Top 3 Worst Answers to 'What Do You Do' You Need to Stop Today conversation skill entrepreneurship networking skill development wdyd Oct 30, 2020


Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone, cringing so hard over what you just said about your business??

Or worse, told someone what you do only to be met with a dispassionate and distant, "Cool. Interesting."


Telling others what you or your business does in a clear way is the very first step in connecting with your perfect client. Yet, this is where newbie entrepreneurs often get tripped up the most!

Let's take a journey together into the top 3 worst answers to what do you do you need to stop today so you can start telling others about your...

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How to Make a Virtual Vision Board goal setting goals vision board Sep 20, 2020

I love vision boards!

I've been making them since I was a wee one. 

I got my first taste in elementary school with collages. In my teens we made them at work. 

(Ask me how I "hit" my goal of saving $3000 in one day)

In my 20's I made a vision board every two years, filling a large cardboard sheet full of places I wanted to travel, things I wanted to accomplish, and fashion I wanted to wear. 

In my 30's I began making smaller one-page vision boards every January filled with what I wanted to accomplish in the year to come. I focused my vision board around a single word or...

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