4 Ways to Get Customers Without Social Media

With Lindsay Johnson

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Did you panic when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed because your business was in limbo? You were definitely not alone, when social media went down. It left many entrepreneurs and influencers scrambling. 

BIG NEWS! Did you know entrepreneurs can grow 6 and 7 figure businesses WITHOUT social media?

It's true!

Lindsay (and many of their biz besties) grew their 6 figure business without TikTok, Facebook or even Youtube. Lindsay has shared with their students over and over how to not rely on social media for business development, now they are breaking down the strategies for you!

You will want to grab a pen and some paper to write down all the strategies they share in this episode to grow your network and make money without Facebook.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you cannot put all your business development eggs one social media basket, diversify how you find your customers
  • How anyone can use Lindsay’s signature 4 Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities to get customers and make money
  • Best practices for connecting with your PPC (perfect potential client) without social media
  • Building your customer base and referral market through Networking
  • Building your reputation and community through public speaking
  • How to use your email list to build your community and nurture your new audience
  • How to build your list with a lead magnet and content creation


"You can't put all your business development eggs in one basket! You need to diversify where and how you get customers and make money in your business... social media is only one piece of your overall business development strategy!" - Lindsay Johnson


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About Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay indsay Johnson, aka The Radical Connector, is a 20-year entrepreneurship nerd and business strategist who's obsessed with teaching new entrepreneurs business skills and strategies for turning their brilliance into a profitable business by working less and playing more. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Lindsay watched as their family struggled to balance working hard to succeed with burning out and sacrificing their quality of life. They were determined to crack the code to faster growth and more financial abundance with less work; more play and less struggle. Lindsay uses their online business school and private coaching to teach her clients how to use entrepreneurship as a tool to build the life of their dreams while also stepping into deeper radical self-acceptance as a business owner. .


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