Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy

The Only 12-month Co-working & Coaching Community for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get Sh!t Done and Go Play

Whether you're in the Idea, Growth, or Scale stage ... we've got the roadmap to take you all the way to your wildest dreams!

Join the Academy Crew!

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy

The Only 12-month Co-working & Coaching Community for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get Sh!t Done then Get Back to Having a Life!

Whether you're in the Idea, Growth, or Scale stage ... we've got weekly coaching, co-working, and a clear roadmap to take you all the way to your wildest dreams!

Join the Academy Crew!

Our community is for entrepreneurs who want to ditch the busy work and focus on the activities that will get you there quickly ... and with way less work!

Let's Play Two Truths and a Lie: Entrepreneurship Edition!

  1. Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for ditching the 9-5 hustle you hate and putting you in the driver's seat of YOUR life. True.

  2. If you have skills, experience or expertise that people want you can monetize that ish and start your own business. Also true.

  3. Starting a business is expensive, complicated, and will take over my life. Nope, wrong, lie!

The truth is it's never been easier or as financially accessible to start a business based on your zone of genius (thank you internet and social media!) 

And when you view entrepreneurship as a tool to create the life you WANT everything changes. 

πŸ˜… But, ooh baby, if building a profitable business is new to you, you're gonna need to learn super important skills so you can actually get customers and make money in order to do all the cool stuff you want to do!


The Academy is where entrepreneurs learn those business skills and get ALL the support they need to turn their brilliant ideas into a profitable business!


Let me guess, you've been working your buns off ...

  • Creating oodles of TikToks, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook posts but your sales are barely trickling in
  • Pumping out blogs, YouTube videos, or podcasts PLUS public speaking all over social media with no consistent engagement
  • Creating lead magnet after lead magnet that doesn't work to grow your email list or get customers
  • Engaging with your target market on social media but nobody seems to care
  • Taking course after course hoping each one will have the answer to fast and easy growth ... but they never do
  • Working behind the scenes on so your sales funnels, opt-ins, and course launches so much that your brain becomes mush
  • Constantly burning out​ with all this work but not making the money you KNOW is possible
  • Feeling isolated, alone, and in desperate need of support, expert guidance, and business friends for bouncing around ideas
  • Trying to scale to the next level by you're drowning in overwhelm and impostor syndrome

 You're doing all the things you're being told to do but nothing's working!


You're not alone! 



If you're working your buns off and not making money it's probably because you've been taught to focus on busy work and not the actual activities that will grow your business ...

I'm talking about Revenue Generating Activities, baby!



Whether your business is in the Idea, Growth, or Scale stage, the Academy is the only 12-month co-working & coaching community with:

  • Weekly group business coaching for every stage of business, idea, growth, and scale

  • One week every month dedicated to digital marketing including sales funnels and content marketing for entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses online

  • Annual goal setting, quarterly milestone tracking, and monthly action planning to keep you on track to your big, bold, business goals

  • Content batching co-working days for getting ish done

  • REAL attraction-based marketing and sales skills, including templates and practical strategies so you can turn strangers into happy, paying customers in a way that feels good

  • A community of future biz besties (seriously, you're going to make lifetime business friends here)

  • A clear action plan & roadmap to follow every month so you can make lots of money, ditch your desk, and go do cool sh!t!


Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy is a Community with Real Business Skills and a Clear Path to Follow from Idea to Scale













Get Clients

I wish I had joined the Academy a year ago when I first started my business instead of sitting waiting for clients to show up.

- Holly Middleton

Focus and Clarity

Lindsay's ability to keep me focused on the goal and clear on the right actions to take were a life saver. Talk about overwhelm ... so many ideas. To this day I hear Lindsay's voice in my head, "Justine is this busy-work or RGA's?"

- Justine Hwang

Group Support

Group learning with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and niches helped me approach my own struggles differently.

- Cassandra Rudolph

I've been NERDING OUT to teaching new (and secretly lost) entrepreneurs how to start, grow, and scale a business based on their unique skills, experience and expertise for 20 years!

