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Stop Sweating Your Lead Magnet and Focus on THESE 3 THINGS Instead

The Radical Connector Blog: Stop Sweating Your Lead Magnet and Focus on THESE 3 THINGS Instead

Would it shock you to know that 80% of people who sign up for your lead magnet will never actually open it?



Go check your analytics right now. How many people landed on your opt-in page, signed up, opened your delivery email, and clicked on the link? If you have a course as a lead magnet, how many people kept clicking on each email or course module?

Did you notice that number goes down the further along your sales funnel they travel?

Most of the time, even when they do click on the lead magnet link in your delivery email, they still do little more than scan it or “save it for later” … and we all know what happens to the intriguing content we save for later.

(Hint: later never comes)



At this point, you’re probably asking yourself,

  • “Why the heck am I pouring my heart and soul into my lead magnet if nobody’s going to open it?”

  • “How do I create a sales funnel if no one is seeing my lead magnet”

  • “Everyone says I need a lead magnet … but do I really?”

  • “Ummm, Lindsay, what the heck is a lead magnet and sales funnel and why do I need one??”

Now you’re asking the important questions!

In this blog you’re going to discover:

  • Why your lead magnet doesn’t matter as much as you think it does

  • The 3 most important elements to include on your lead magnet opt-in page

  • How to create a super simple sales funnel in 3 steps

 Let’s dive in!




1. Why Your Lead Magnet Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think it Does

If 80% of your subscribers are never opening your lead magnet or engaging with it, why have it?


The purpose of your lead magnet is to attract your PPC (Perfect Potential Customer) into your world so that they can get to know you and what you’re up to.


Your ...

✅ Opt-in page

✅ Welcome email sequence

✅ Consistent content that nurtures your relationship with your new subscriber 

... are all far more important than the actual contents of your lead magnet.


This is what communicates to your PPC that not only do you understand their problems and what they want most … you can help them!


When your PPC sees your lead magnet on social media or visits your website and the opt-in page for your lead magnet ...

(an opt-in page is a simple page where your visitor learns about your freebie and can enter their email to receive it. Check out mine here) 

... this is your opportunity to say, “I see you, I get you, I can help you.”

When you continue to nurture your new subscriber with valuable, personable content that showcases your brilliance and your personality you reinforce that you are a super cool human being who can help them get what they want.


This is what builds the know, like, trust factor and what will ultimately encourage your PPC to take action and buy from you!


So what does that mean for how much time and effort you put into creating your actual lead magnet? Should you even bother to create something that’s high-value and looks dayum good?


Just remember, while most people may not see it, you still want to create something badass for those who do.

Also, your handy dandy freebie will be a living tool you can share anytime you’re a guest speaker on a podcast or social media live, on your YouTube channel, when networking online or offline, or when you’re simply having a conversation with your PPC or an existing client and want to direct them to a useful tool that will rock their worlds.

For example, my lead magnet is the free 5-day business course, 4 Business Building Basics Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Know.  You'll find out exactly why you're working your butt off and not getting clients... and what the heck you can do about it!

It is focused on helping brilliant but frustrated entrepreneurs who are working their buns off but not making money.

The 4 most important elements of your lead magnet you want to think about are: 

✅ What is the very first a-ha moment my customers have when they engage with my products or services?

✅ How can I replicate that a-ha in a much smaller form and shorter time frame?

✅ Can I create something that is simple to use, relatable to what my PPC is currently experiencing, and genuinely shifts them closer to what most in under 15 minutes?

✅ How quickly and easily can I create my lead magnet without having to spend hours, days, or weeks learning something new or fussing over technology and perfection?



2. The 3 Most Important Elements to Include on Your Lead Magnet Opt-In Page

We’ve established that your lead magnet isn’t as important as you think it is … so what is important when it comes to attracting your PPC into your world and converting them into happy (paying) customers?

What you TELL your potential new subscribers when they first discover your lead magnet … more specifically, your:

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Copywriting

Your marketing, branding, and copywriting are what tells your PPC, “I understand what you’re going through and I’m the person who can get you what you want!”

Marketing is simply how you tell the world who you are and what you do. I teach new entrepreneurs how to use attraction-marketing strategies in their business … how to attract your perfect customers, not convince them.

