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You're an entrepreneur with big dreams...

I'm going to teach you the business skills you need to succeed.

How to Entrepreneur is a cheeky $9 membership filled with bite-size marketing & sales skills for entrepreneurs ready to stop farting around on busy work, get their business on the map and money in the bank!

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How to Entrepreneur takes the confusion, overwhelm, and loneliness out of building a business!

Weekly Bite-Size Business Skills


It's common to leap into the world of entrepreneurship with zero business skills under your belt. In this membership, you'll learn a new, super simple marketing & sales skill every week, including video tutorials on how to get into big action.

3 Live Sessions Every Month

No more sitting at your laptop wondering what the heck to do to grow your business. Join us live online for Q&A, goal setting, action planning, and coworking every month.

Super Supportive Community

Entrepreneurship gets lonely fast. The lonelier we get the faster our creativity, productivity, and bold, audacious dreams disappear. Stay motivated, inspired, and connected with a built-in community.

Your job as an entrepreneur is simple...

Get your business in front of the people who are already looking for you, with money in hand, and make it clear and easy to buy from you.

My job is to teach you how!

Wowza, biz bestie. I've got incredible news for you.

What's inside the $9 membership

Weekly Bite-Size Business Skills

Every Monday you'll receive a simple, actionable business skills including a video tutorial, strategy, script, and action plan! That's 52 lessons designed to help you become a confident, successful, well-connected entrepreneur throughout the year!


[$40 value per lesson]


Live Monthly Action Planning on Zoom

On the last Tuesday of the month at 9:00 am PST we'll meet live on Zoom to set your sales goals, make your marketing plan, and map out your fill-in-the-blank Stranger to Happy Paying Customer Journey*


*That's my signature marketing & sales roadmap in case you're new around here!


[$50 value per session]


Monthly Q&A Sessions

Join me on YouTube on the 3rd Friday of the month at 12:00 pm PST and ask me all your burning business questions. You can ask anonymously or join me up on stage and we'll get into it together!


 [$50 per session value]

Live Monthly Coworking on Zoom

Need to get a lot of work done and feeling uninspired to do it? Join us on Zoom on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11:00 am PST for coworking sessions to tackle your to-do list and batch-create your content! Leverage the power of body-doubling, the Pomodoro Technique, and real-time accountability to get ish done!


 [$30 per session value]

My Signature "Ick-Free Sales Training"

Discover my consent-based marketing & sales system including my signature Stranger to Happy Paying Customer Journeys for a step-by-step formula for getting your business in front of the right people and making it clear and easy to buy from you. 


 [$100 value]

sales training_edited.png

Guest Expert Q+A

Special guest experts pop in throughout the year to teach us something new in their area of expertise. These are live and you can submit questions ahead of time. Examples include starting a YouTube channel, getting customers on Instagram, email marketing that converts, how to build a sales funnel and more.


 [$300+ value]

Lindsay & Madeliene - Website Audits.png

Facebook Community

Join our active Facebook community for even more support and camaraderie with big-dreaming entrepreneurs. Ask questions, get feedback on your work, share your favourite resources and celebrate your wins!

[$50 monthly value]


Howdy, I'm Lindsay!

I'm a huge entrepreneurship nerd.

I'm obsessed with marketing and sales thanks to being raised in a family of entrepreneurs. I was figuring out how to monetize my skills and master the art of consent-based selling since I was 10 years old (I got an early start!).

I've spent a lifetime breaking down complex business skills into simple, step-by-step action plans. 

(Seriously, this is what I do for fun!)

I've also got a super strategic brain that  I use to teach YOU how to get out of the weeds of busy work and stop spinning out on what to do and how to do it so that you can think strategically about the best way to turn strangers into happy, paying customers.

And because I'm extra and never one to settle for the status quo I even developed my own consent-based marketing & sales system in my early 20s.


I was sick of the icky, "sell-at-any-cost" tactics all the gurus were teaching ... there's a better way to get new customers that doesn't rely on manipulation and psychological mind games!


In my early 30s, I decided to go all in with The Radical Connector and teach folks like you how to level up your marketing & sales skills, step into unshakable confidence in your business, and blow up your visibility to create a brand people can't stop talking about!


All together I've spent the last 20+ years blowing minds by teaching entrepreneurs how to get their business in front of the right customers (the people who are already looking for you) and make it clear and easy to buy from you.


And now?

I want YOU to feel the confidence that comes from knowing How to Entrepreneur!

Hear from the Community...

"As an entrepreneur who has always struggled with "sales", Lindsay has helped me embrace business development while staying true to my values and personality."


Belinda Clemmensen, Women's Leadership Intensive

Holly Middleton Flow Movement Therapy 3.jpg

"I wish I had worked with Lindsay a year ago when I first started my business instead of sitting and waiting for clients to show up and doubting whether my work had any value."


Holly Middleton, Flow Movement Therapy


"Lindsay takes out the noise and overwhelm from where to start and what to do as a new entrepreneur and provides simple, actionable, no-nonsense business, marketing, and sales advice."


Nadine Stille, Life Coach for Mammas

Ready to learn how to entrepreneur?

Then get your butt in the membership and let's level up your confidence, visibility, and sales together!

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