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How to Entrepreneur

Get Personalized Answers to Your Burning Business Questions Right When You Need Them

We're a Live Q&A Community (that meets on Tuesdays) where service-based entrepreneurs can ditch generic, DIY courses & templates and learn real marketing & sales skills for faster growth with less confusion.


You can't build a successful business if you're taking puzzle pieces from a million different puzzle boxes!

You get one puzzle piece from one course, another puzzle piece from a YouTube video, yet another puzzle piece from a group program, and then a puzzle piece from someone really cool you saw on stage. Bestie, you're not building a business, you're building Frankenstein's monster!

4 core problems with piecing your business together without a clear picture...

1. You don't have a clear big-picture marketing & sales strategy that works for YOU

You're following "do what I did to get what I got" advice from people who don't know you, your business model, your stage of growth or your big, bold goals. They're just sharing what worked for them. Without a clear picture of YOUR OWN marketing and sales strategy you'll be forever chasing everyone else's plan even if it's wrong for you.

2. You're following the "build it and they will come" method

"Build it and they will come" is a quote from a movie about a man building a ball diamond in his cornfield so the ghost of his father will come play catch with him. Great movie. Terrible business strategy. Building a business is proactive and requires real business skills, including a well-tested marketing and sales strategy. Creating the thing you want to sell is the easy part. Selling it is an entirely different ball game. 

(eh? eh? see what I did there?)

3. Generic templates and pre-recorded videos with no personalization

Watered down content that is designed to be generic so anyone can do it doesn't work if you don't already have the right business skills to make it work for you. You're being told what to do from pre-recorded videos that may or may not be what you actually need right now. You don't need templates. You need to learn how to think strategically about your business needs so you can take the right action.

4. You're left alone to figure out how to apply what you've learned

You don't have long-term support from someone who knows you, your multi-year vision, your big-picture marketing & sales strategy who consistently shows up in your corner. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do. But that someone has to know YOU and give you advice based on where you are right now and where you're going! You don't need to be forced into someone else's box; you need supportive guidance and a community who cares about YOUR vision and goals.

It's time to stop building your business with everyone else's puzzle pieces and learn the business skills you need to make your business your own!


"Lindsay takes out the noise and overwhelm from where to start and what to do as a new entrepreneur and provides simple, actionable, no-nonsense business, marketing, and sales advice." - Nadine Stille

Belinda Clemmensen The Women's Leadership Intensive 3_edited.png

"As an entrepreneur who has always struggled with "sales", Lindsay has helped me embrace business development while staying true to my values and personality." -Belinda Clemmensen

Holly Middleton Flow Movement Therapy 3.jpg

"I wish I had worked with Lindsay a year ago when I first started my business instead of sitting and waiting for clients to show up and doubting whether my work had any value." - Holly Middleton

What if you could get personalized business advice right when you need it and come back as often as you want?

  • You stop panicking if people aren’t buying and simply hop on Zoom to the get personalized business advice you need to fix the problem

  • You're confident in your big-picture marketing & sales strategy with clarity on your revenue streams, sales funnels, and a simple step-by-step action plan to follow every month

  • You’ve got long-term support to help you get profitable and then grow from day-to-day operations to thought leader and a brand people can’t stop talking about

  • You're relaxed knowing you don't have to do everything all at once. You can take stuff off your plate and come back to it when the time is right and get the advice you need then

  • You’re focused, and have a clear game plan to follow from where you are now to creating the life of your wildest dreams

All of this is possible. That's why I created this radical approach to teaching you business skills!


How to Entrepreneur

Personalized, adaptable, and actional business advice for service-based entrepreneurs right when you need it


Sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month plan based on the level of support you want right now.


Show up live on Zoom with me and our specialized teaching assistants. Ask your questions and participate in group learning. Get personalized business advice and go implement it.

Light Bulb.png

Only attend the sessions you need right now. Come back as often as you want. Add on advanced sessions as your business levels up!

Here's how it works

It's not just real-time business advice for entrepreneurs

It's where you'll master 20+ fundamental business skills every entrepreneur needs to learn in your early years to be able to take the power back in your business growth (not hand it over to somone else!)

Scroll through the schedule, save the dates in your calendar, then sign up and come grow with us!

Business Foundations

all times are in PST


9:00 - 10:30: Ideation & Monetization

Attend if you're creating a new program, product, or service and need support with idea validation, market research, pricing and putting all the pieces together.

11:00 - 12:30: Launch Strategies

Attend if you need support planning and executing a launch, online summit, or digital bundle. Affiliate marketing and referral partners included.

