Embracing Imperfection to Show Up on Social Media 

With Tara Gratto

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Does embracing imperfection in your business scare the pants off you? Is your perfectionism holding you back from showing up on social media consistently?

Tara spent months putting out “perfect” content and it was starting to feel inauthentic. She thought her audience wanted to see her professionally dressed and put together… the picture of perfection.

Feeling exhausted with her idea of perfection, Tara threw up her hands and learned… perfectionism isn’t real! What your audience wants is your authenticity and to feel connected to YOU. 

In this episode, Tara sits down with Lindsay to explain how she started to show up consistently on social media perfectionism be damned!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Overcoming your perfectionism to connect with your audience and put your knowledge out there
  • Learning to pivot when Plan A doesn’t work or technology gets in the way
  • The importance of ditching what you think you know so you can create messaging based on your ideal client’s language
  • 4 tips to showing up on social media consistently
  • Saying NO to professional attire to show up on Instagram just as you are!

"The funny thing is, in the beginning of this journey, what I envisioned as perfect was not perfect for my clients. The language I was using did not match their language." - Tara Gratto


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About Tara Gratto

Tara is a busy mama, the founder of Raising Resilient Children and big believer in the importance of community. She supports overwhelmed parents with practical tips, tools and strategies for navigating the challenges of parenting while fostering social emotional skills with their children. Tara also uses her experience as a small business owner to empower parents with tools for navigating a work-life-home relationship.


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