Ready to Work Less, Play More...and Make More Money in Your Business?

Entrepreneurship is a tool for building the life of your dreams.

(It shouldn't TAKE OVER your entire life!)

Ready to Work Less, Play More...and Make More Money in Your Business?

Entrepreneurship is a tool for building the life of your dreams.

(It shouldn't TAKE OVER your entire life!)


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4 Business Building Basics

Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Let's cut the bologna and talk about the 4 most crucial business skills for getting customers and making money!

We're a Community for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Ditch Their Desks and Go Do Big Things!

After teaching new entrepreneurs how to get customers and make money for the last 20 years, I've distilled everything I've learned about building a profitable business into a super simple 3-step path from Idea to Scale.

Step 1: Get Your Biz Off the Ground

Get to know your market, build a rock-solid foundation, and monetize your magic.


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Step 2: Get Your First $100K

Learn advanced digital marketing, copywriting and sales funnel skills to attract your perfect customer all the way to your first 100K.


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Step 3: Get Out from Behind Your Desk!

Outsource, automate, and hire professionals to scale your brand beyond six figures so you're free to work less and play more!


The Lazy Scalers Club
From Lindsay:

The world of Entrepreneurship needs to be shaken up. Y'all are working way too hard on things that simply don't matter and it's delaying your dream life. I'm looking for big dreamers who are focused on growth, don't want to work so dang hard, and want to discover a smarter way to scale their big ideas to freedom. Let's work together on the activities that matter so you can build a life beyond your wildest dreams!


Meet Lindsay and their Work Less Play More Philosophy
Hear from members of the community

After 5 years of throwing spaghetti against the wall, trying to figure everything out on my own, Lindsay's strategies helped me stop spinning my wheels and finally hit six figures.

-Cass Rudolph, photographer & video producer

My VA business was a hot mess before starting with Lindsay and I did not expect their strategies to get me to multiple $10K months this quickly, not that I'm complaining!

-Min Sukree, VA for busy AF entrepreneurs

Why did I wait so long to join Lindsay's community? After a bit of a learning curve (and resistance) I've embraced their strategies and they're not kidding, I'm working less and earning more than I ever did when I was trying to do it all on my own.

-Heather Boyd, sleep coach for parents and their babies

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Free Mini-Course

4 Business Building Basics

Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Know!

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