Naming Your Imposter Syndrome Gremlin

With Linda Parmar

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Has your business started to take off and suddenly you’re filled with self-doubt about whether or not you’re actually good at what you do?

Has comparison got you questioning whether or not you are good enough to compete and that in the end no one’s going to hire you and your business is going to fail?

Are you losing sleep at night while your impostor syndrome gremlin whispers in your ear that you don’t know what you’re doing and soon everyone’s going to find out you’re a total fraud?

Need I go on?

These are just a few examples of the way Imposter Syndrome can mess with your confidence and force you into hiding in your business.

Listen to this special episode featuring real-time coaching with Linda Parmar, money coach for women in recovery who want to heal their relationship with money.

Linda is a part of my business academy and has impacted the lives of many women over the years and, whew baby, forces beyond Linda’s control threw her for a loop and brought on impostor syndrome fast and hard.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Real-time coaching with Linda tackling her impostor syndrome to help you self-coach yourself
  • What impostor syndrome is and how it shows up in your business
  • Typical triggers for impostor syndrome and self-doubt
  • Why impostor syndrome is a lie (and how to find the truth)
  • Why impostor syndrome is actually a great indicator that you are levelling up
  • 4 steps for ditching impostor syndrome


"Imposter syndrome is a lie. It is our job to acknowledge and undo these lies so we can get back into action." - Lindsay Johnson


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Get the Impostor Syndrome Worksheet

About Linda Parmar

Linda Parmar is a Certified Money Coach© who helps women heal their relationship with money. Linda’s goal in her coaching practice is to help women change their patterns and behaviours with money that are keeping them stuck. She creates a non judgemental, safe space to help you explore your relationship with money. If you are ready to look under the surface, she is here to guide you to money freedom.


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