When Burnout Makes You Lose Your Passion

With Nick McGraw

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Have you really fallen out of love with your work or is it just burnout? When you work feels more like a chore than passion it is time to take your foot off the gas and ask for help.

Nick McGraw, Mr. McGrawesome grew his business by working his buns off and designing badass brands for clients he loves. The results his clients receive after incorporating his badass brand designs proves a great brand will make you stand out in the market. However, as Nick talks about in this podcast episode, when you try to do it all and work 25-8, a wall of burnout is inevitable and lead to falling out of love with your passion.

Nick reveals to me on this episode why it is so important to take care of yourself as much as your business. He learned to love his business again and have more fun without sacrificing the bottom line.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you need to do your due diligence when working with anyone in your business (wait til you hear his horror story)
  • Burning out and falling out of love with your passion
  • Letting go of control and outsourcing areas of your business that aren’t within your zone of genius
  • Why having a business coach or mentor is needed to assist you in your business
  • How self care is different for everyone
  • Why tattoos are cool


“This is burnout. I let it happen this time and I let it take control and it dug its claws in. I have not felt less of a human being in my life.” - Nick McGraw


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About Nick McGraw

Nick McGraw is a brand designer who helps entrepreneurs build awesome brands that stand out effectively, connecting them with their audience. He specializes in identity design & branding, with a key focus for reaching your ideal clients & building lasting relationships. Nick works closely with his clients to create timeless brands to reach their business goals.  


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