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8-week Crash Course for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Learn How to Use TikTok to Grow Their Business!


If You're Going to Use Social Media to Build Your Business in 2024 ...

Get Yourself on TikTok!

Wait? Focus on TikTok? Not Instagram?


As far as social media apps go for service-based entrepreneurs with knowledge to share and life-changing programs and services to sell, TikTok is far superior!

Still here?! Good! Hear me out as I sell you on TikTok ...


So many service-based entrepreneurs have a thorn in their side when it comes to TikTok and refuse to see it as anything but "that dancing app for kids" that it once started out as 4 years ago.

TikTok has evolved dramatically over the past few years to become the ...

  1. Top social media app for getting our news, learning about ourselves, the world, skills, and special interests

  2. Ultimate networking app for entrepreneurs who want to meet like-minded folks within their industry, special interests, and the entrepreneurial community (no fake friends here)

  3. Best way to build a community of aligned followers and collaborators for rapid and authentic development of the know-like-trust factor

  4. Fastest way to build your confidence, leadership skills, and storytelling abilities that will impact everything else in your life and business!

TikTok has grown up! 

It's so much more than a silly dancing app.


It's where we go to teach, learn, grow and connect ... together!

lauren best.jpg

Laurent Best

"I went from a lurker 👀 to a TITKOK CREATOR!!! I have the tools and ingredients to create content that honours my values and allows me to show up authentically me."

Vinny Welsby

"My email list and TikTok followers are already growing. I wasn't sure if this masterclass would actually work for me but it already is!"

Margaret Thompson

"I'm still a bit overwhelmed by TikTok but I know more and am more willing to create videos, thank you!"
TikTok is a Powerful Tool for Building Your Business ...
When Used Correctly!
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TikTok is a super effective social media tool for ...

  • Getting your brand in front of your customers in a way that's authentic, engaging, and fun! 

  • Building your email list with people who will actually open your emails and click all your links

  • Repurposing your podcast and YouTube content and driving new subscribers

  • Growing your networks full of aligned, like-minded people for fun collaborations, new opportunities, and referrals

But ... first, you need to discover the art of storytelling and selling using short-form video with a strategy!

TikTok is an entirely different planet than Instagram. You can't just repost your Instagram Reels and bounce.


(If you're on TikTok already, admit it ... that's what you've been doing, isn't it?)


You need to learn TikTok-specific strategies for it to be an effective tool. 

the radical connector - tiktok for business 3_edited.png
My live, 8-week mastermind is for entrepreneurs and organizations who want to leverage the power of TikTok to,

  • Get Customers

  • Build your Email List 

  • Grow your Networks & Community

  • Establish yourself as a Subject Matter Expert and open doors to cool new opportunities


​I'm going to walk you through the learning & implementation stages of TikTok and together we'll create a clear content strategy and roadmap for you to follow including how to ...

  • Use simple tricks for getting on the FYP (For You Page for TikTok newbies)

  • Leverage TikTok Lives and Collaborations for faster growth

  • Create content people want to binge (no the algorithm doesn't hate you ... your content is just not what your audience wants to watch!)

  • Content batch and cross-post to all your fave platforms

  • Outline, script, record, and edit your videos

  • Utilize SEO-friendly captions for searchability

  • Get out of your head and show up authentically and with confidence​

Wednesdays from 12:00 - 2:00 pm PT | March 20 to May 8
$250 USD or 3 Payments of $85 USD


Each 8 week session includes 2 hour sessions. In the first hour we focus on learning new skills and asking your burning TikTok questions. The second hour is spent implementing what you've just learned, creating and posting your own TikTok videos!


This masterclass is designed to get you familiar with the app, confident creating content specifically for TikTok, and using the app to connect with customers, collaborators and new besties!


WEEK 1 & 2


Discover the difference between TikTok and Instagram and how to pivot your approach to using the app as a tool for business growth.

  • How your customers use the app and what they want from you

  • Types of content that do well vs fall flat

  • The FYP and why trends are your ticket to growth

  • Understanding the TikTok community

  • Shifting your mindset from resistance and insecurity to confidence and creativity


WEEK 3 & 4


Discover how to use trends to get your brand in front of the right people.

  • How to use trending sounds and video formats, duets, and stitches to get on the For You Page

  • Strategies for applying trends to YOUR niche and business 

  • Learn how to quickly hop on a trend and create in-the-moment content (no overthinking)

  • Map out your own trend strategy and batch-create a bunch of videos this week!


WEEK 5 & 6


Discover the art of storytelling that is relatable, engaging, and entertaining.

  • You've got a lifetime of relatable stories inside you begging to be shared!

  • Learn how to structure your videos in a way that keeps people watching longer, commenting, and sharing

  • Easy editing hacks for faster content creation

  • Clarify your content pillars and batch-create a handful of videos this week


WEEK 7 & 8


Discover the power of community building, connecting with like-minded creators, and getting cool new customers

  • TikTok is so much more than sharing engaging videos!

  • Learn how to use TikTok to build a community of champions and cheerleaders

  • Utilize the algorithm to connect with like-minded creators and entrepreneurs for badass collaborations

  • Make it clear, simple, and easy for your customers to buy from you

Wednesdays from 12:00 - 2:00 pm PT | March 20 to May 8
$250 USD or 3 Payments of $85 USD

we're gonna have fun together - WHITE OUTLINE.png

Let's Build Our TikTok Business Accounts Together!

I've spent the last year building a fun community under my other brand, Fantastical Fatty and now I'm going to have fun building up The Radical Connector account right alongside you!

Screenshot 2023-11-28 180439.png


Action taker is my middle name and I'm a big believer in ditching perfection and just getting ish done!

Oh, and I'm also neurodivergent AF and can appreciate the struggle of wanting to work but that dang executive dysfunction keeping you stuck in overwhelm, decision paralysis, and overthinking. 

(Don't worry ... I have a system for this!)


If we haven't officially met yet, I'm a business strategist for radical rule-breaking and nonconforming entrepreneurs who know status-quo business advice isn't going to help them grow!

My job is to help entrepreneurs make lots of money by building their businesses THEIR WAY. 

I've been nerding out to all things entrepreneurship for 20+ years and have developed my own marketing and sales process that is clear, simple, and easily duplicatable so that YOU no longer have to feel your way in the dark. 

I created the TikTok for Business Masterclass for rebel entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of TikTok as a tool to grow their networks, build their email lists, and get happy, paying customers!

Let's Turn TikTok into a Party!

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