1:00 - 2:30: Online Automations & Funnels

Attend if you're ready to take your online presence and customer journeys from basic to BAMALAM! We'll discuss the tech, funnels, and flows required to automate your sales process.

3:00 - 4:30: Email List-building Funnels

Attend if you need to create or refresh your lead magnets, map out your welcome email sequence, build your list-building funnels, and get a step-by-step list-building strategy.



You know I'm going to give you extras to support your growth

Ick-free Sales Training & Busy Work Challenge

($200 value)

Ditch your busy work, get clear on what is and isn't working, and learn my consent-based marketing & sales system including my signature Stranger to Happy Paying Customer Journeys for a step-by-step formula for getting your business in front of the right people and making it clear and easy to buy from you. 

Back to Business 2024*

($250 value)

Take some time off in August to go play and then join us on Zoom in September to kick off a kickass Q4. We'll revisit your 2024 business goals and make sure you're set up to finish the year off with a bang! *Free on 6 and 12-month plans

Ick-free Sales Membership

($108 per year value)

Receive a fresh ick-free sales script in your inbox every Monday and join our Facebook community for ongoing support in between sessions!

2024 Year-end Debrief

($50 value)

Join me live on Zoom as I walk you through 15 year-end business questions that will help understand exactly what happened in your business this year. You'll uncover what worked, what didn't, your best sellers and most popular content, good vs bad investments in your biz and what you need to do differently in 2025!

Big Bold 2025*

($500 value)

You'll be invited to join my signature annual planning party in January 2025! We spend 4 hours on Zoom together setting big, bold, business goals and mapping out your marketing & sales strategy to get you there. *Free on 12-month plan

Special Guest Experts

($999+ value)

Surprise guest experts will join us throughout the year to share their expertise, open our minds, and help us grow our businesses by growing ourselves.

Pick the best option for you!

3 months

per month


  • 36 live sessions

  • 2024 Year-end Debrief

  • Ick-free Sales Training

  • Busy Work Challenge

  • Ick-free Sales membership

  • Special guest experts

6 months

per month


  • 72 live sessions

  • 2024 Year-end Debrief

  • Back to Business 2024

  • Ick-free Sales Training

  • Busy Work Challenge

  • Ick-free Sales membership

  • Special guest experts

12 months

per month


  • 144 live sessions

  • 2024 Year-end Debrief

  • Back to Business 2024

  • Big Bold 2025

  • Ick-free Sales Training

  • Busy Work Challenge

  • Ick-free Sales membership

  • Special guest experts


Howdy, I'm Lindsay!

​Let me tell you my journey to flipping the table on traditional business support 

I started my business way back in 2013 after spending a lifetime raised by entrepreneurs and learning all the marketing & sales skills I could absorb while growing up.


My superpower is learning and embodying complex business strategies, breaking them down into simple, actionable, step-by-step lessons, and teaching them to entrepreneurs eager to implement cool new marketing & sales trends in their businesses.

I created my own ick-free marketing & sales system in my 20s in response to the general “sell at any cost” ickiness being taught by most trainers and have been teaching entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

But after 20+ years of teaching entrepreneurship, I started to notice the rising trend of generic online courses, group programs, and “build it and they will come” style of teaching that hyped new entrepreneurs up with big promises but never actually taught them real business skills they needed to grow.

So I flipped the table on what has become the standard of teaching entrepreneurs and started getting vocal about the importance of learning real business skills. 

If I give you a template to follow all you'll learn is how to replicate a template.


If I teach you real business skills you'll learn how to become an entrepreneur!

I want to put the power of entrepreneurship in your hands!

That’s why I created How to Entrepreneur...


A learning format that teaches you real skills, when you need them, at an unreal price point so you can make big things happen with your business

Let’s do this thing!

This is for you if...

  • You're sick of getting generic templates and conflicting advice and are ready to learn real business skills


  • You want to get laser-focused, make more money, and start making waves in your industry


  • You’re impatient, sick of feeling your way in the dark, and you want actionable strategies you can use right now


  • You’re overwhelmed AF, don’t know where to start, and just want someone to tell you what to do

  • You're ready to move beyond day-to-day operations in your business and dive into thought leadership

  • You’re a solopreneur craving a community of like-minded entrepreneurs running alongside you

  • You’re a lone wolf and being part of a community annoys the heck out of you

  • Joining us would be a financial hardship for you and your family (start with my $9 Ick-free Sales Membership first)

  • You don’t have a business or something to sell yet (actually, you could still totally join as a personal brand if you want to become a thought leader…)

  • You're not a fan of a casual learning environment, lots of laughing and a direct but cheeky entrepreneurship teacher who does most of the live Q&A sessions from their couch. 

