When You Don't Believe You Deserve Success

With Cheryl Sutherland

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What happens when you start to succeed in your business and your inner voice starts to doubt if you really deserve it? Are you brave enough to ask for what you want and then receive it when you get it?

Cheryl Sutherland, the Queen of Affirmations, shares her current reality of being in the middle of a storm inside her own thoughts as she learns how to receive all the good she's been working hard to manifest and create in your business. Cheryl has learned to be brave and ask the Universe for what she wants ... but does that mean she will actually let herself enjoy it?

Cheryl shares what it is like to ask for the next level as a person from the Universe to continue to create more magic in her business and build the money she knows she deserves.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to believe in yourself when self-doubt kicks in
  • What it’s like to feel like you are not enough and how to be excited right where you ar
  • Why you need to stop blaming yourself when things aren’t working
  • Asking the Universe to help level you up to create more magic in your business
  • Taking action even when your imposter syndrome sinks in
  • How to be a great example of wealth ... Money doesn’t make you a jerk, it amplifies the person you are!


"If you’re saying an affirmation from a place of scarcity it’s not going to work.” - Cheryl Sutherland 


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About Cheryl Sutherland

Cheryl Sutherland is a Transformational Speaker, Business Strategist and Founder of PleaseNotes, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled products.

Creator Cheryl felt restless and underwhelmed at her 9 to 5. After spending over 1400 hours in learning and facilitating personal development, coaching, and reigniting her inner creativity, Cheryl created a company that inspires women to step into their own power by building confidence, clarity, and creativity. 

As a women's empowerment expert, author, and entrepreneur, Cheryl Sutherland and PleaseNotes have been featured in InStyle, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, American Express OPEN Forum, Thrive Global, Brit + CO, Travel Noire, and on podcasts such as The Creative Empire, I Love Success, No Philter with Phil Pallen, and more. 

Cheryl resides in between Los Angeles and Toronto, Ontario.


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