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You've just uncovered my Super Secret Mastermind!

The mastermind is for entrepreneurs who are past their hot mess era, ready to run towards their big, bold business goals together with a small group of badass entrepreneurs, want to get more visible and want to make their mark in the world through thought leadership.

The mastermind might be for you if...


  • You're out of your Hot Mess Era, your business ducks are all in a row and you're ready to lean in to your top sellers and grow quickly


  • You want to get laser-focused, make more money, and start making waves in your industry


  • You’re impatient, sick of feeling your way in the dark, and you want actionable strategies you can use right now


  • You’re feeling lonely, overwhelmed, or uninspired and want a community to push you to think bigger and take bolder action


  • You're ready to move beyond day-to-day operations in your business and dive into thought leadership and visibility

If that's you it might be time to join the mastermind! 

We only have 20 members at a time, we get up close and personal with each other's businesses and support each other in thinking bigger and taking big swings.

Are YOU ready to level up and make big things happen in your business?

Not ready for the mastermind but want to work with me to get your business ducks in a row so you can get OUT of your hot mess era? 

Explore my one-on-one packages here!

Pssst! I can get most people out of their hot mess era with a single Map It Out day.

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