Easier Entrepreneurship Club

A complete 4-step system for launching a service-based business from idea to your first $100K year!

Getting your business off the ground and to 6 figures can be simple! Join our 12-month group coaching community with a step-by-step system for launching, marketing and selling your brilliance in a way that feels dayum good.

Join the Club!

Easier Entrepreneurship Club

A complete 4-step system for launching a service-based business from idea to your first $100K year!

Getting your business off the ground and to 6 figures can be simple! Join our 12-month group coaching community with a step-by-step system for launching, marketing and selling your brilliance in a way that feels dayum good.

Join the Club!

"Humans are not built to do big things alone. We are built to do them together." - Emily Nagoski

Before We Dive into What’s Included Let’s Make Sure You’re in the Right Place!

You’re a big-dreaming entrepreneur who knows that there is more to life than work-work-working. You DON'T want to be a jack-of-all-trades in your business ... you want to get profitable QUICKLY so you can outsource your busy work, ditch your screens, and go live the life of your wildest dreams!

You might be a:

✨ WANTrepreneur excited to dive into your first business. You want to discover how to use your skills, experience, and passion to start your own business and get paid what you're worth. You want to ditch your 9-5 job, reclaim your time and explore what else life has to offer. You're ready to live by what has value to you and make an impact on the world!

 New Entrepreneur who’s got a business up and running but no matter what you try you're just not growing. You're working your butt off doing all the things you think you "should" be doing and can't figure out why the heck nothing's working. You secretly have no idea how to get customers and make money. You have a big, bold, business vision and nothing's gonna stop you from making it happen!


You’re exactly where you need to be!

Our 12-month Easier Entrepreneurship Club will guide you through your current obstacles and teach you the skills you need to get your business on the map and attract your perfect customers quickly, easily, and joyfully!

When you join the Club you'll learn how to:

✔️ Clarify and Validate your business idea by getting up close and personal with future clients with super simple market research

✔️ Turn your idea into a rock-solid business by packaging and monetizing your skills, experience, and passion

✔️ Launch your business and use attraction marketing strategies to tell the world you exist

✔️ Get to $100K using my 4 Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities and Stranger to Happy, Paying Customer Journey

✔️ Use Content Marketing and Lead Magnets to build your email list, social media audiences, and drive organic traffic to your website

✔️ Incorporate sales funnels and email marketing to automate 80% of the selling process

✔️ Scale your best sellers by outsourcing, automating, and hiring a team to help you amplify your brand

Goodbye Burnout, Hello Support & Guidance I've Been Missing!

"I’d been recovering from burnout for months and was so scared to go back to work in my business only to burn out again. Lindsay talked me off the ledge, gave me the permission I needed to stop doing all the work I thought I was “supposed” to do and encouraged me to join Easier Entrepreneurship Club to get the support I needed to work less and get real traction in my growth.

I'm so grateful I listened! With Lindsay’s Radical Roadmap, weekly group coaching, and clarity on what to do every single day I immediately felt 10x better. I’m moving the needle in my business, gaining confidence, and no longer feel impostor syndrome. I’m working towards something big and the Easier Entrepreneurship Club is helping me accomplish so much without overworking and burning out!"

- Kara Tanenbaum, The Podsquad Collective

Join Easier Entrepreneurship Club Today!

Choose the best option for you below. All options include a 12-month membership in the Club.



or 2 monthly payments of $257




or 6 monthly payments of $497


How to Get Clients

I wish I had joined the Easier Entrepreneurship Club a year ago when I first started my business instead of sitting waiting for clients to show up. Now I understand WHAT works to grow my business and HOW to get clients.

- Holly Middleton, Anatomy in Motion

Focus and Clarity

Lindsay's ability to keep me focused on the goal and clear on the right actions to take were a life saver. Talk about overwhelm ... so many ideas. To this day I hear Lindsay's voice in my head, "Justine is this busy-work or RGA's?"

- Justine Hwang, It Just Flows Calligraphy

Strategies That Work

After 5 years of throwing spaghetti against the wall, trying to figure everything out on my own, Lindsay's strategies helped me stop spinning my wheels and finally hit six figures.

- Cassandra Rudolph, LuckyOne Projects

Business Skills & Support

As an entrepreneur who has always struggled with "sales" Lindsay has helped me embrace business development while staying true to my values and personality. Once Lindsay gets in your corner, they become your champion, your coach, your friend! 