You should probably not join if...

7-Day Money Back Guarantee


First and foremost we have a 7-day no-questions-asked refund policy. 

That being said, it’s super important to me that you don’t make an impulse buy or sign up for our community without thinking it through. I want you here because you trust me to guide you and you’re excited to get to work alongside the rest of the community.


Scroll down to the FAQ to read more about our refund policy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can’t afford it?
    You've got options! How to Entrepreneur is for entrepreneurs who are ready to go all-in on their business and are looking for someone to run alongside them over the next few years as they master the marketing & sales skills they need to succeed. It’s ok to not be ready. You do not need to go into debt or pressure yourself or your new business if the timing isn’t right. You can come back and join anytime you’re ready … we’ll be here! If you’re not ready for this level of support, focus, and speed of growth, I recommend starting with my $9 Ick-free Sales Membership You’ll get some great high-level support, a kickass community, and weekly sales scripts to help you start selling more (with less ick) so you can afford to come play with us in How to Entrepreneur when you're ready. Note: before you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a program, course, membership, coach, etc. come back and revisit this How to Entrepreneur. Skip all the piecemeal advice and spending thousands to learn each skill separately and in a bubble. The biggest benefit of joining How to Entrepreneur is that you’re not getting conflicting advice from 20 different sources or generic ChatGPT advice that isn't personalized for your business. Side note: All-in does not mean quitting your job before your business is ready … please don’t do that. Here’s a video on why
  • Why not just work with you 1-on-1?
    #1 Costs I charge $500 per hour for one-on-one sessions. Math is fun! Let’s get our phones out and do a little calculation… 19 hours per month x $500 hours = $9500 $9500 x 12 months = $103,000 To get the equivalent support one-on-one with me for one year would cost $103,000 And it would take way longer! Why? Time… #2 Time I’m only one person and am limited in how many one-on-one clients I can see in a month And YOU are also tight on time which means you need the freedom to put things on the back burner and focus on one or two things at a time. This means that we’re in a cycle of you waiting for me and me waiting for you… How to Entrepreneur is designed to be there when you need it so we can get you where you want to go faster and with less wasted time. Even better? Community… #3 Community If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African proverb Entrepreneurship is hard and lonely! It's not fun when you’re doing all the work by yourself! Having a community of like-minded, badass entrepreneurs means more collaboration, more support, more doors opened, more business exchanged, and way more fun! Even better, you have a community speaking the same language and rocking the same ethical marketing and sales strategies!
  • What if I'm already super busy?
    Then you probably really need to join! Are you busy with your life outside of your business? Well then we def need to get you working smarter not harder so you can accomplish a lot in small pockets of time Are you busy in your business but it's not growing? Let’s look at where you’re hemorrhaging time, money, and energy on stuff you can ditch or put on the back burner so you can work on the work that matters, start making money and seeing real growth Are you busy in your business, growing, and running out of capacity? Let’s get you outsourcing, hiring, scaling and out of the weeds of your business and into thought leadership All of the above? Oof! That’s exactly why How to Entrepreneur is meant for entrepreneurs who want to hang around and work with me for a few years … Because low on time means an urgent need to ditch busy work, laser focus on one or two things max, and use your time wisely to streamline your efforts and make money so you can hire support in life and biz. The best part is, you get to pick which sessions you come to based on what you need right now. There's no pressure to attend everything, in fact I recommend you don't!
  • Are the live Q&A sessions good quality?
    Ummm have we met? LOL Of course they're good! If you’ve been hanging around me for a while you know... I NEVER deliver fluff I NEVER give you generic “do what I did to get what I got” advice I NEVER teach you the “build it and they will come” method. We'll get into the heart of what you need, in real-time, and I'll give you practical, actionable steps you can take immediately. I am a regular teacher and trainer for organizations like The Forum, Startup Canada, Global Startups, Rise Helps, Futurpreneur, YELL, ELLA (Yspace), Vancouver Startup Week, and more. You can check out my juicy content on YouTube I created my own ick-free marketing & sales system in my early 20s and have been breaking down complex business skills into fast-acting, step-by-step strategies for new entrepreneurs for over 20 years! And we have a heck of a lot of fun at the same time. If we don't know each other yet and you're not entirely comfortable joining How to Entrepreneur I recommend... Following me on YouTube and attending my live Q&A sessions on the 3rd Friday of the month Consuming a bunch of my YouTube videos to get a feel for my teaching style Sign up for my Ick-free Sales Scripts and stay connected with me via email Join my $9 Ick-free Sales Membership Once you get to know me and feel comfortable with how I work, come join us in How to Entrepreneur!
