It Takes a Village to Build a Business

With Lisa Michaud

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Do you believe you have to do everything in your business on your own? Do you think outsourcing is out of your reach?

Lisa Michaud, the host of the Goalden Girls podcast and community, realized that it takes years to build a successful and long-lasting business … and most importantly, it takes a village. Lisa used to feel the pressure of keeping up with other entrepreneurs and their definition of success. Now she knows it’s ok to go at her own pace and outsource to the village of family, friends, and service providers she has carefully built around her.

Lisa shares with me how she has found balance in her business and motherhood. She outsourced tasks within her business to allow her to grow and be successful. Lisa learned to have more fun in her business and attract more of her ideal clients. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Growing a business and being a mother
  • Building a long-lasting and sustainable business takes time
  • Creating realistic goals versus limiting yourself
  • Why playing more and having more fun in her business is the key to attracting more clients
  • Finding creative ways to outsource tasks to allow you to focus on things that you love


"Our villages have been taken away in this pandemic and that's definitely been one of the down sides. It’s also such a great reminder of how important community is and how I will never again take that for granted.” - Lisa Michaud


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About Lisa Michaud

Lisa Michaud is a recovering over-achieving, people-pleasing, perfectionist. Just kidding: she’s still all of those things. At the age of 27, she faced the reality she may only have one or two years left to live, and with that wake-up call, she decided to get out of her own way and make the most of the time she had left. Now, as an International Success Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur,  Lisa inspires and motivates you to turn your big dreams into goals you’ll actually achieve.  


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