Radical Roadmap

Your 12-Month Business Planner for Less Work, More Sales, and a Business You Love!

The Roadmap is like a business coach, social media content calendar, sales funnel strategist, and business BFF all in one!

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Ever Wish Someone Would Just Tell You What to Do to Grow Your Biz?

The Radical Roadmap is for you if you're feeling:

  • Overwhelmed with all the things you SHOULD be doing to grow your audience and make money
  • Lost when it comes to the right activities for getting clients to notice you and give you their money for your fabulous products and services
  • Dizzy from all the brilliant ideas spinning around your head with no clear path forward
  • Self-doubt, impostor syndrome, or burnout creeping in as you work your buns off, hold on tight to your dream, and try to keep your ish together long enough to show up authentically online to remind the world what a badass you are!

Here's What You'll Find Inside the Roadmap ...

  • How to choose one big, bold business and life goal for the next 12 months 
  • Reverse engineer your big goals into quarterly milestones
  • Create a social media content and sales growth strategy month-by-month
  • Make an action plan for each week and get to work on the work that will actually move you forward
  • My super simple Stranger to Happy (Paying!) Customer Journey for faster, easier money in your pockets
  • My Perfect Sales-Free Sales Call Template for feel-good sales calls!
  • My 4 Favourite Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities, including tips for choosing the right activities for YOUR business and target market
  • Entrepreneurial mindfulness to prevent burnout, impostor syndrome, or general getting-in-your-own-way-ness
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reflections to keep you learning and adjusting your strategies all year long (after all, I don't want you 

Bonus: Live Group Coaching Every Month!


As the queen of, "Don't tell me what to do!" I believe in making accountability fun!

When you purchase your Radical Roadmap you'll be invited to join me for a monthly check-in on Zoom every single month.

We'll spend 45 minutes together diving into:

  • 30 minutes on your burning business Q+A
  • 10 minutes with an Accountability Partner Mash-up
  • Mini-challenge to help you wrap up your month getting out of your comfort zone!


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Buy Your Roadmap Now!

The Details ...

$57 USD

Free Shipping in Canada & USA 
  • 8.5 x 11-inch notebook for lots of room to write
  • Spiral binding for a lay-flat design (easier for writing)
  • Plastic front and back cover for durability 
  • 20 years of tried, tested, and true business building strategies
  • Step-by-step instructions for breaking down your big goals into bite-sized actions
  • Content planner & social media strategy guide
  • My 3 signature business strategies: 4 Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities; Stranger to Happy (Paying!) Customer Journey; and my Perfect Sales-Free Sales Call Template
  • Mindfulness tracker to stop you from burning out or hiding in impostor syndrome
  • Inspirational quotes to expand your mind
  • Monthly & Quarterly reflections to make sure you feel good and in authentic alignment every step of the way to your big, bold business goals
  • $20 flat-rate shipping everywhere else
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