  • How long do entrepreneurs work with you?
    Entrepreneurs who work with me for 3-5 years see the fastest growth from idea to scale. They also typically uncover what's not working and where things are out of alignment way faster then when they're trying to figure it out on their own so we can get it fixed and put them back on the right path. I'm also able to teach all of the ins and outs of various business skills you need in your first 5 years of business, not in piecemeal fashion, but right when you need them within a single, cohesive marketing and sales strategy. In your first 5 years of business SO MUCH changes and evolves and it is one helluva rollercoaster. Having access to consistent support from someone who knows your vision, shares your passion, and can guide you with personalized advice as you develop your own entrepreneurial mindset and skill set is huge. No one needs another 12-week group program with a rigid curriculum or a DIY course you don't really understand how to implement. You need personalized, long-term business advice right when you need it for as long as you need it!
  • What's included in How to Entrepreneur
    So much! 19 live Q&A sessions every month (There's no pressure to attend them all; choose which sessions apply to you right now) My signature Ick-free Sales Training My other signature Busy Work Challenge Back to Business 2024 workshop in September 2024 Year-end Debrief workshop in December Big Bold 2025 annual planning session in January (for 12-month plans) Free Ick-free Sales Membership Private Facebook Group for connection, collaborating, and getting support from the community Special Guest Experts for even more inspiration, motivation, and creative Q&A
  • Will I get customized support for my unique business?
    Yes! We're not about that generic “do what I did to get what I got” strategies here! I’m not giving you random, nonsensical ChatGPT advice. I’m going to get you think strategically about how to apply marketing and sales fundamentals to YOUR business and answer your specific questions for customized support And because it's in a group setting you get all the magic that comes from group discussions! The power of group learning is twofold... 1. Many entrepreneurs have the exact same questions so not everyone needs to ask. Once one person asks and I help them work through the solution in real-time you will most likely have your own customized answer too! If not, just ask! 2. The biggest barrier to getting the right help is that we often don't know what we don't know. Other entrepreneurs who are further along or have a different perspective will ask questions or share insights that would have never occurred to you. There is magic in group learning! Note: In our busier sessions we’ll have specialized TAs and breakout rooms to make sure you get the support you need
  • Do I have to watch a bunch of pre-recorded videos?
    Oh gawd no! There are two mini courses I want you to complete, my Ick-free Sales Training and the Busy Work Challenge. Together these two should take you less than 2 hours. This will get you on the same page as the rest of the crew and get us speaking the same language. It will also help you eliminate 80% of your to-do list (it’s mostly busy work), get focused on your business’s most urgent need, and which marketing and sales strategies you need to prioritize. Otherwise, everything is live! Our live sessions are Q&A style. I won’t be teaching a set curriculum. Instead I’ll be answering your pressing questions and get you going in the right direction.
  • Is there community support in between sessions?
    Yes! We have a Facebook group where you can connect with other members, share resources, ask for help when you get stuck, and explore fun collaborations together! Hate Facebook groups? Don’t worry about it! You don’t have to show up. Love Facebook groups? Get your butt in here and let’s play!
  • Can I watch replays?
    Yes! Our live Q&A sessions are recorded and will be available for 1 month. The replays will include timestamps so you can go straight to the question you want to watch. Bonus workshops and special guest expert sessions will be available forever (or for as long as I'm around)
  • What is the refund policy?
    7 days, no questions asked! But before you rush to sign up, let's talk about it... It’s super important to me that you don’t make an impulse buy and sign up for our community without thinking it through. I want you here because you trust me to guide you and you’re excited get to work alongside the rest of the community. Take a day or two to let it bounce before signing up. Consume some of my YouTube content to get a feel for my vibe. Start with my $9 Ick-free Sales Membership and get to know the community and marketing and sales strategies. When you’re ready, get your butt in here and let’s get to work! That being said, if you sign up and you realize you made a huge mistake, you have 7 days from the date of your purchase to request a no-questions-asked refund. With a click of a button I’ll refund your money and remove you from the email list and all the sessions you've registered for. You're welcome back again anytime! Note: Refunds are only offered one time. If you get a refund and then register again later the 7-day refund policy no longer applies and all sales will be final.
  • I have more questions...
    Email and we’ll get you sorted

Ready to put the power of your business back in your hands?

Join How to Entrepreneur and let's make business magic together!

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