Academy Doors Close September 30th

A simpler way to attract new clients ... fast!

Are you working your butt off and not seeing the growth you KNOW is possible?

Let’s Start with YOU!

You’ve got a new business that is less than five years old and you’ve got a pretty good idea what you should be doing to get more customers ... but nothing seems to be working and you're just not growing fast enough. You might even be starting to feel defeated and questioning whether or not you're cut out for entrepreneurship ...

Am I right?


What if I Told You the Problem isn’t You or How Hard You’re Working . . .

The real problem is that you've never built a business before ... you just need to learn a handful of essential business skills to get clients and grow your business quickly and easily.


Common symptoms to the real problem:

😫 Sales trickle in here and there but are not consistent

😫 You are networking on and offline with So Many People but it's not helping your business grow

😫 You've started to build a Facebook group but no one is engaging or buying from you

😫 You’re creating content and public speaking on and offline but it doesn’t result in sales

😫 Your lead magnet isn't working and your email list isn't growing

😫 You're so busy working in your business, you have no time left to work on your business

😫 You are exhausted or constantly burning-out​ but not seeing wow-factor results

😫 You’re feeling isolated, alone, and in desperate need of support, expert guidance, and business friends for bouncing around ideas


Yes, You ARE Cut Out for Entrepreneurship!

You KNOW you’ve got something special … your purpose is becoming clear, and you’re ready to jump from side-hustle to successful business owner

You're ready to learn the business skills to grow a profitable business doing what you love with your perfect customers.

Get Clients

I wish I had joined the Academy a year ago when I first started my business instead of sitting waiting for clients to show up.

- Holly Middleton

Learn Skills

I learned so much about starting a business, and more importantly, realized there is so much more for me to learn.

- Jun Wu

Group Support

Group learning with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and niches helped me approach my own struggles differently.

- Cassandra Rudolph

Let's Talk About the Academy!

The Academy simplifies the business building process into clear, tactical and practical steps.

Let's keep it real, do you want to spend your time learning theories, complex lessons, and confusing information that won’t actually help you make money right now?

Heck no. You've got a world to change, not time to waste.

Great news! You don't need an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur  … you need a handful of basic business skills, a strategic action plan, and a clear path to follow.


Super Simple Business Skills that Work

The Academy helps you skip the overwhelm and get right to the heart of how to:

😍 Monetize your magic and brilliance
😍 Streamline and simplify your offerings
😍 Connect and sell to your perfect potential clients with feel-good marketing and sales strategies
😍 Grow your list and your online reputation
😍 Structure your days, weeks, months and beyond so that you’re doing the work that matters


Oh, and I’m going to show you how to do all of this on a budget … because you also don’t need to spend a ton of money to hit your first $100,000 year.


I want to get you to your wildest entrepreneurial dreams as quickly, easily, and joyfully as possible.

Let's Talk About the Community!

Ooooh baby. Entrepreneurship can be a long, lonely, overwhelming journey … but you don't have to do it alone.

The Academy can teach you all the business skills you'll ever need. But if you're working alone behind a computer, drowning in overwhelm, impostor syndrome running amok, feeling your way through the dark, inspiration running dry ... dayum!

Business skills alone won't help you overcome the not-often-talked-about loneliness and isolation that accompanies entrepreneurship.

You need a community of entrepreneurs who get it. People who are travelling the same journey and speaking the same entrepreneurial language. Business BFF's who will have your back.


Group Coaching Turns Building a Business into a Party

Until you're part of the Academy Crew it can be hard to distill the magic that happens in our group coaching sessions ... but I'm going to try.

Here's what you can expect:

✨ Support (like, lots of support)

✨ Lots of Laughs

✨ Occasional tears (entrepreneurship gets hard, y'all!) 

✨ New friends

✨ Collaborations and new business

✨ Personalized answers to your business questions

✨ Different perspectives and brainstorming fresh idea

✨ Breakthroughs and personal growth

✨Can I say Support 5 more times?

✨ A fan-flipping-tastic journey filled with connection, joy, and so much laughter


The Academy classes will teach you how to build your business.

The Academy community will connect you to the heart of entrepreneurship.

Business Skills & Support

As an entrepreneur who has always struggled with "sales" Lindsay has helped me embrace business development while staying true to my values and personality. Once Lindsay gets in your corner, she becomes your champion, your coach, your friend! 

- Belinda Clemmensen

Results From Day One

From the very first live group call Lindsay (gently) pointed out how I was caught up in old beliefs around how I labelled my work. It was an instant shift and helped me confidently connect to what the heck I actually do ... and tell others in a clear way!