Even better, I show you how to leverage digital marketing and sales funnels so you can work less, play more, and make lots of moola.

Let me tell you, social media and content marketing have made it EASIER and FASTER for new entrepreneurs to start a business, make lots of money, and go do all the cool stuff they've always wanted to do. 

But ... Real Talk: Having a brilliant idea doesn't mean a dang thing if you don't learn the business skills you need to get customers and make money.

It's also a heck of a lot harder when you're trying to figure it all out on your own!

You Deserve to Have the Life of Your Wildest Dreams!

Join our co-working & coaching community and let's work together to get your business off the ground and make oodles of money so you can do all the brilliant things you want to do!

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy Will Help You: 


1. Start Your Business

The 4-step Easier Entrepreneurship System helps you map out your business ideas and package your brilliance into irresistible offerings

2. Learn Real Marketing & Sales Skills

Dive into my 4 Fast and Free Revenue Generating Activities and discover how a little of the RIGHT work goes a long way.

3. Map Out Your Monthly Action Plans

Use the Radical Roadmap to set annual goals and reverse engineer your monthly action plans, including your content strategy and burn-out prevention

4. Grow Your Email List & Socials

Access templates and tutorials and use proven digital marketing strategies to create engaging content that doesn't get ignored

5. Content Marketing & Sales Funnels

Create funnels, automations, and content with coaching support to free up your time. Let the internet do 90% of the selling for you.

6. Scale Your Business

When you're ready you'll join the Lazy Scalers Club to automate, outsource and hire a team to help you amplify your brand so you can ditch your screen and go play!

The Academy Has Literally Everything You Need to Go from Idea to Scale including Weekly Group Coaching














Business Skills & Support

As an entrepreneur who has always struggled with "sales" Lindsay has helped me embrace business development while staying true to my values and personality. Once Lindsay gets in your corner, she becomes your champion, your coach, your friend! 

- Belinda Clemmensen

Results From Day One

From the very first live group call Lindsay (gently) pointed out how I was caught up in old beliefs around how I labelled my work. It was an instant shift and helped me confidently connect to what the heck I actually do ... and tell others in a clear way!

- Megan te Boekhorst

A Community I Can Lean On

​​Halfway through my time in the Academy life threw me a few curve balls and I was feeling pretty defeated. Coming on the live group calls got me through it and Lindsay's constant support and gentle nudging helped me get back on track when I was ready!

- Tamara Mainardi

What it Looks Like Inside the Academy

1. Group Coaching EVERY TUESDAY on Zoom

Idea, Growth or Scale! No matter what stage of business you're in we've got business coaching sessions to support you every dang week.

You want oodles of support as you grow? You've got it!

Check out what's included each week in our group coaching sessions πŸ‘‡



2. Co-working & Content Batching Days on Zoom

Never feel the overwhelm or lack of creativity that comes from being stuck behind your computer working alone again!

Join us on Zoom for co-working days where you'll get TONS of ish done alongside your new biz besties. You'll also be able to network in the networking break-out room and pick the brains of our in-house experts on topics like TikTok and Reels, SEO-focused content, YouTube, Podcasts, Tech and more. 

PS: You can apply to be an Academy Ambassador after your first year in the Academy. As an Ambassador you'll be able to host your own co-working days as an in-house expert!


3. Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Goal Setting & Tracking Together on Zoom!

There's what you plan every January ... and then there's what actually happens throughout the year.

Let's keep it real, the first few years of building a business are kind of a mess. You're going to be doing a heck of a lot of guessing and experimenting as you figure out what works and what doesn't. We'll meet regularly to work through the Radical Roadmap (our 12-month business planner) to ensure you are learning, adapting, and moving in the right direction all year long! 

The Roadmap also includes monthly action plans, weekly to-do lists and activity trackers, and a content planner so you're staying on track with those sexy RGAs ... Revenue Generating Activities

More about the Radical Roadmap below πŸ‘‡



4. Learn REAL Business Skills for Getting Customers and Making Money

You're going to ditch the "build it and they will come" myth and learn actual marketing and sales skills for business growth

You're not going to be left guessing on how to implement big ideas or be told you simply have to manifest customers by closing your eyes and envisioning them coming to you! (I'm not against visualizing what you want. You should see my vision board! I AM against being told that's ALL you have to do to be successful)

I'm going to teach you my proven system for fast and easy growth with my 4 Fast & Free Revenue Generating Activities. 

