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How Solving Chub Rub Will Transform the World

Who knew preventing thigh chafe for thousands of people around the world could smash diet culture and fatphobia at the same time?

Episode 24 with Marnie Rabinovitch Consky, Thigh Society

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Marnie didn’t listen when experts told her chub rub was too niche for a business. Instead, she channelled her fire for solving this painful problem into a business that’s changing the world!

Listen in as Marnie and I dive into all things thigh chafe and changing the world, including

  • When your business becomes a mission and you’re committed to changing lives you find the strength to keep going when things get hard
  • How Marnie had to prove that solving thigh chafe was not a niche problem
  • Changing society's preconceived notions that chub rub only happens to plus-size people
  • Relatable stories on our mission to prevent chub rub
  • How solving thigh chafe become a crusade for change
  • Why Thigh Society became a transformative experience for Marnie on a personal level
  • Challenging fat phobia, diet culture, and the way we objectify ourselves and each other

“The business was a really transformative experience for me personally. It became an evolution of myself, how I saw myself and how I started to shed those layers that diet culture imposed on me over the years.” - Marnie Rabinovitch Consky, Thigh Society



Meet the Chief Anti-Chafing Champion!

Marnie Rabinovitch Consky is the Founder, CEO and Chief Anti-Chafing Champion of Thigh Society, an undergarment brand specializing in moisture-wicking, lightweight and breathable multi-use shorts for women that are not shapewear. Marnie is one of those unique entrepreneurs who identified a white space opportunity based on her personal pain point of thigh rub, innovated a solution and then brought it to market. Without any related experience in retail, sales, manufacturing or ecommerce, she followed her hunch, quit her full-time pensioned job at 40 and bootstrapped Thigh Society to $1MM in sales, pioneering a new underwear category of anti-chafing slip shorts she calls “chafewear”. Thigh Society is now ranked as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies according to the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business, and Marnie has been featured in Forbes Magazine, the Toronto Star, Bay Street Bull and several other notable publications and podcasts.

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