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Think Bigger. Dream Bolder. Map Out a Path to Your 2024 Business Goals!

Join me for a special 3-hour strategy session and let's map out a clear, simple, DOABLE plan to your big, bold 2024 business goals.


No guessing or feeling your way in the dark. Let's nail down exactly what you're focusing on in 2024 and how your plan will play out over the next 12 months


How can you do less and grow faster this year? What can you eliminate or simplify to thin your to-do list and spend more time NOT working in 2024?


You have much more going on in your life than your business! How can we bring in some much-needed balance between time spent in your business and time spent living your life ... outside of work?

No matter what stage of business you're in, this strategy session is going to help you skyrocket your business and level up your entrepreneurial mastery in 2024!

  • Spaghetti Against the Wall Stage and you need to say yes to trying (almost) everything to see what sticks, refine your business model, revenue stream, and market positioning as you discover what's working, then develop a clear, simple, and successful marketing and sales strategy for rapid growth and more sales

  • Simplify and Focus Growth Stage and you need to thin your to-do list, simplify your revenue streams and marketing strategies, and focus on growing your revenue to 6-figures so you can hire your dream team to help you hit your big, bold goals

  • Outsource, Automate, and Scale Stage and you need to hire people to help you grow, automate your sales, diversify your revenue streams, and carve out your path to 7-figures with less work and more play!


Save your seat and let's map out a clear, simple, and doable path to YOUR big, bold 2024 business goals!

Saturday, January 13 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm PT
$100 USD or 2 Payments of $50 USD
Free to Attend for active Get Ish Done Club Members

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