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Build and Publish a Complete Online Sales Funnel in One Day

Leverage the power of sales funnels to automate and accelerate the stranger-to-customer journey so you can work less and play more!

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The Problem

You Want to Work Less, Earn More, and Get the Heck Out from Behind Your Screens and Play!


All the cool entrepreneurs have sales funnels that help with the heavy lifting of getting customers and making money. If you want to spend LESS time working and MORE time playing it might be time for you to build your own sales funnels. 

You'll know you're ready for a sales funnel if you:

  • Spend hours creating content on social media, blogging, YouTube, podcasting, etc every week but are NOT getting sales from all your work
  • Keep repeating the same mundane tasks or having the same conversations over and over and over and over again in order to make a sale
  • Have an engaged following on social media, email list, and love creating content
  • Are sick of working all the time and want to free up some time to play more (outside of your business)
  • Want to master online sales strategies so you can uproot and build your business from anywhere in the world 
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The Solution

Create an Online Sales Funnel that Does 80% of the Selling for You...

From anywhere in the world, any time of day, even while you play (ahem, or nap!)


If you're anything like me, your goal as an entrepreneur is to:

  • Spend less time in front of screens and more time doing the activities you love
  • Work less so you can spend more time with friends, family, playing outdoors, exploring new interests … or even taking a nap!
  • Stop feeling like your business is swallowing you up and taking everything you've got
  • Turn your backpack into your office and travel the world (or your own backyard) while building a profitable business … true location freedom
  • Feel confident knowing you will continue to make money even if you’re not sitting in front of your computer at home
  • Spend more time creating original content just for fun
  • Expand beyond your current business model and dip your toes into other revenue streams

It's time to build an online sales funnel!

Who the Hackathons are for ...

Sales Funnel Hackathons are for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Work Less, Earn More, and Grow Faster

Sales Funnels help you:

  • Automate the Stranger to Happy (Paying) Customer Journey (aka work less!)
  • Nurture relationships and build trust with people on your list (know, like, trust factor, baby)
  • Speed up the buying process and get money coming in faster (#SmallBusinessGoals)

Sales Funnel Hackathons are for YOU if you:

  • Don’t have an online sales funnel yet
  • Have a sales funnel but it’s not working as well as it could be
  • Have a launch coming up
  • Want to convert more customers from your content marketing

Oh, and you're not afraid to live outside of your comfort zone, play big, and build a community of champions and cheerleaders who want to give you lots of money to change their lives!

What Happens in the Hackathon

Spend the Day with an Online Business Strategist (Lindsay!) and Build Your Funnels!

In the 7-HOUR HACKATHON, we'll spend the day together with a badass group of entrepreneurs building and optimizing your:

  • Lead Magnet
  • Opt-in, thank you, and delivery pages
  • Sales pages
  • Email sequences
  • Content strategy for both email and social media to nurture leads
  • Socials and website to attract new followers and email subscribers
  • Roadmap & action plan for showing up bigger online to attract your perfect customers into your world … and your funnel!
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Let's Talk about the Benefits

Why Join a Hackathon Instead of Doing it On Your Own?

Simple. Because you'll build a higher-converting sales funnel faster with the help of a business strategist!

The benefits of joining our Hackathons: 

  • Don't Get Stuck! Step-by-step instructions for building an engaging sales funnel that attracts your perfect clients and feel authentic to your brand and purpose
  • Don't Get Confused or Overwhelmed! Hands-on support with Lindsay as you put the pieces of your sales funnel together in real-time
  • Don't Procrastinate over Overthink! Kick in the butt to finally get your funnel built and automated so you can stop working so dang hard
  • Don't Do Busy Work! Get an actionable roadmap for attracting the right people into your funnel once it’s built
  • Don't Create a Funnel that Doesn't Convert! Get a business strategist to help you focus the tornado of brilliance in your head into a sales funnel that works at converting strangers into paying customers
  • Don't Trip on Your Words! Copywriting hacks so your badass voice can be heard loud and clear
  • Don't Bottleneck Your Leads! Create a simple, duplicatable, automated sales journey so leads can take the next step (aka give you money for your brilliance) and never be left hanging


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Choose Your Own Hackathon Adventure

Choose ONE of the FOUR SALES FUNNELS Below then Come Register

If you're brand new to sales funnels I recommend registering for multiple dates and doing all four of them in order


1. Lead Magnet & List-Building Sales Funnel

If you've been meaning to get around to creating an irresistible lead magnet, sweet automated email sequence, and sales funnel that increases your audience's know, like, trust factor in your brilliance, this is the Hackathon for you. Great for beginners in content marketing and list-building.

