depth conversation about pretty much anything ... yes, even the weather! 
“What self-acceptance does is open up more possibilities of succeeding because you aren’t fighting yourself along the way.” - Shannon Ables

No More Burning Out!

When you get clear on what will actually grow your business you're going to stop overworking on things that don't matter.

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My attraction-marketing and permission-sales strategies will feel good for both you and your customer!

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By working less and earning more you'll be able to truly build the lifestyle of YOUR dreams ... and actually have time to enjoy it!


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