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Dates: October 17, November 14, December 12

(A 3-month subscription is required to access all Video Funnels)


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🚀 Turbocharge Your Sales with Video Funnels!

Boost your sales conversions by up to 80% in our 6-week accelerator.

Join the Get Ish Done Club from October to December and get step-by-step guidance on building your own custom video funnels and putting them to work for you!

Here's What You're Going to Do ...

Choose 3 Video Marketing Strategies

Each month we'll focus on a different type of video funnel sequence and YOU'LL choose a specific and strategic funnel to create!

Choose from the following video marketing strategies...


October 17: How to Use Video on Your Sales Funnels & Client Onboarding Experience

How can you use video to make it easy for your future customers to find you and work with you while delivering a wow-factor experience?

  1. Lead Magnet and List-building video funnels for automated sales
  2. Email & Video Nurture Sequence to pre-warm leads before sales calls
  3. Video Onboarding Sequence for higher retention, repeat sales, and more referrals from new clients and members
November 14: How to Create High-Converting List-Building Funnels with Social Media and YouTube

How does your content marketing incorporate video to build brand awareness and get the right people on your email list?

  1. TikTok and Instagram Reels list-building and sales funnels
  2. YouTube and Podcast list-building and sales funnels 
  3. Email Marketing videos for more sales within your email list
December 12: How to 10x Your Sales with Videos on Your Website

How can you include video on your website to build the know-like-trust factor and increase your sales conversions?

  1. Sales Page videos for higher conversion rates
  2. Video Testimonials that showcase your client's transformations and how YOU got them there
  3. Explainer and About Me Videos for your website and on social media
  4. FAQ Videos for your website, on social, or to send directly to potential customers

Build Sales Funnels Around Your Videos!

👍 Get support, guidance, and step-by-step roadmaps from Lindsay to follow as you implement your video funnels inside the Get Ish Done Club

👍 Ditch loneliness, overwhelm, and overthinking with our community online, including a private member area, 5+ live sessions on Zoom ever month!

(You're never alone and left feeling your way in the dark)

👍 Automate the heck out of your video funnels so they are working FOR YOU behind the scenes when you're sleeping, playing, or doing more brilliant work.

Get Clients and Make Money!

🔥 By the end of 2023 your video funnels will be up and running ... converting more customers and getting more money flowing into your business for all the brilliance you do!

🔥 Your business will get a serious boost, blowing your future clients away with your professionalism, brilliance, and bold brand presence online!


 Check out the video below with 3 Video Funnels I use ALL THE TIME! 👇


Ready to Make More Money and Create a Wow-Factor Brand Online?!


Join Lights. Camera. Clients!

Tough Love Time! Saying It Is No Longer Enough. You Need to Show it With Video!


When it comes to engaging marketing that actually makes your future customers perk up and notice you ... Video is the supreme burrito! 🌯

There's no denying if you're not using video in your business you will soon be invisible to the people who need you most. Ummmm no thanks.

You know you need to incorporate more video in your business. 

I know you need to incorporate more video in your business. 

And yet ....

  • You're busy af and don't want to add any more to your plate
  • Thinking of the tech, strategy, and logistics of it all overwhelms the heck out of you
  • You have so many ideas you don't know where to start ... or even how to prioritize!
  • You're feeling insecure about putting yourself out there in a bigger way and impostor syndrome is whispering in your ear, "Who do you think you are?" 
  • You might even be neurodivergent like me (hello ADHD buds) and your executive dysfunction is keeping you stuck in overthinking and inaction (ugh!)


You Need a Video Marketing Nerd to Give You Structure, Strategy, and a Gentle Nudge to Put Yourself and Your Brand Out There with Video

(Hint: It's me, Lindsay! I'm the video marketing nerd who's going to nudge you out of your comfort zone while showing you WHAT video funnels to create and HOW to get more sales and make more money with those videos!)

Sarah Taylor's Story!

Hear how Sarah went from overthinking and stuck in a whirlwind of excuses to a clear, step-by-step path forward with the structure and support she needed to finally get her YouTube channel relaunched!


What If Video Marketing Could Be Easy, Automated & Sustainable?


Over the next 3 months together in LIGHTS. CAMERA. CLIENTS! I'm going to show you the fastest, easiest, most sustainable way to incorporate video into your business. 