This starter funnel will get you up and running building your list in one day including how to:

  • Create (or optimize) your lead magnet
  • Build your opt-in page, thank you page, and delivery page
  • Write your email welcome sequence
  • Sprinkle your lead magnet in all the right places online
  • Mini-strategy for using your lead magnet to build your list on social (customized for YOU)


2. Content Marketing Strategy & Sales Funnel

If 'content is king', and all the cool entrepreneurs are doing it, why does it feel like you're throwing content into a black hole and getting low engagement and almost no business from all your hard work? The short answer ... creating the actual content is only a small piece of the total content marketing strategy. You also have to make sure you're in the right places, saying the right thing, to the right people ... and then making it easy for them to buy from you! Great for entrepreneurs who want to use content marketing to sell more.

This Hackathon will guide you as you:

  • Create a content marketing strategy 
  • Build a streamlined sales funnel that builds trust and converts new customers
  • Establish your content pillars to showcase your expertise and super cool personality
  • Choose the perfect platforms and types of content for catching your perfect customer's attention
  • Learn how to batch create so you can cut way back on time creating content and get back to engaging online
  • Discover my Macro & Micro Content strategies for less content with more impact


3. Sales Page & Sales Funnel

Want a fancy sales page that clearly communicates what you're selling in a way that speaks right to the heart of your perfect customer? A sales page that is relatable, concise, and encapsulates the magic of your product or service? 

Even better ... do you want to build an online sales funnel around your sales page so you can be more hands-off and let the funnel do most of the heavy lifting? Great for people who have a course, membership, or group program they want to sell.

This Hackathon will help you:

  • Create irresistible copywriting that has your perfect customer saying, "Hey, that's me! I need that!"
  • Communicate the benefits of what you're selling in a clear, concise, and relatable way
  • Bring your personality out to play with authentic marketing, branding and copywriting
  • Create an automated online sales funnel including opt-in and email sequence to help you sell more with less work!


4. Launch Strategy & Sales Funnel

Diving into your first launch and feeling completely overwhelmed? Drowning under all the moving pieces and need support as you put it all together?

Would it shock you to know that the reason most launches aren't successful is NOT that what you're selling isn't fan-flipping-tastic ... it's because you're rushing your launch and are so exhausted from building your launch behind the scenes you have nothing left in you for the actual work of promoting and marketing it! 

Boourns indeed. Great for people who want to use the launch model to sell a product or service and are feeling overwhelmed.

In this Hackathon you'll:

  • Design your content marketing strategy for drawing people into your sales funnel
  • Create a strategic action plan for warming up your list pre-launch
  • Optimize your sales page and sales emails
  • Reverse engineer your launch timeline and create a launch roadmap to follow from pre-launch to post-launch
  • Get a launch debrief workbook to track your results, review what worked and what didn't, and what you'll stop, start or continue for your next launch

All four of these Sales Funnel Hackathons are designed to work together or separately. You can choose the Hackathon that meets your needs (if you're new to online sales funnels I recommend starting with the Lead Magnet & List-Building Hackathon and working your way down the list!)

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Let's Talk About the Features

Registration Dates & Costs


Each Sales Funnels Hackathon is $697 and includes: 

  • Full 7-hour day with Lindsay guiding you as you build your complete funnel
  • Guides and templates so you're not guessing as you build
  • Prep work to complete before the Hackathon to help you make the most of our day together
  • Review and feedback of your existing funnels, lead magnets, opt-in pages, sales pages, emails, website, and social accounts
  • Your choice of one Sales Funnel theme or register for multiple Hackathons if you want to build more than one funnel together!


Spring 2021 Registration Dates

  • April 27 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm PST
  • May 6 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm PST
  • May 20 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm PST
  • June 15 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm PST


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Hi, I’m Lindsay, aka The Radical Connector

I've been nerding out to all things entrepreneurship for over 20 years. I'm obsessed with learning what products, services, social content, and marketing & sales strategies ACTUALLY work to attract your perfect customers and get them to buy your brilliance. 

I love teaching new entrepreneurs super simple business skills and strategies so they can get up and running and making money quickly and easily. 

Building a profitable business shouldn't take over your life! I'm here to show you how to work less, earn more, and get back to living your life outside of your laptop!

You've got the brilliance and I've got the experience. Together we're going to skyrocket your business and change your life forever.

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