- Belinda Clemmensen, Women's Leadership Intensive

Results From Day One

From the very first live group call Lindsay (gently) pointed out how I was caught up in old beliefs around how I labelled my work. It was an instant shift and helped me confidently connect to what the heck I actually do ... and tell others in a clear way!

- Megan te Boekhorst, 1IN5 Apparel

Genuine and Direct

Since our very first conversation I felt a connection with Lindsay - they were and remain candid, inquisitive and genuinely invested in my success. Lindsay brings me fresh new takes when I'm stuck in a rut, gets me out of my comfort zone to take things to the next level and helps me prioritize when I'm overwhelmed

- Sonia Dong, Henkaa

Step-by-step Instructions for Getting Your Business Off the Ground AND Your First $100K in the Bank!


Do you ever feel like you're left on your own to connect the dots on how to put theory into action after joining online programs pr buying DIY courses? You're not the only one!

As a member of Easier Entrepreneurship Club you'll get access to:

  • Video lessons, guides, and templates that cut out the busy work and get you in fact action with the most important skills for building a business
  • Detailed workbooks full of examples, outlines, and fill-in-the-blank roadmaps
  • Fast and free marketing & sales strategies for getting customers and making money
  • PLUS group coaching, and a 12-month action planning roadmap to follow every dang day!


You're never left to figure it all out on your own. From idea to six figures, I've got a structured, strategic and clear roadmap for you to follow!


Check out what you're going to learn 👇
women on business entrepreneurship coaching call

Brilliance to Business Blueprint

Get Your Business Off the Ground

Let's keep it real, the first year of your business is kind of a hot mess, am I right?! You've got all these ideas and are consuming SO MUCH content on how to bring it all together into one cohesive direction.

In this first step, you're going to get into the heads of your Perfect Potential Customer in order to validate your brilliant business idea and bring it to life!


Module 1: Define Your Niche and Understand Their Problems, Needs, and Desires

Deciding WHAT you want to do and WHO your customers are, is the very first step in creating the foundation of your business. In this module, you'll begin to make decisions on the foundation and direction of your business.

Module 2: Define Your Revenue Streams and Get Proof Your Niche Will Buy from You

Deciding HOW you’ll help your niche solve their problems or get what they want most is the next step! In this module, you’ll be focused on gathering proof that your niche not only wants what you’ve got but will also pay you for it.

Module 3: Create Your Offerings and Set Your Prices

Now that you know how you'll help your customers, it's time to package and sell your brillianceCreate products and services your customers will love, including offering names, descriptions, and prices.

Module 4: Launch Your Business!

Huzzah! You’ve done lots of focused and intentional work in the first three modules and laid out the foundational structure of your business. Now it’s time to make it even more official with your business name, tagline, and all the legal stuff.


DNA of Attraction Branding & Marketing

Get Noticed and Stand Out

In this step, I'm going to teach you some super simple branding and marketing hacks that will attract your perfect customers into your world AND be totally FREE!

I'm going to show you how to take all the work you did in step 1 and create (or refresh) your attraction branding and marketing strategies.


Module 1: Branding Basics

Did you know that 99.9% of new entrepreneurs change their branding within the first 3 years of their business?

You don't need to spend a ton on branding in the first few years! Instead, in this module, you're going to learn some branding basics and how to play with different versions of your brand as you bring your business to life. 

You'll create a brand that shows off your personality and attracts the right people!

Module 2: Attraction Marketing Made Simple

Marketing really can be so simple ... it's how you connect and communicate with your niche to let them know that you exist and have something they want.

Easy right? In this module, you'll learn super simple marketing skills so you start saying the right thing to the right people

Module 3: Super-Simple Copywriting Formulas

It's easy to think great copywriting is a magical superpower bestowed upon a lucky few when in fact it's a skill that you can learn and master just like any other. 

In this module, you'll discover my favourite super-simple formulas for easier copywriting that connects with your niche and excites them to take action. 

You'll get comfortable putting your brand and YOURSELF out into the real world in a way that feels good and attracts your Perfect Potential Customers


Fast & Free Sales Formulas

Get the Sale

Ready to get into big action and start making money quickly and easily?

In this step, you’re going to learn my 4 Favourite Revenue Generating Activities; my Stranger to Happy, Paying Customer Journey for that sweet, feel-good sales system; and I’m going to share my template for the Perfect Sales-Free Sales Call with you. 

Getting customers and making money doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a small fortune. 

