How to Do SEO & Keyword Research!

The Simplest (and Free-est) Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Ashley Doan, The WriterGal, is back with a special immersive workshop on how to do Keyword research so you rank on Google!

  • How to find the best keywords for your blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos

  • What NOT to do when creating content

  • How to drive traffic to your website without ads!

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Websites for Keyword Research


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Key Takeaways

  • Look for search pools of 10-1K with this tool
  • Look for search competition of Low or Medium with this tool
  • Include  Latent Semantic Index(ing) or LSI words in your content using this tool
  • Make sure your Keyword is in 2% of your body using this tool
  • Use Shorter sentences of 12-15 words
  • Use Shorter paragraphs of 2-4 sentences
  • Include bullets and lists
  • Use subheadings that incorporate your keywords and LSI's
  • Use plain language! Write for your reader first, add in keywords and LIS's later
  • Avoid repetition.
  • Use Inverted Pyramid storytelling ... put the most important stuff at the top!


Next Steps

  1. Set aside time and do more keyword research
  2. Come up with a big list of potential keywords
  3. Link a phrase to a piece of content or product
  4. Create content for a phrase you love and want to rank for
  5. Optimize content for that phrase
  6. Write for people first
  7. Go back and add SEO keyword after
  8. Publish and promote


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