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Marketing & sales training for entrepreneurs who are tired of working their butts off and not making money!

Hey, I'm Lindsay

I've been teaching entrepreneurs how to get customers and make money for over 20 years, all the while refining my signature Work Less Play More System for faster growth with way less work!

I'm beyond thrilled to be building out my 3 signature processes into one cohesive system that takes the busy work out of building a business and puts you directly in touch with the people who are looking for your right now, with money in hand, ready to pay you to change their lives!

I'm just putting the finishing touches on the Work Less Play More System and you'll be able to dive in starting in early January.

It is available for pre-order right now and as an added bonus your pre-order purchase includes a FREE month in the Get Ish Done Club!

What You'll Learn in the Work Less Play More System

4 Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities

Discover the only 4 business building activities you need to get customers and make money quickly and easily ... without spending a dime!

Radical Roadmap

Stop burning out on busy work and feeling your way in the dark. The Radical Roadmap is a monthly sales strategy and action planner that keeps you foucsed on your goals and the RGAs that will get you there!

Attraction Marketing 101

Learn simple marketing tools and strategies to get yourself and your business in front of the people who are already looking for you with money in hand!

How to Think Strategically

It doesn't matter how hard you work if you're not working strategically. Stop throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something sticks and learn how to think strategically and make a clear action plans.

Stranger to Happy, Paying Customer Journey

Ditch manipulative and predatory sales tactics and learn my consent-based sales strategies. It's all about co-creatign the sales journey with your customers!

Managing Burnout, Impostor Syndrome, & Overwhelm

Entrepreneurship is often confusing, overwhelming AF and the self-doubt that shows up when stepping outside your comfort zone can be crippling. Learn tools and strategies to support your inner growth!

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1 Month FREE in the Get Ish Done Club when you pre-order the WLPM System!

Entrepreneurship is a Lot More Fun (and Profitable!) When We're Working Towards Our Goals Together!​

The Get Ish Done Club is a monthly membership for entrepreneurs who want to ...

  • Stop farting around on busy work that doesn't work

  • Learn real marketing & sales skills and strategies that bring in customers so you can make excellent money and open doors to incredible opportunities

  • Follow my Work Less Play More System and learn how to use your business as a tool to create the life of your wildest dreams ... not lose all your time, money, and energy working all the dang time!

  • Grow with a community of badass entrepreneurs for fab new connections, collaborations, and referrals

  • Set big, bold business goals, map out a personalized marketing & sales strategy, and follow a clear action plan every single month with support every step of the way

  • Start, grow, or scale a business without burning out and constantly guessing what the heck to do every dang day

You deserve a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who speak the same language, share similar goals, and experience the same challenges running right alongside you!

20+ Years of Proven Marketing & Sales Strategies Mapped Out into an Easy to Follow, Step-by-step System!

1 Payment of $350

or 2 payments of $175


Hear how Rachel felt like she was wandering in the wasteland of entrepreneurship alone and ended up going into personal debt for THOUSANDS of dollars buying courses and programs that didn't work. 


You Deserve to Make Excellent Money for Your Hard Work and Brilliance!

It's time to ditch the busy work and doesn't work and learn real business skills & strategies that will grow your brand, business, and bank account ... with way less work and way more play!

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