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Build a Profitable Business You LOVE!


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Get Ready to Ditch the Confusion and Unleash Your Inner Business Rock Star

You bring the brilliant ideas and I'll bring the super simple strategies. Together we'll lay it all out on the table and whip up an action plan for fast and easy growth ... with your perfect clients ... doing work you love!

We can work together one-on-one or you can join one of my group programs (for folks who want me and a community by their side) ... the choice is yours.

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Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy

Business Skills for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build to the Beat of Their Own Drum

🍍 Super simple skills and strategies teach you how to bring your business vision to life, your way

🍍 Meet online with Lindsay and a small group of entrepreneurs twice a month! (you won't get lost in a sea of faces with our small group coaching)

🍍 Perfect for entrepreneurs who already have a business but are overwhelmed, confused, and struggling to get clients

🍍 11 modules break down key business skills, including feel-good marketing, sales, and list-building strategies into simple steps

🍍 Not only will you start making way more money as you watch your business take off ... you're going to feel flipping fantastic every step of the way!

3 Month Online Business School for Entrepreneurs Over 1 Year in Business

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Cassandra Rudolph, Photographer and Video Editor

"The Academy has been indescribably helpful for me and my business. When I first signed up I was at a bit of a standstill and having difficulty scaling my business while also delivering work to clients. Lindsay has taught me how to focus my priorities and coached me through handling my work during a pandemic. I’m also forever thankful to have Lindsay and our Academy crew in my corner."

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy Alumni

Brilliance to Business Mastermind

Your Journey From WANTrepreneur to Entrepreneur

💡  How to do market research and proof of concept (make sure people want what you've got!)

💡 Lay the foundations of your business model, revenue streams, products and services

💡 Establish your target market, beginner level marketing and sales strategies

💡 List Building and lead magnets

💡 Create strategic content and a community of champions and cheerleaders

💡 Feel good sales strategies

💡 Personalized action plan so you can start getting clients and making money in your new business!​ ​​

4 Month Online Business School for Entrepreneurs Less Than 1 Year in Business

Check Out the Mastermind
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Dori Schmidt, Graphic Designer & Instagram Expert

"Highly recommend Lindsay! I needed major clarification on my business model, product and launch strategies and during my session with Lindsay we went though all the ideas and laid them out step-by-step so that I would know exactly what my action plan needed to be! I felt so much more clear and way less frustrated after our session and knew just what my next steps needed to be. Definitely recommend Lindsay and her expertise!"

One-on-One Strategy Session |The 1 Day 

One-on-One Business Strategy Sessions

For Entrepreneurs Who Need a Super Strategist's Eyes on Their Business

Not to be confused with a business coach, a business strategist (me!) focuses on the tactical, how-to strategies, and skill development new entrepreneurs need to build rock solid, profitable businesses

1 Hour

You Need a Quick Hit of Strategic Support in Your Business

Tell me where it hurts:

  • Marketing + copywriting
  • Getting clients + closing the sale
  • Website, membership or digital course review
  • Lead magnets + list-building
  • Public speaking + content marketing
  • Networking + community building
  • Impostor syndrome + confidence
  • Time management + action plans

Pick a topic and let's dive in together. We'll get you unstuck and back in action, pronto!


1 Day

You Need Serious Strategic Brain Power to Help Get Your Business Ducks in a Row

We'll spend 3 hours getting all the brilliance in your brain out on the table and:

  • Breakdown where you're at, where you want to go, and the right steps (in the right order) to get you there
  • Figure out what's not working and fix it
  • Organize your products, services, marketing and sales strategy
  • Get you moving in the right direction with an road map and action plan

No more feeling lost, overwhelmed trying to figure out what the heck to do first ... all on you own.


5 Pack

You Need Extra Time and More Support to Figure Out What to Do in Your Business

We'll cover all areas of business development, such as:

  • Marketing & copywriting
  • Fast & free sales strategies
  • Website review and easy fixes
  • Membership, group program and digital course review
  • Lead magnets, list-building, and content marketing
  • Public speaking for lead and revenue generation
  • Strategic networking for clients and collaborations
  • Online community building to build your own micro-market

5 one-hour strategy sessions for ongoing support for your longer to-do lists

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Sonia Dong, Fashion Retailer

Lindsay has has been my coach for the past 5 months and I've been all the better for it! Since our very first conversation I felt a connection with Lindsay - she was and remains candid, inquisitive and genuinely invested in my success. She brings me fresh new takes when I'm stuck in a rut, gets me out of my comfort zone to take things to the next level and helps me prioritize when I'm overwhelmed. I've very much appreciated her guidance, her ability to help me focus and not feel alone.

One-on-One Strategy Session | The 5 Pack x 2

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Hello, Brilliant Entrepreneur!

Let me ask you a question, Are you working your butt off but not making any (serious) money in your business?

If you're a new entrepreneur and you (secretly) don't know what the heck you're doing you NEED this course!

Enter your details and I'll email you the course ASAP.

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