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15 Year-End Business Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Setting Your 2024 Business Goals

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It's everyone's favourite time of year ... the time for us to hang out together on Zoom and ask ourselves my 15 favourite questions to help you understand what worked and what didn't in your business this year. 

This is the 4th year I'm hosting this special 2-hour session and it is always an eye-opening experience for entrepreneurs as you realize you did SO MUCH MORE than you realized this year ... and a lot of it was pretty freaking fantastic. 

You also get to dive deep into what worked, what didn't, what you loved, and what you hated so that you can decide what you will stop, start, and continue in 2024. 

This Year-End Debrief is ESSENTIAL to setting your 2024 business goals to get off autopilot, ditch burnout and busy work, and get crystal clear on exactly what to do and how to do it to make 2024 your biggest year yet!

I recommend watching this while filling out the worksheet as if it was live to get the most out of this process.

*Comfy cozies and a mug of hot cocoa are optional and def recommended!*

2023 Year End Debrief with The Radical Connector story.png
You're Invited to a Special 2-hour Exploration into What Happened in Your Business this Year

In this 2-hour session, we'll reflect on my top 15 year-end questions to get ...

  • A clear picture of what worked and what didn't to grow your business so you stop burning out on work that doesn't matter

  • Real about what you loved and what you hated so you know what to ditch and what to lean into for 2024

  • Connected to what you learned about your customers and yourself as an entrepreneur so that you can run a more sustainable and enjoyable business that works best for YOU and your customers!


This popular session is always a hit and you'll be blown away by what you discover in these 2 hours. 

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