I’m going to share my super simple formulas for getting customers that won’t cost you a thing!



Module 1: Consent-based Sales System

In this module, you're going to discover exactly what it takes to get customers and make money using my co-created, red-light, green-light sales system

We'll lay the foundation for shifting your mindset from convincing people to buy from you to becoming an irresistible magnet for your niche and co-creating the sales journey with them!

Module 2: 4 Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities

You’re going to learn my four favourite activities for getting customers and making money quickly and easily … with a focus on using social media and the online world!

You'll discover how to use:

  • Networking (including engaging on social media) strategically to quickly and easily get customers AND connect with fabulous leaders who will open some pretty cool doors for you for years to come
  • Public Speaking in other people's audiences to build your list, grow your socials, and get customers
  • Community Building as a powerful market research tool, reputation builder, and money maker
  • Lead Magnets, Content Marketing, & List Building to drive organic traffic to your website and get customers

Module 3: The Stranger to Happy, Paying Customer Journey

Welcome to one of my favourite modules ... the one where I teach you a sales system so easy you'll fall off your chair laughing at how complicated you've been making the sales process all this time!

Here's what's in store for you in this module...

  • Get comfortable with selling yourself and your products & services
  • Layout your own Stranger to Happy, Paying Customer Journey
  • Learn and practice my 30-minute Perfect Sales-Free Sales Call
  • Make a 7-day action plan and get to work ... and then lather, rinse, repeat!

Field Guide to Entrepreneurial Mastery

Get Out of Your Own Way!

Learn how to become a confident entrepreneur who has their ish together!

For our final step, we're going to dive into the common traps that will keep you stuck, spinning your wheels in overwhelm, or knock your confidence and stop you from putting yourself out into the world in a big way.


Module 1: Get Out of Your Own Way

In this module, you're going to discover the all too common ways you are getting in your own way and sabotaging your growth and success.  (Ouch, I know!)

😫 Don't panic! 

Take comfort in knowing you're not alone and this is absolutely part of your journey as an entrepreneur.

  • Uncover your internal roadblocks to forward momentum
  • Recognize when you're self-sabotaging your potential for success
  • Create an action plan to get you back into action when you feel yourself getting in your own way

Module 2: How to Prevent Burnout

Every entrepreneur burns out! It's a part of the journey of discovery you will embark on as you figure out your own business's cycles and rhythms. It's also how you learn how you work best ... and what doesn't support you as you grow.

Burning out is a part of understanding yourself as an entrepreneur ... but that doesn't mean it's necessary or required!

  • Uncover your burnout triggers
  • Recognize your pre-burnout signs before you hit a wall
  • Establish your boundaries to support your energy and output
  • Create a strategy to prevent burnout from creeping back in!

Module 3: Ditch Impostor Syndrome

Ahhhh good ol' self-doubt and impostor syndrome. Just when you think you're getting ahead that pesky inner gremlin starts whispering in your ear …

"Who do you think you are?" "You do NOT know what you're doing!" "Everyone's gonna find out you're a total fraud" "You're not making a difference; nobody needs what you've got."

Shall I go on? Heck no!

We're calling out impostor syndrome in this module and learning how to ditch it so you can get back to being amazing!

  • Recognize your own signs of impostor syndrome and self-doubt
  • Learn how to separate the self-doubt BS from the truth of your brilliance
  • Prove to yourself that you're a badass, dayum good at what you do and that people want what you've got
  • Learn my favourite fill-in-the-blank affirmations to help you jump back into action!

Module 4: Time Blocking for Less Work and More Sales

Set yourself up for success by learning how to time block like a boss and … Plan the Work and Work the Plan!

Ready to work smarter so you can earn more ... and play more?

  • Structure your work-weeks in a way that works for YOU
  • Create your own action plan based on how much time you have to spend on your business each week
  • How to balance Revenue Generating Activities, Essential Busy Work, and having a life!

But Wait, There's More! 😋

I'm not just going to teach you marketing and sales skills and leave you on your own to figure out how to put them into action.

I'm going to support you all year long as you implement what you're learning!

Check out what else you get as a member of the Club 👇


12-Month Business Planner

Radical Roadmap

Get into Action

(A $65 Value Plus FREE Shipping)

This 12-month business planner includes Monthly Action Plans & Sales Strategies so you can focus on Revenue Generating Activities that grow your business.

If you've been working your buns off and not making money it's probably because you're doing too much busy work and not enough of the activities that matter.

