4 Steps to Overcoming Self Doubt

with Lindsay Johnson

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Is your imposter syndrome stopping you from being in the magic of what you do best?

When you are starting something new self-doubt will probably kick in and this is totally normal! Lindsay Johnson share’s their 4 simple steps for feeling confident jumping out of your comfort zone and back into action in your business.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Listening to your body and slowing down for your health
  • How to recognize YOUR personal signs of self-doubt
  • Acknowledging your feelings and digging deeper to properly address them 
  • Where to find your business bestie or mentor and how they can help support your business
  • Building your confidence through taking action
  • Learning and growing from your mistakes


Your confidence comes out of being in action, being in the magic of what you do.” - Lindsay Johnson


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About Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay Johnson, aka The Radical Connector, is a 20-year entrepreneurship nerd and business strategist who's obsessed with teaching new entrepreneurs business skills and strategies for turning their brilliance into a profitable business by working less and playing more. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Lindsay watched as their family struggled to balance working hard to succeed with burning out and sacrificing their quality of life. They were determined to crack the code to faster growth and more financial abundance with less work; more play and less struggle. Lindsay uses their online business school and private coaching to teach their clients how to use entrepreneurship as a tool to build the life of their dreams while also stepping into deeper radical self-acceptance as a business owner.


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