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Lindsay Johnson | The Radical Connector

How to Pivot Your Service-based Business Online


What Do We Need to Know About Pivoting Online?

There is as big difference between having a business online … and an online business.

As you begin to rethink how you work with your clients and connect with them online there are 3 main areas to look at as you pivot online, your: market, offerings, and message!

You may have noticed that your market has gotten smaller … or expanded in new ways.

Perhaps your offerings are no longer relevant and you need to creating something new to address the current needs of your clients.

The only change you may need to make is your messaging and how you connect with your ideal clients online.

Take a moment to rethink how you position yourself and connect with your market online right now…and remember that it’s ok to change directions if this pandemic has inspired a shift in priorities and purpose in your work.

"Three immediate areas to pivot are your market, offerings, and messaging. But first, reflect on where your purpose may have shifted in those three areas. It's ok to look at your business differently right now."

- Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector

What is the most common mistake brands make pivoting their business?

The two biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making right now are either sticking their heads in the sand about the rapidly changing needs of their market or getting stuck in fear and pivoting in a reactionary way.

It's important to pause and connect to what's important to you right now.

What do your clients need, sure, but also, what problems are you feeling called to address right now?

Don't react ... pause and pivot with intention.

What mindset shifts will prevent this mistake?

The most important mindset you can have right now is to remember that although you are pivoting due to a current crisis or new opportunity, you also have the potential to create an online business model that will carry your business into the future and open doors to unexpected growth and prosperity for years to come.

Let go of what you thought your business had to look like.

Open up to a world of endless possibilities that you get to now co-create with an entire world of pivotors!


What is the most important first step entrepreneurs can take?

Get crystal clear on what you want the future of your business to look like.

If trying to forecast into the future is impossible for you right now, start with:

  • The problems you want to solve right now
  • Who the people are with those problems
  • How can you solve those problems
  • What can you do online to connect with these people

Find the balance between your purpose and the problem that needs solving ... and think strategically!

"Self-doubt is an opprotunity to let go of old beliefs and step into big, bold leadership. There's plenty of room for your voice online ... use it!"

- Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector

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