I created this roadmap as a way to stay connected to what you're actually doing every dang day. Is your to-do list is moving you forward or drowning you in busy work. 

You'll set goals, make action plans, map out your sales strategy and even plan your SEO-friendly content for the month!


Here's What You'll Find Inside the Roadmap ...
  • Annual Business & Personal Goal-Setting: How to choose one big, bold business and life goal for the next 12 months 
  • Quarterly Goal Breakdown: Reverse engineer your big goals into quarterly milestones
  • Monthly Action Plans: Make an action plan for each week and get to work on the work that will actually move you forward
  • Signature Business Strategy 1 - Stranger to Happy (Paying!) Customer Journey: for faster, easier money in your pockets
  • Signature Business Strategy 2 - Perfect Sales-Free Sales Call Template: for feel-good sales calls!
  • Signature Business Strategy 3 - Four Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities: the exact business activities you need to do for YOUR business and target market
  • Burnout & Imposter Syndrome Plans: Entrepreneurial mindfulness to prevent burnout, impostor syndrome, or general getting-in-your-own-way-ness
Weekly Group Coaching on Zoom

Business Coaching for Every Stage of Business

Get Support!

($3500 Value)


Your Club membership includes group coaching for 12 months and is one of the BIGGEST differences with my program ... you're not left alone to implement all that you've learned or fumble through the dark as you put the pieces of your business together. 

Join us for Tuesday Zooms multiple times throughout the month for: 

  • Business Coaching Q&A sessions to support you as you implement what you've learned in the coursework
  • Digital Marketing Strategy sessions including lead magnets, list-building, email marketing, and SEO-friendly content creation
  • Radical Roadmap Check-ins including annual, quarterly, and monthly action planning sessions PLUS quarterly analytics review and month-end debrief sessions 
  • Content Batching Coworking session for focused, self-guided content batching for the month
  • Bonus Skill Development workshops

We cram so much support into every month and YOU get to choose which sessions will best support you.

teaching goodies apart of the irresistible entrepreneurship academy

When You Join Today, You'll Get:

The 12-Month Easier Entrepreneurship Club

(A $4116 Value)


⭐ 14 Business Strategy Modules including videos, workbooks, templates and guides to get your business up and running and your first $100K in the bank quickly and easily

⭐ 12 Months of Group Coaching Tuesdays on Zoom* including business strategy Q&A and digital marketing strategy sessions

⭐  Radical Roadmapa 12-month business planner with monthly action plans and sales strategies to help you stay focused on the work that will move you forward (not slow you down!) 

⭐ 4 Bonus Business Classes* every month including monthly action planning & goal setting; content batching and coworking; month-end analytics review & debrief; and business skills workshop

 Private Facebook Group* to get feedback on your work, ask questions, connect and collaborate with other members, and get updates & reminders!

 Ridiculously Supportive Community* of new business BFFs (it's like going to summer camp with like-minded people all year long!)

*Idea Stage Only members will have reduced access to live coaching sessions. Keep reading for what you get!

Come Play With Us and Let's Get Your Business Growing!

Choose the best option for you below. All options include a 12-month membership in the Club.



or 2 payments of $257

  • The Easier Entrepreneurship System: My 14-module business strategy system for launching your business and getting your first $100K
  • Radical Roadmap: 12-month sales strategy and action planner to help you implement your new marketing and sales skills
  • 1st Tuesday of the month: Group Business Coaching and Radical Roadmap Goal Setting & Action Planning
  • 3rd Tuesday of the Month: Business Skills Workshop to master different business skills and entrepreneurial mindsets throughout the year
  • Payment Plan Available!



or 6 payments of $497

  • The Easier Entrepreneurship System: My 14-module business strategy system for launching your business and getting your first $100K
  • Radical Roadmap: 12-month sales strategy and action planner to help you implement your new marketing and sales skills
  • 1st Tuesday of the month: Group Business Coaching and Radical Roadmap Goal Setting & Action Planning 
  •  2nd Tuesday of the month: Content Batching & Coworking for getting focused work done!
  • 3rd Tuesday of the Month: Business Skills Workshop to master different business skills and entrepreneurial mindsets throughout the year
  • 4th Tuesday of the month: Digital Marketing Strategy Sessions and  month-end Analytics Review and Debriefing to make sure you're on track to hit your big, bold business goals
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with other members, get feedback on your work and ask your burning business questions
  • Payment Plan Available
business entrepreneur coach 30 day money back gurantee

Plus You'll Be Backed by a 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Worried you'll be throwing your money away on another online program that doesn't work for you?

