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Entrepreneurs are Badasses Changing the World!

We wear our hearts on our sleeves, push ourselves out of our comfort zones on a daily basis, and work our buns off to create something from nothing all driven from the impulse to solve a problem and change the world. 

Can I get a Heck Yah and a High-Five?!

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Entrepreneurs are Badasses Changing the World!

We wear our hearts on our sleeves, push ourselves out of our comfort zones on a daily basis, and work our buns off to create something from nothing all driven from the impulse to solve a problem and change the world. 

Can I get a Heck Yah and a High-Five?!

Business Strategy & Coaching

Mindset is half the equation for building a profitable business you love; the other half is marketing and sales skills! Whether you need to get out of your own way or learn buisness skills for faster, easier growth, I've got you covered ...

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If You're Working Your Butt Off but Not Growing or Making Money, We Need to Talk!

BUSINESS STRATEGY is for you if you wanted to strengthen the following buisness skills:

  • Marketing + copywriting
  • Niching + revenue streams
  • Sales funnels + customer acquisition
  • Website, membership + digital course review
  • Lead magnets + list-building
  • Public speaking + reputation building
  • Facebook groups and community building
  • Content marketing
  • Networking online + offline
  • Impostor syndrome + confidence
  • Time management + planning
  • Or anywhere else you need help!
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Need Support Getting Out of Your Own Way? Let's Change Your Funky Beliefs Together!

BUSINESS COACHING is for you if you want to grow your business and yourself so you can unleash the badass, successful entrepreneur within!

  • Uncovering self-sabotage, impostor syndrome, and internal blocks to success
  • How to lead your team and community
  • Improve your communication skills, conflict resolution, and handling challenging conversations (or people)
  • Stepping into your confidence and unshakability
  • Public speaking and presentation skills (gimmick-free, I promise)
  • Uncovering old patterns that no longer serve you
  • Trusting your intuition and building your business based on what has value to YOU! 
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Gina Li, GRL Translation Communication

"Working with Lindsay has been an incredible adventure. She has helped me see new possibilities for my life and cheered me on every step of the way. She has an amazing ability to zero in on what's not working and come up with a solid plan of action to get me moving in the direction of my dreams. She's whip-smart and big hearted, and really fun to work with."

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Radical Roadmap

12-Month Business Planner that Helps You Stop Guessing & Focus on the Right Activities for Getting Customers and Making Moola!

The Roadmap is like a business coach, social media content calendar, sales funnel strategist and business BFF all in one!

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The Easier Entrepreneurship System

A Self-Guided 4-Step Formula for Turning Strangers into Happy (Paying!) Customers

The System is ALL YOU NEED to start your business, get customers, and make money as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible.


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Sales Funnel Hackathon

A 1-Day Intensive for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build (or Revamp) Their First High-Converting Sales Funnel

If you need a smooth, automated sales funnel to start converting strangers into customers so you can spend LESS time behind a computer screen and MORE time playing, the Sales Funnel Hackathons are just what you need!

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Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy

12-Month Mastermind to Help First-Time Entrepreneurs Attract Their Way to Their First $100K

A group program teaching you essential business skills, how to think strategically, a roadmap to follow, and a business coach running alongside you all year long

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Brigid Dineen, Boundary Coach for Women

"Lindsay Johnson is the real deal. I was at a loss. I felt like I had tried "all the things" to gain momentum in my business. Lindsay gently showed me my blind spots and delivered bespoke strategies to help me hit my stride."

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You Bring Your Brilliance. I'll Bring My 20 Years of Experience & Strategies

Together we'll lay it all out on the table and whip up an action plan for fast and easy growth ... with your perfect customers ... doing work you love!

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Cassandra Rudolph, Photographer and Video Editor

"The Academy has been indescribably helpful for me and my business. When I first signed up I was at a bit of a standstill and having difficulty scaling my business while also delivering work to clients. Lindsay has taught me how to focus my priorities and coached me through handling my work during a pandemic. I’m also forever thankful to have Lindsay and our Academy crew in my corner."

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy Alumni

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Dori Schmidt

Graphic Designer & Instagram Expert

"Highly recommend Lindsay! I needed major clarification on my business model, product and launch strategies and during my session with Lindsay we went though all the ideas and laid them out step-by-step so that I would know exactly what my action plan needed to be! I felt so much more clear and way less frustrated after our session and knew just what my next steps needed to be. Definitely recommend Lindsay and her expertise!"

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Sonia Dong

Fashion Retailer

Lindsay has been my coach for the past 5 months and I've been all the better for it! Since our very first conversation I felt a connection with Lindsay - she was and remains candid, inquisitive and genuinely invested in my success. She brings me fresh new takes when I'm stuck in a rut, gets me out of my comfort zone to take things to the next level and helps me prioritize when I'm overwhelmed. I've very much appreciated her guidance, her ability to help me focus and not feel alone.

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Alicia Sass

Interior Designer

"The Radical Connector helped me figure out what I wasn't doing to my full potential and came up with a valid plan that was tailored to me and that I could use to push myself forward in business and personal relationships. I couldn't be happier to have met Lindsay and to have started working with her."

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Hewton Tavares

Career Coach for New Canadians

Lindsay has been the perfect person to help me out with this part. She is culturally sensitive and assertive at the same time. Now I feel in the right direction because of the Radical Connector's support in my life.

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Clare Kenty, Reiki Master Teacher

Lindsay's passion for her work and her clients is infectious. You can't help but feel that she's 100% committed to your success! The joy she shares as she witnesses the successes of entrepreneurs in her community is amazing. She's great at what she does!

Feeling Overwhelmed or Stuck and Need Urgent Clarity?

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Feeling Overwhelmed or Stuck and Need Urgent Clarity?