How I Went from Floundering to $10K Months

With Min Sukree

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Are you feeling lost and like nothing is working in your business? Are you close to throwing in the towel and ending your entrepreneurial journey?

Min Sukree, ex-corporate executive assistant turned virtual assistant for busy AF entrepreneurs had no idea what she was doing in the bootstrapping years of her business. Min had grand dreams of making $100K in her first year of business to prove her success to the world but little did she know growing a successful business was anything but linear.

Three years later and on the verge of quitting Min found her stride by turning her quiet side hustle into a thriving business, Admin Avenger.

Join me as I dig deep with Min on the big feelings and hurdles she endured to reach her first $10K month (and second and third … and ... you get the point!).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why working with a business coach was pivotal to her success
  • Why monetary milestones should not be your end goal
  • How entrepreneurship shines a light on the heavy baggage you are carrying around 
  • The magic of working in your zone of genius while also learning new skills to help you level up your revenue streams
  • Why flounder is a-ok, including not knowing what you want in your business in the early years
  • Identifying imposter syndrome and where it came from so you can change your self-talk and get free!


"Take the action because your imposter syndrome is a lie.” - Min Sukree


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About Min Sukree

Min Sukree, Founder of Admin Avenger is a virtual assistant (VA) and podcast manager. One of Min’s many missions is to support busy entrepreneurs with automating your sales process with online tools, getting platforms to talk to each other and launch podcasts from the ground up, and much more!  A busy-work superhero for entrepreneurs and podcasters, Min helps her clients stay in their zone of genius, while running the show from behind the scenes.


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