Idea, Growth & Scale Stage Entrepreneurs ...

I've got support for you at every stage of business

Psst! Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy is where the party is happening

Idea, Growth & Scale Stage Entrepreneurs ...

I've got support for you at every stage of business

Psst! Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy is where the party is happening

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy


or $497 down and 11 payments of $99



The Only WEEKLY Coaching & Co-working Community for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Ditch Busy Work and Get Ish Done!

  • WEEKLY Coaching & Co-working on Zoom for Idea, Growth, Scale stage 
  • One week dedicated to Digital Marking every month, including guides and templates for your Lead Magnets, Sales Funnels, Content Marketing
  • Radical Roadmap, our 12-month business planner that focuses on Monthly Action Plans & Sales Strategies
  • The Easier Entrepreneurship System, my signature 4-Step Formula for Turning Strangers into Happy (Paying!) Customers
  • The Lazy Scalers Club for entrepreneurs who are ready to outsource, automate, and amplify their business to the next level
  • Private Facebook Group to keep the support going in between coaching & co-working sessions
  • Tight-knit Academy Crew where you'll make genuine business friendships that will last a lifetime
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The Easier Entrepreneurship System


or 2 monthly payments of $199



ALL YOU NEED to get your business off the ground to start getting customers and making money!

  • My 4 Signature steps for building a business from scratch
  • Video Lessons that break down complex strategies into simple, actionable steps
  • Workbooks to help you map out all the brilliance in your head into clear and organized business strategies
  • Weekly Action Plans to keep you growing your business and yourself all year long
  • Printable Frameworks to use as your guide over the next 12-months
  • Radical Roadmap, a 12-month business planner to keep you focused on the right activities
  • Group coaching & co-working on the first Tuesday of every month for a full year!
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The Lazy Scalers Club


or $497 down and 11 payments of $99


A club for entrepreneurs who get that life is short and the world is full of fun adventures, cool opportunities and interesting people not to be missed because of a silly little thing like work.

As a member of the Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy as soon as your business is ready to scale you'll shift gears and join The Lazy Scalers Club so you can:

  • Automate your sales process so the internet can do 90% of your selling for you
  • Outsource your busy work so you can unload 80% of your workload and get back to having a life
  • Amplify your brand presence online by assembling a dream team of virtual assistants, sub-contractors, social media managers, and marketing & advertising professionals so you can ... you guessed it ... make lots of money and go do cool sh!t
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Radical Roadmap


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12-month business planner to help you ditch all that annoying busy work and focus on the Revenue Generating Activities that will actually grow your business.

  • Simple Monthly Action Plans for getting customers and making money
  • Feel-good Sales Strategies that turn strangers into happy, paying customers
  • Quarterly Milestone Trackers, so you can stay on top of the important numbers you need to know in your business
  • Personal Growth & Mindfulness Plan so you can build a sustainable business that fuels you (not drains you)
  • MONTHLY COACHING & CO-WORKING for kickass accountability with a community of cool entrepreneurs who are here to get ish done!
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6 & 12 Month Coaching

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Only 4 Spots Available Every Year

For BIG-thinking entrepreneurs who want BIG support as they bring their BIG ideas to life!

  • 90-Minute Coaching Sessions twice a month on Zoom
  • Uncover Internal Blocks to Success so you can get out of your own way
  • Impostor Syndrome, Burnout, and Self-Sabotage strategies and support for a sustainable business
  • Big Ideas and Deep Conversations so you can use your business to live your purpose
  • Faster Growth with Personalized Strategies so you can spend less time working and more time exploring cool ideas
  • Coaching packages start at $10,000
  • There are currently 2 spots available for 2022 

Please note: Appling for 1-on-1 coaching does not guarantee your spot! I want to make sure we're a great fit and can make business magic together!  

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Dori Schmidt, Instagram Expert

"I needed major clarification on my business model, product, and launch strategies and during my session with Lindsay we went through all the ideas and laid them out step-by-step so that I would know exactly what my action plan needed to be! I felt so much more clear and way less frustrated after our session and knew just what my next steps needed to be."

Clare Kenty, Reiki Master Teacher

"Lindsay's passion for their work and their clients is infectious. You can't help but feel that they're 100% committed to your success! The joy they share as they witnesses the successes of entrepreneurs in their community is amazing. Lindsay's great at what they do!"

Alicia Sass, Interior Designer

"Lindsay helped me figure out what I wasn't doing to my full potential and came up with a valid plan that was tailored to me and that I could use to push myself forward in business and personal relationships. I couldn't be happier to have met Lindsay and to have started working with them."

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Free Business Workshops

Connect, Learn, Make Money

 Join me on Zoom to learn business skills and make new business friends! 

  • Learn practical skills for getting customers and making money
  • Action plans to implement what you've learned
  • Make new Biz BFFs for even more support and fun along your entrepreneurial journey!

Replays always available

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