Work Less Play More Podcast with Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector. Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle as a Freelancer with Sam Laliberte.

Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle as a Freelancer

If the 40-hour workweek stuck sitting in an office makes you break out in hives the digital nomad lifestyle of a freelancer might be right for YOU!

Episode 22 with Sam Laliberte, Freedom Lifestyle Podcast

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Something about the 40-hour workweek with someone looking over Sam’s shoulder and micromanaging the way she spent her time and controlling the choices in her life never sat well for her. Turning her skills and passions into a freelancing career and becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur soon allowed Sam to live by what she valued most, the freedom lifestyle that came with being a digital nomad and the freedom to choose.

Listen in as Sam and I dive into all things freedom lifestyle, including

  • Is freelancing the way to create a positive workplace while also living the digital nomad lifestyle?
  • The difference between freelancing and a lifestyle entrepreneur
  • What does it mean to be a digital nomad beyond the freedom to live and work around the world?
  • Surprise perks to having total freedom over your schedule when it comes to adulting
  • How Covid work from home has given us a taste of the freedom lifestyle and led to the great resignation of 2022
  • Sam’s Feels Good or Feels Bad exercise to help you get clear on how to live a more positive and intentional life

"My freedom philosophy is having the flexibility to create my own day. I realized there's cool sh!t I want to do and I value the flexibility to CHOOSE each day.- Sam Laliberte


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