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Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur in 2022

We're back for season two! Are you ready to make business magic together?

Episode 21 with Lindsay Johnson

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Season One was a smashing success and thanks to your generous and overwhelmingly positive feedback, I know that the wisdom and experiences our guests shared and the marketing and sales tips I taught y'all have had a profound impact on your lives and your businesses in 2021.

We're back with an even more powerful season with podcasts that will make you a better entrepreneur in 2022 with big conversations, powerful stories, and all the best business advice and actionable tips to help you work less, play more ... and live a life beyond your wildest dreams!

In this mini-episode, I share:

  • Why the heck it took me so long to get season two on the air (hint: Mental Health!)
  • What I learned from YOU in season one
  • How you can share your input for an even stronger season two
  • What's in store for you in the 2022 season 


"We are not going to shy away from difficult conversations and we'll be bringing you real, lived experiences from some truly brilliant minds and heart-centred, thoughtful entrepreneurs." - Lindsay Johnson



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Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I'm a business coach for big-dreaming entrepreneurs who want to launch & scale a service-based business and build the life of their wildest dreams.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and after years of repeating the same old cycle of working hard until burning out, I decided to stop the madness and figure out how to build a profitable business by WORKING LESS and PLAYING MORE.

I was determined to find an easier and faster way to build a profitable business and have spent the last 20 years nerding out to all things entrepreneurship and business development (how we make money). I've distilled what I've proven actually works into simple marketing strategies and sales formulas that teach service-based entrepreneurs how to get customers and make money in a way that feels GOOD!

If you're done with working your buns off to the point of burnout and not seeing big growth in your business (or bank account) come join my weekly group coaching community, Easier Entrepreuneruship Club. I'll teach you real business skills that will help you get customers and make money with way less work so you have time for a lot more play!


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