Ready to Work Less, Play More ...

And Make Oodles of Moola in Your Biz?

Learn more about my 3-Step path from Idea to Scale for new entrepreneurs!

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Ready to Work Less, Play More ...

And Make Oodles of Moola in Your Biz?

Learn more about my 3-Step path from Idea to Scale for new entrepreneurs!

Start with my FREE mini-course

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12-Month Business Planner

Radical Roadmap

A 12-Month Business Planner that Helps You Stop Guessing & Focus on the Right Activities for Growing Your Business!

The Roadmap is an action plan, accountability partner, and business coach all in one. Get this tool to help you work less, play more, and free yourself from unproductive busy work!

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Step 1: Idea

The Easier Entrepreneurship System

ALL YOU NEED to start your business, get customers, and make money as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible!

A Self-Guided 4-Step Formula for Turning Strangers into Happy (Paying!) Customers

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Step 2: Growth

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy

An Online Community that Turns Getting to $100K into a Party!

The only 12-month community that teaches you super simple digital marketing strategies AND supports you as you implement what you've learned all the way to your first $100K 

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Step 3: Scale

The Lazy Scalers Club

For entrepreneurs who are ready to automateoutsource, and amplify their way to working less and playing more.

Once you've completed steps one and two and hit $100K in accumulative revenue you'll be invited to join The Lazy Scalers Club. 

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4-Hour Business Strategy Tune-Up

For Entrepreneurs with a Sneaky Suspicion Something isn't Working Right in Their Biz

We'll meet for a 4-hour strategy session on Zoom to review, optimize and map out your Website, Social Media accounts, Lead Magnet & Email Sequence, Content Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy and Simple Sales Funnel.

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6-Hour VIP Day

For Entrepreneurs with Big Projects, Big Hiccups, and Big Ideas!

Whether you've got a big idea you want to bring to life, big hiccups keeping you stuck and overwhelmed, or you need clarity, focus and an action plan to help you launch your big idea, I've got your back!

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6 & 12 Month Business Coaching Packages

For entrepreneurs who want ongoing support as they get their business ducks in a row.

Our work together will go deep and move quickly! 6 and 12-month coaching packages are available. Space is limited to 4 private coaching clients per year.

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Dori Schmidt, Instagram Expert

"I needed major clarification on my business model, product, and launch strategies and during my session with Lindsay we went through all the ideas and laid them out step-by-step so that I would know exactly what my action plan needed to be! I felt so much more clear and way less frustrated after our session and knew just what my next steps needed to be."

Clare Kenty, Reiki Master Teacher

"Lindsay's passion for her work and her clients is infectious. You can't help but feel that she's 100% committed to your success! The joy she shares as she witnesses the successes of entrepreneurs in her community is amazing. She's great at what she does!"

Alicia Sass, Interior Designer

"The Radical Connector helped me figure out what I wasn't doing to my full potential and came up with a valid plan that was tailored to me and that I could use to push myself forward in business and personal relationships. I couldn't be happier to have met Lindsay and to have started working with her."

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