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Coworking & Content Batching on YouTube

Jan 16 | 10 am & 4 pm PT

Join me live for YouTube Office Hours!


We'll hang out and dive into your burning business questions as well as discuss some of the questions I collect throughout the month from other entrepreneurs.


You can ask...

  • Tech and set-up questions regarding your business

  • How-to questions when you know what you want to do but not how

  • Marketing questions including support with content marketing, copywriting, messaging, positioning, website or sales page reviews, and more

  • Sales questions including sales funnels, sales calls, my consent-based sales strategies, pricing and more

  • Content marketing questions related to social media, SEO content, and email marketing

  • Mindset questions like money blocks, impostor syndrome, navigating difficult conversations or collaborations, how to think bigger, or general fears and anxiety related to entrepreneurship

  • Behind-the-scenes business questions like time management, prioritizing your to-do lists, navigating overwhelm and burnout, and more


I'll also share links to resources that I've created regarding your specific questions. If I don't have a resource, I'll create one!

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YouTube Office Hours

Jan 26 | 12 pm PT

Join me live on YouTube for Coworking & Content Batching sessions!


We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at two times:

  • 10:00 - 12:00 PT

  • 4:00 - 6:00 PT


Bring your to-do list, content ideas, boring admin work, and anything else you need to focus on.


We'll use the power of body doubling and the Pomodoro Technique to get ish done!


I'll also share some of my favourite Spotify playlists so you can listen at home!


Here's the agenda for each session:

  • 10 minutes: Welcome, check-in, what we're working on

  • 25 minutes: Focused work sprint

  • 10 minutes: Networking

  • 25 minutes: Focused work sprint

  • 10 minutes Q&A

  • 25 minutes: Focused work sprint

  • 10 minutes: 10-minute Magic

  • 5 minutes: High-fives and goodbyes


Members of the Get Ish Done Club get to join us on screen and get priority Q&As.


Not yet a member of the Club? 👉 Come Join Us Here!


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January 27 - February 17

TikTok is far superior when it comes to building your email list, getting customers, and growing your network with like-minded people! But first, you need to discover the art of storytelling over short-form video with a strategy!

TikTok is an entirely different planet than Instagram (and in my opinion far superior for business growth, community building, and networking) and you need to learn TikTok-specific strategies for it to be an effective tool. 

Join our live, 4-week mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of TikTok to,

  • Build your Email List 

  • Get Customers 

  • Grow your Brand Awareness 

  • Establish yourself as a Subject Matter Expert and Fabulous Person to Know!


Virtual Coworking, YouTube Office Hours, Free Workshops and More!

Hop on my email list for support, community, and inspiration to dream bigger and take great big swings in your business!

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