What Happens When Your Body Says No

with Sarah Taylor

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Has your body ever told you to slow down? Do you listen when your body makes you rest?

Sarah Taylor, Founder of Fitness By Sarah Taylor, runs a fitness community for plus sized women who want to feel confident, strong, and learn to truly love themselves inside and out. Sarah’s passion for changing the lives of the people in her community can often lead to her overdoing it and not listening when her body says no … which has led (more than once) to her body forcing her to slow down due to injury or illness.

Listen in as Sarah shares her entrepreneurial journey and what it really looks like to get stuck on the hustle until burnout roller coaster … and how she finally learned that running a successful business doesn’t matter if you’re not well enough to enjoy it!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Listening to your body and slowing down for your health
  • Building trust and authentic relationships with your clients, not just on a transactional level
  • Doing the inner work to heal from your trauma so you can share it and not be triggered
  • Using affirmations to build your confidence
  • When your priorities shift due to a pregnancy
  • Pivoting your business from a brick and mortar to going virtual, during a pandemic and life events
  • Setting boundaries and healthy habits  within your business to have work-life balance


“At the end of the day, what it comes back to is if you're currently miserable, what's the point?” - Sarah Taylor


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About Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is the owner of Fitness By Sarah Taylor - a Virtual Fitness Studio for Plus Size Women.  She is a Personal Trainer, Former Miss Plus Canada, Plus Size Model, TV Personality and Motivational Speaker.  You can catch her on Breakfast Television and Cityline on a regular basis and working with brands like Sport Chek, Nike, Penningtons and LuLemon and a contributor to SELF Magazine . Last year Glamour Magazine named her one of the top 31 women fitness Instagram accounts to follow

Sarah has learned the importance of work/life balance in this virtual work from home world and has pivoted multiple times in her journey as an entrepreneur who wears many hats.


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