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Learn Simplified Marketing & Sales Skills

Putting the power to build a profitable service-based business you love back into your hands. I'm here to teach you How to Entrepreneur with personalized, actionable business skills for unshakeable marketing & sales confidence!


Your perfect customers are looking for you right now, with money in hand...

Let me show you how to get your business in front of them and make it clear and easy to buy from you!

Want a crash course in marketing & sales?

Dive in my free course, 4 Business Building Basics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know!

I'm going to teach you how to get your business in front of the right people

You started your business to do what you love and make an impact...

So why does it feel like most of your time is spent running in circles trying to figure out how to get (and keep) clients? 

If you didn't start your business with previous marketing & sales experience it's no wonder most of your time is spent outside your zone of genius trying to put the puzzle pieces of your business together using everyone else's pieces.

Are you ready to learn simple, actionable marketing & sales skills that are personalized just for you?

Howdy, I'm Lindsay!

We do things a little differently around here...

We're flipping the "monopoly table" on traditional business advice that doesn't apply to service-based solopreneurs and ditching pre-recorded DIY courses, rigid 12-week group programs, and even one-on-one coaching.


It's not working and your business deserves better.


What most service-based solopreneurs need most is to learn actionable marketing & sales skills and access to personalized business advice right when you need it!


My mission is to mobilize entrepreneurs just like you to make waves in your industry, make excellent money for your work, and make your mark on the world.

Are you ready to stop drowning in overwhelm, confusion, feeling your way in the dark...


And to get back into your zone of genius?

Screenshot 2024-05-11 180440.png

"Lindsay's never getting rid of me; they've got me for life. Lindsay is the only expert I've worked with who actually listened to me and helped me build MY business MY way."

- Brittney Ashley, Creative Dynamics Virtual Services

"In my first year I of business I knew absolutely nothing and went thousands of dollars into personal debt trying to find the answer. Lindsay taught me how easy it was to turn the engine on in my business." - Rachel Lee, Brand Strategist

Jun Wu JW Professional Immigration Services.jpg

"I learned so much about building a business from Lindsay. Most importantly I learned how much I don't know. Lindsay took the time to get to know me, nudged me outside comfort zone, and keep me focused ... not distracted!"

- Jun Wu, Sticky Note Chinese

4 Ways to Make Business Magic Together

Join my free community

If you love cheeky business advice, a bossy business cowboy who's gonna keep you accountable to your goals, and free online hangs with a bunch of cool entrepreneurs, get on my email list. We're going to have so much fun together get stuff done!

Work directly with me here!

How to Entrepreneur

Let's get up close and personal with your marketing and sales strategies in our live Q&A community. Giving you the power to build a profitable service-based business by teaching you personalized business skills right when you need them.

$9 Ick-free Sales Membership

More sales, less ick with my easy-breezy $9 sales membership. You'll get a new ick-free sales script in your inbox every Monday plus my signature sales training, and supportive community of badass entrepreneurs.

Hire me to speak

I'm a cheeky, engaging, high-energy speaker with a knack for setting the room on fire with inclusive, and welcoming vibes, creative thinking, and breaking brains wide open to think differently about marketing, sales, and all things entrepreneurship. 


Join our Live Q&A Community!

Personalized business skills that meet you where you're at. Attend the sessions you need right now. Add on sessions as you go from idea to scale to thought leadership.

Business Foundations

all times are in PST


9:00 - 10:30: Ideation & Monetization

Attend if you're creating a new program, product, or service and need support with idea validation, market research, pricing and putting all the pieces together.

11:00 - 12:30: Launch Strategies

Attend if you need support planning and executing a launch, online summit, or digital bundle. Affiliate marketing and referral partners included.

1:00 - 2:30: Online Automations & Funnels

Attend if you're ready to take your online presence and customer journeys from basic to BAMALAM! We'll discuss the tech, funnels, and flows required to automate your sales process.

3:00 - 4:30: Email List-building Funnels

Attend if you need to create or refresh your lead magnets, map out your welcome email sequence, build your list-building funnels, and get a step-by-step list-building strategy.

Let's get nerdy...

Dive in my free course, 4 Business Building Basics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know!

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