Side note: They're not hard and they're not complex but they can be scary! I'm going to be getting you into big action by putting yourself out there. While it can be intimidating at first, with guidance and support, you're going to be a natural at putting yourself out there in no time!

To paraphrase Lady Gaga, you can do hard things!

5. Build Genuine Friendships with Academy Members

One of the MOST important things you need to do as a new entrepreneur is build a network of Business BFFs

Entrepreneurship can get lonely quickly! Especially if you don't have a lot of business friends. Inside the community, you will make lifelong business friends. You'll meet for your own co-working days, collaborate, cheer each other on, talk each other back from the impostor syndrome ledge, refer clients to each other, hang out offline, and even travel together. 

Ask any active Academy member and they will tell you the friendships they've made have been an important part of their entrepreneurial journey!


6: Accountability and Action Plans to Keep You Working Less & Playing More

It's not about working harder, it's about working smarter!

Remember, at the centre of all that we do in the Academy, it's about using entrepreneurship as a tool to create the life of your wildest dreams. We're going to keep you focused on doing the work that matters and ditching what you just don't need to do. 

Our goal is to have you focus on 5-10 hours of Revenue Generating Activities per week so you can spend the rest of your time doing whatever the heck you want!

teaching goodies apart of the irresistible entrepreneurship academy

What You'll Get in the Academy

Irresistible Entrepreneurs Academy is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to belong to a crew of fellow badass biz owners to get their business off the ground, figure out their best seller, scale that ish and then go have a kickass life!

Inside the system you'll find:

⭐ The Easier Entrepreneurship System, my signature 4-step formula for launching your business and getting your first happy, paying customers

⭐ Super simple templates and guides to get your lead magnet, email marketing, launch plan, and sales funnels up and running

⭐ Radical Roadmap to help you reverse engineer your big, bold goals into small, actionable steps all month long

⭐ Weekly business coaching on Zoom for each stage of business, idea, growth and scale

⭐ Dedicated week of coaching  for digital marketing strategies every month

⭐  Co-working & content batching days on Zoom

⭐ Access to the Lazy Scalers Club (when you're at the scale stage) including the 10K Vacay Challenge

⭐ Private Facebook group to get feedback on your work, ask questions, connect and collaborate with other members, and get updates & reminders!

⭐ Optional one-on-one strategy sessions with Lindsay (only available to Academy members; extra charges will apply)

⭐  New business BFFs (it's like going to summer camp with like-minded people all year long!)

Join the ONLY 12-month Community that Combines Weekly Coaching & Co-working to Get You from Idea to Scale with Less Work and More Play! 












business entrepreneur coach 30 day money back gurantee

30-Day Money-Back "Confident Entrepreneur Promise" Guarantee

Worried you'll be throwing your money away on another online program that doesn't work for you?

While I can't promise you'll hit six figures in your first 30 days in the Academy, I can promise that you're going to feel supported, clear, and confident that the Academy can teach you the skills to get there a heck of a lot quicker.

My 30-day Confident Entrepreneur Promise guarantee gives you 30 days to work through the first month of the Academy content, attend our Co-Working & Coaching sessions, and apply what you've learned. If at the end of those 30 days, you don't feel confident about the skills you're learning, the support and guidance you'll receive in the Academy, and how to apply what you're learning into a simple and clear action plan, you'll get your money back. Deal?

For more details click here.

Common Questions You're Probably Asking Yourself Right Now

entrepreneur that is happy with his freedom

We turn building a business into a party!

Irresitible Entrepreneurs Academy is ALL YOU NEED to start your business and go from growth to scale fast AF

If you're ready to put in the work to learn the business skills you need for rapid growth while playing with a community of inspiring and brilliant entrepreneurs join us and let's get started!

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