- Megan te Boekhorst

A Community I Can Lean On

​​Half way through my time in the Academy life threw my a few curve balls and I was feeling pretty defeated. Coming on the live group calls got me through it and Lindsay's constant support and gentle nudging helped me get back on track when I was ready!

- Tamara Mainardi

Hi, I’m Lindsay,

aka The Radical Connector. I’m utterly obsessed with simplifying the business building process into super simple steps and easy to implement strategies so that anyone can make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

I’ve been perfecting the art of attraction-based sales and marketing strategies for 18+ years. I nerd-out to showing entrepreneurs like you the small tweaks you can make to the brilliant work you’re already doing that will draw your perfect customers and magical opportunities to you.

That’s right … no more chasing, convincing, or icky sales tactics. You’re going to learn all my favourite feel-good business skills and create a brand people can’t stop talking about.

Here's What You Get in the Academy

The Academy brings together the magic of group learning, self-guided modules (go at your own pace), and the support and guidance of a business strategist who’s been breaking down complex business skills into easy, tactical and practical approaches for over 18 years.


Ooh baby, we’re going to have some fun! Here’s what to expect in our time together:

🍍 Class runs from September 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021

🍍 Bi-weekly group coaching on Zoom with Lindsay and a SMALL group of entrepreneurs (you won’t get lost in a sea of faces on our live Zoom sessions)

🍍 We meet at 3pm PST / 6pm EST on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

🍍 11 self-guided modules with worksheets and in-real-life challenges

🍍 Facebook group just for us for questions, feedback on your work, and a community who will be quick to support you with whatever you need.

🍍 50% off 1-hour strategy sessions with Lindsay (for when you need some one-on-one time to work out the tough stuff)

🍍 Access to archived classes from previous groups (for when you want to throw on an old class while doing laundry or cooking dinner and absorb even more practical advice and tips)


I'm in! Let me at that sign up page!

Take a Peek Inside the Modules...

OMG, Lindsay, I want in!

How much does the Academy cost?


$2500 CDN

or 4 payments of $675


I’m going to sweeten the deal even more!

When you register you'll get access to our Online Social Summit. Learn from the best in the digital marketing world. You'll get access to 11 workshops with online business experts on topics like SEO, list-building, sales funnels, click-worthy content and more.

$197 FREE


Join the Academy!

For the First Time Ever ... Doors are Closing!

Wait ... what??

That's right. If joining the Academy Crew has been on your bucket-list, now's the time!

Doors will be closed to new students after September 30th









Picture Yourself a Few Months From Now . . .


😊 Working way less and earning waaay more

😊 Doing the right activities to grow your business with zero confusion and overwhelm

😊 Rocking an irresistible sales system that converts new clients easily and in a way that feels good for both of you

😊 Generating leads, opportunities, and sales through public speaking, networking, and community building

😊 Utilizing the right tools, strategies and action plan to grow YOUR business quickly and easily

😊 Discovering unshakable confidence and belief in yourself, your vision, and your ability to make it happen!


Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy is for you if you already have a business and want to:


πŸš€ Go from side-hustle to full-time business badass

πŸš€ Pivot or evolve your established business to the next level … fast

πŸš€ Have a personal cheer squad of new business bff’s running along side you as you take you next big leap

πŸš€ Master the art of feel-good marketing, sales, and list-building strategies that won’t cost you a dime

πŸš€ Skyrocket your online reputation, expert status, and audience

 πŸš€ Have a ridiculously fun time growing your business, your mindset, and your bank account with some seriously cool entrepreneurs by your side

I'm Ready ... Sign Me Up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Genuine and Direct

Since our very first conversation I felt a connection with Lindsay - she was and remains candid, inquisitive and genuinely invested in my success. Lindsay brings me fresh new takes when I'm stuck in a rut, gets me out of my comfort zone to take things to the next level and helps me prioritize when I'm overwhelmed

- Sonia Dong

Faster Together

​​It may sound cliche but I honestly can't even imagine where my business would be without The Radical Connector's coaching and guidance. I'd probably have given up or be on my way to another long and arduous journey of trial and error on my own.

- Ashe Woodward

Focus and Clarity

Lindsay's ability to keep me focused on the goal and clear on the right actions to take were a life saver. Talk about overwhelm ... so many ideas. To this day I hear Lindsay's voice in my head, "Justine is this busy-work or RGA's?"

- Justine Hwang

I Can't Wait to Grow With You! 

The next step is up to you. What do YOU want to do next?


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