By creating marketing content that speaks directly to your PPC in a way that they feel seen, heard, and understood (bonus points if you’re using the same words your PPC uses every dang day) you are attracting the right people into your sales funnel … the people who can’t wait to buy from you and enjoy the benefits of your products and services.

Branding is the look, tone, and feel of your company. A clear, consistent, authentic brand is the quickest way to build rapport and trust with your customer.

Three questions you want to consistently ask whenever you’re putting yourself or your business out into the world are:

  • How do I want my customer to feel when they engage with me or my brand?

  • What do I want them to know about me or my brand?

  • What do I want them to do after they engage with me or my brand?

Branding doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective … and it definitely doesn’t have to be fancy or cost a fortune.

Branding is about being true to your core values, showing up consistently in a way that people begin to recognize your content before they read your company name or social handles, and following the three questions above whenever you engage with the world.

Copywriting is the words you use when you show up in the world. Otherwise known as your “copy”, copywriting shows up on your:

  • Website

  • Social media posts and bios

  • Content like blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.

  • Pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing materials

  • Advertisements and promotional posts


Your copy is what represents you when you’re not in the room … it does your talking for you!


The art of writing copy that connects to the heart of your PPC and converts them into happy customers takes time to master. More importantly, it requires you to get up close and personal with your PPC as much as possible in your first few years in business.

Much like branding, copywriting doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a professional copywriter.

It’s about learning a handful of copywriting hacks so that you can write in a way that is clear, compelling, and relatable for your PPC.


Why is your marketing, branding, and copywriting more important than your actual lead magnet?

Because that is what grabs your PPC’s attention in the first place and makes them say, “This person gets me, I want to stay in touch and hear more from them!”

It’s what will keep them engaged on social media and opening your emails long after the thrill of your lead magnet is gone.



3. How to Create a Super Simple Sales Funnel in 3 Steps


“So, Lindsay, what you’re saying is I may be overthinking my lead magnet and that it doesn’t matter as much as having a kickass opt-in page and email strategy?"


You’ve got it!

Your lead magnet is only a small part of your overall sales funnel and content marketing strategy.

🤔 Quick question: Do you have a sales funnel set up to build your list?

A kickass, automated sales funnel is one of the best ways you can speed up the Stranger to Happy Customer Journey … which means you get to work less, earn more, and get out from behind your screens and play!

Watch my Super Simple List Building YouTube Video here for more on how you can set up a simple sales funnel in no time. 

In the meantime, here’s a simple 3-step sales funnel strategy you can implement right now!

Step 1: Create a fun and simple lead magnet that delivers a quick win for your subscriber in under 15 minutes

Step 2: Write and schedule a simple 3-email welcome sequence that includes a bit about you and why you do what you do, a success story from one of your customers with tips your new subscriber can follow, and a follow up resource (like a blog or YouTube video) that will further support what they’ve discovered with your lead magnet.

Step 3: Post an opt-in form on your home page and include a link on all your socials and make sure to clearly communicate the problem your lead magnet solves and the benefits to signing up for it.

Easy, right?!

The key to an effective lead magnet and sales funnel is to KISS ... Keep It Super Simple.


Come watch my YouTube video “How to Build Your Email List In 5 Super Simple Steps here” if you want a more in-depth strategy for your lead magnet and sales funnel



  • 80% of your new subscribers will ignore your actual lead magnet

  • Your opt-in page, welcome email sequence, and consistent content are way more important for building the know, like, and trust that turns strangers into happy customers

  • The 3 most important elements of an opt-in page that converts are clear, compelling and relatable Marketing, Branding, and Copywriting

  • 3 steps to a simple funnel are …

  • A simple lead magnet that delivers a quick win in under 15 minutes

  • Welcome email sequence that includes 3 emails that share your story, share a customer’s story, shares one of your resources to add value

  • Post an opt-in form on your website’s homepage and all over your socials

Remember, your lead magnet is only a small piece of your overall sales funnel! Don’t get hung up on it and don’t spend days, weeks, or months creating it.

Focus on the quick win, your opt-in page, and consistent high-value content that nurtures your relationship with your new subscribers and takes them from strangers to happy, paying customers!




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