Networking is one of the most powerful activities for growing your business in your first few years! Let's keep it real, if you hate networking, you're probably doing it wrong. YIKES! 🙊

If you hate networking OR you're already networking but aren't getting the results you think you should be this workshop is for YOU. 

In this month's workshop, we're going to dive into WHY networking is the most important business activity you'll ever do and HOW to network strategically in a way that feels dang good!

In May's workshop you're going to:

✅ Discover why networking is your best strategy for getting customers and opening doors to cool opportunities in the first few years of your business

✅ How to network strategically based on who you’re looking for and what you want to create

✅  How to talk about what you do in a way that is engaging

✅ Learn online networking etiquette for better conversations with strangers

✅ Create your own networking strategy and put it into action!

Live Workshop is on Monday, May 16 | 2:00 pm PT

👍 The replay will be available later that day!

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