Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams

With Sarah Michelle Brown

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When you started your business was it difficult to put yourself out there? Did you struggle with finding the confidence and courage to follow your dreams?

Sarah Michelle Brown was determined to have the good ole American Dream after she finished her studies in BioChemistry.

Just one problem … it felt totally inauthentic to who she was and what excited her most! She learned through life experiences and honest conversations with friends and family that her passion wasn’t in BioChem at all ... it was in FILM! 

Shocker: Sarah turned her passion for film into a successful business teaching entrepreneurs how to confidently show up on Video!

Listen in as Sarah shares life’s curveballs and how she found the courage to walk away from what wasn’t for working for her and took the leap to start her own business

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Having the courage to find your voice and follow your dreams even when you’re afraid of being judged
  • How Sarah took her passion for directing and acting and turned it into a profitable business
  • When to stop giving your genius away for free and charging people
  • The surprising effect grief had on pointing her in the right direction of her dreams
  • tips to being more comfortable in front of the camera


"Often times I think, just looking at my own life as a possible example of it is, that trauma can change your life, and other people's trauma can change your life." - Sarah Michelle Brown


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About Sarah Michelle Brown

Sarah Michelle Brown is a video coach and real-life filmmaker who empowers big-dreaming entrepreneurs (like YOU) to stop HIDING from their camera AND start feeling CONFIDENT making videos! She teaches you how to make engaging videos in a fun + powerful way so you can create more visibility, income and have a bigger impact on your work.


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