While I can't promise you'll hit six figures in your first 30 days in the Easier Entrepreneurship Club, I can promise that you're going to feel supported, clear, and confident that the Club can teach you the skills to get there a heck of a lot quicker.

My 30-day Confident Entrepreneur Promise guarantee gives you 30 days to put in the work through the Easier Entrepreneurship System, attend our weekly coaching sessions, and apply what you've learned out in the real world. If at the end of those 30 days, you don't feel confident about the skills you're learning, the support and guidance you'll receive in the Club, or how to apply what you're learning into a simple and clear action plan, you'll get your money back. Deal?

For more details click here.



or 2 monthly payments of $257




or 6 monthly payments of $497


Common Questions You're Probably Asking Yourself Right Now

entrepreneur that is happy with his freedom

Still On the Fence?

Give the Easier Entrepreneurship Club a 30-day risk-free try if you're looking for any of the following:


You want to quit your soul-sucking job and do purpose-driven work you’re passionate about!

Whether it's the 9-5 that turns into 7-10 after long commutes, impossible workloads, or a company culture that doesn't respect your boundaries or believe in work-life balance, you 100% understand your life and family will always come second to work.

Perhaps you're not given the autonomy or creative control to work on projects that matter to you. Or you're forced to report to an uninspired manager with no vision or leadership skills, and micromanages your spirit to death, wasting your brilliance and stunting your growth. 

Whew. Whatever the reason, you're no longer willing to live a diminished life for the sake of a paycheque. 

You know you've got a purpose to express and lives to change and you're ready to bring your brilliance to life, start your own business, and change the world.

I've got the community to support you and the business coaching to guide you so you can finally start building (and living!) the life of your wildest dreams.

You want to design a lifestyle and schedule that truly supports your (and your family's) needs

Do you want to be more available to spend quality time with your children and partner? How about having more time for hobbies and interests that are all your own? Do your mental or physical health needs require more sleep, movement, and a calm, quiet workspace? 

Perhaps you no longer want to work on Fridays, want to take a full week off every single month, only want to work 4 hours per day or take the entire summer off to travel and play?

Do you prefer to work late at night and sleep in late? Do you want to take long leisurely lunches for eating, getting in nature, or playing with your pets?

Having time, location, and schedule freedom means YOU get to structure your schedule and lifestyle to fit YOUR needs.

I'm going to work hard to help you get there because why the heck should anyone be in charge of your life and time but YOU?

You want to have the freedom to travel, create, and play WAY more

I mean, who doesn't want to spend less time working and more time experiencing all the world has to offer? 

You've figured out there's more to life than working and you've got way more important things to do with your time on this earth then spend it behind a screen or stuck in situations that keep you feeling trapped. 

The whole purpose of the Easier Entrepreneurship Club is to teach you how to use entrepreneurship as a tool for freedom so you can spend as little time working as possible and fill your days with anything and everything that lights you up! 

  • What would you do if you didn't have to work as much as you do now?
  • Where would you go if you weren't tied to your job or your current city?
  • What causes would you support to help make the world a better place?  
  • What new skills or hobbies would you learn?
  • What projects would you take on?

Whatever you want to create, wherever you want to go, however you want to play, the Club will help you make it happen!

I can't wait to support your growth over the next 12 months!

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and it didn't take long before I noticed that:

1. Entrepreneurship is pure magic. We can create a profitable business from almost any idea within our heads and hearts

2. Entrepreneurship will suck up every ounce of your time, energy, and money if you let it

After years of repeating the same old cycle of working hard until burning out, I decided to stop the madness and figure out how to build a profitable business by WORKING LESS and PLAYING MORE. I was determined to find an easier and faster way to build a profitable business that was fun, authentic to my vision and values, and most importantly, didn't require me to sacrifice my mental and physical health.

I've spent the last 20 years nerding out to all things entrepreneurship and business development (how we make money) and have distilled what I've proven actually works into simple strategies and formulas for new entrepreneurs to follow.

Let's have a ton of fun together over the next 12 months building your kickass service-based business!

Come Play With Us and Let's Get Your Business Growing!

Choose the best option for you below. All options include a 12-month membership in the Club.



or 2 monthly payments of $257




or 6 monthly payments of $497