Whether you have 15 minutes or 15 hours per week (ok, you won't need 15 hours that's way too much) you're going to discover how fun, engaging, and high-converting video really can be! 

You can use videos on your ...

  • Sales pages & list-building funnels
  • Client journey & onboarding process
  • Email marketing
  • SEO content marketing like YouTube and Podcasts (and it's seriously not that complicated!)
  • Social media marketing like Reels and TikToks
  • Customer testimonials

... and so much more!


I'm going to open your mind to a whole new world of sales funnels, automations, and high-converting video marketing content!



80% More Sales with Video Funnels in 3 Easy Steps!

Pick Your Top 3 Video Funnels

Choose your top 3 video marketing funnels and we'll map out your step-by-step roadmap together. I'll help you choose which video funnels to focus on first based on your business goals and sales flows.

Build Your Automated Video Funnels

Each month we'll make sure your video marketing funnels are STRATEGIC (high-impact, high-converting videos your audience wants!) AUTOMATED (they'll be working hard for you behind the scenes) and set up for HECK YAH SALES!

Put Your Videos to Work for More Moola!

By the end of the year you'll have fully functional, automated video funnels working for you around the clock, so you don't have to! 



with a 3 month subsciption!

  • 3 Live Group Coaching Sessions to fully flesh out your ideas and map out a strategy and action plan to actually make them happen!
  • 9 Live Coworking & Content Batching Sessions on Zoom where accountability turns into a productivity party with our private community!
  • Private Members Area just for us to ask questions in between sessions, get feedback on your work, share resources, and network with other members
  • Lindsay's Famous Frameworks to ensure you're not just creating video for the sake of it, but actually thinking strategically about what you're creating so that it engages your audience and converts more sales!
  • Badass Community of Radical Rule Breakers turning video marketing into their superpower right along with you!
  • Bonus: Get a 3-month membership inside the Get Ish Done Club including...
    • 👉 4-hour Drop-in Q&A on the first Tuesday of the month
    • 👉 Monthly Goal Setting and Action Planning on the last Tuesday of the month
    • 👉 More resources, templates, and live coaching replays than you can shake a stick at!

🚀 Live Group Coaching will be from 10:00 - 11:30 am PST on October 17, November 21, and December 19


Hey, I'm Lindsay!

aka Your Radical Video Marketing Nerd who's going to guide you through the next 3 months of video marketing badassery!


I've been teaching entrepreneurship, including consent-based marketing and sales, for over 20 years. The rise of digital marketing has been a thrilling adventure to take myself and my business community on, especially as video has taken the world by storm. 

There's never been a better time to start a business nor an easier era to market and sell your brilliance to the folks who need what you've got and are searching for you online right now, money in hand, as you read this!

My specialty is taking the overthinking out of marketing. I love breaking down the complexity of marketing strategies and sales funnels into step-by-step roadmaps that get you into fearless action so that your future customers can find you, buy from you, and be changed by you.

Need More Convincing on Why You Need to Start Taking Video Seriously in Your Business ...

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube and More!

✅ Social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined

✅ 80% of consumers prefer watching live videos from a brand than reading a blog post

✅ Over 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices and will binge your content if it's speaking to their problems or needs

Lead Magnets & Sales Funnels!

 Including videos on landing pages can boost conversion rates by up to 80%

✅ 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it 

✅ Using the word "video" in email subject lines can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%

Wow-Factor Customer Journey!

Video onboarding can lead to higher engagement during the onboarding process  and clients are more likely to stay with a company for an extended period

✅  Effective onboarding with video content can help reduce customer churn rates by ensuring that clients have a positive initial experience and stick around for years

✅  Incorporating customer testimonials into videos can build trust and encourage repeat business


Master the Power of Video Funnels

Engage, Impress, Convert!


Your customers are out there and they want what you've got but they can't get it if they don't know you exist!

Step into the spotlight with LIGHTS. CAMERA. CLIENTS! and unlock the power of video in your business.

If you're ready to conquer your video marketing anxiety, boost your sales by up to 80%, and skyrocket your brand's visibility and star power you're going to love the heck out of this accelerator!

I'll see you in there ... now go get registered!