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Stop Building Your Business on Autopilot!

Take Big Swings and Hit Your Goals 🚀

Entrepreneurship is a Lot More Fun (and Profitable!) When We're Working Towards Our Goals Together!​

The Get Ish Done Club is a monthly membership for entrepreneurs who want to ...

  • Stop farting around on busy work that doesn't work

  • Learn real marketing & sales skills and strategies that bring in customers so you can make excellent money and open doors to incredible opportunities

  • Follow my Work Less Play More System and learn how to use your business as a tool to create the life of your wildest dreams ... not lose all your time, money, and energy working all the dang time!

  • Grow with a community of badass entrepreneurs for fab new connections, collaborations, and referrals

  • Set big, bold business goals, map out a personalized marketing & sales strategy, and follow a clear action plan every single month with support every step of the way

  • Start, grow, or scale a business without burning out and constantly guessing what the heck to do every dang day

You deserve a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who speak the same language, share similar goals, and experience the same challenges running right alongside you!



Let's Get Tuned into Your Business Goals, Strategies, and Action Plans Every Month!


It's time to stop building on autopilot, saying YES to every opportunity that comes your way, and barreling ahead on the latest shiny trend. You've gotta hit pause and THINK STRATEGICALLY about your ...


  • Business's most urgent needs (hint: it's almost always customers!)

  • Your personal life and energy level for the month ahead so you don't burn out in your business

  • Current programs, products, services or events you're focused on promoting

  • Cohesive marketing and sales action plan that you'll follow all month long

Building a Thriving Business Takes Years (Not Months!) and a Whole Lot of Intention


There's a lot of trial and error as you figure out what works (and what doesn't)


You need to get really good at a bunch of different business skills (until you're making enough money to hire others to do things for you!)

You're going to experience a lot of ups and downs, wins and losses


And, whew baby ...


You're going to experience impostor syndrome and probably think about giving up from time to time (before remembering why the heck you're building your business in the first place and get yourself back on track!)

You deserve to stop viewing your business in months - start viewing it in years - and give yourself the space, skills, and support to build something INCREDIBLE!



A Radical Approach to Business Growth Based on Ditching Hierarchy and Co-creating Community Magic!

In the club you will benefit from an eclectic group of entrepreneurs with diverse business models, lived experiences, skills, and questions that we all bring to the community.

Ethical Business Practices Are At Our Core


The heart of our community is based on anti-capitalist principles and intersectional feminism.


We are not human batteries designed to drain ourselves dry nor do we practice predatory and manipulative marketing and sales tactics!


In the Get Ish Done Club we prioritize ...

  • Connection, community and collaboration

  • Circular power dynamics that empower everyone to take ownership and lead within the community

  • Consent-based business skills including an ethical approach to marketing & sales

  • Centring our customers' needs, not our sales goals (don't worry, your sales goals still play a starring role!)

  • Seeking balance, not burnout

  • Building sustainable and scaleable revenue so that you can use your business as a tool to build the life of your wildest dreams AND change the world!

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Hear how Sarah went from overthinking and stuck in a whirlwind of excuses to a clear, step-by-step path forward with the structure and support she needed to finally get her YouTube channel relaunched!


The Club Supports Entrepreneurs at All Stages of Growth!


From Idea to Growth to Scale.


The Get Ish Done Club will...

  • Keep you focused on achieving your business goals

  • Push you to get out of your comfort zone and dream bigger

  • Give you the tools, support, and confidence you need to take great big swings

  • Get you to think through your strategies and action plans every single month so you feel like you can truly accomplish anything

  • Help you outsource, automate, and diversify your revenue streams so you can hit your first 6-figure year and scale up to your first 7-figure year!




Wantrepreneurs on the path to starting their first business and throwing a lot of spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks

  • Support you as you dive into your ideation and market research

  • Structure as you package and monetize your brilliance

  • Strategies in your "throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks" stage for faster learning, tweaking, and sticking!

  • Guidance as you figure out your revenue streams, brand, marketing, positioning, rates, website and social media.

  • Connections to vetted professionals you can count on to follow through on their work and help you set up your business, like accountants and brand designers, etc. (Not take your money and ghost you as so often happens to new biz owners ... ugh.)

  • Speed up your first year or two in business from fumbling and guessing to getting sales and building brand recognition & reputation


Entrepreneurs with an existing business focused on getting sales and building brand awareness on the way to their first 6-figure year

  • Support as you streamline your revenue streams and marketing messaging

  • Structure as you create your lead magnets, content marketing, and sales funnels

  • Strategies for getting yourself in front of the right people and converting strangers into happy, paying customers

  • Connections to entrepreneurs who will refer business, collaborate on projects, open up doors to cool new opportunities, and become biz besties for life

  • Guidance as you navigate internal barriers to success like impostor syndrome, burnout, and time management

  • Speed up your journey to your first $100,000 year


Entrepreneurs with a thriving business who are ready to simplify, diversify, and scale to 7-figures

  • Support as you think bigger, diversify your revenue streams and incorporate passive revenue models

  • Structure as you map out a plan to scale your key revenue verticles and shut down what's no longer necessary in your business

  • Strategies for avoiding the "horizontal scale" trap and ensuring you're scaling vertically ... for less work and more money!

  • Guidance as you outsource your busy work, automate your sales process, and hire your dream team to help you get to the next level

  • Connections as you move into thought leadership, writing books, getting on stages, and levelling up your content game

  • Speed up our journey to your first $1,000,000 year

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Hear how Rachel felt like she was wandering in the wasteland of entrepreneurship alone and ended up going into personal debt for THOUSANDS of dollars buying courses and programs that didn't work. 


Join the Party and Let's Get Growing Together!

The magic that happens in our live group sessions keeps us all growing both in our businesses and in ourselves! We show up for each other in a judgement-free zone and bring the brilliance of our diverse experiences to every question, challenge, and idea!

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Business Q&A 

Our business Q&A sessions are your opportunity to ask strategic questions, how-tos, and big conversation topics that most entrepreneurs don't have the opportunity to discuss in their day-to-day lives.

We meet on Zoom on the 1st Tuesday of the month to dive into your burning business questions and the hot topics floating around your brain keeping you up at night.

To accommodate different availability we meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at two times:

  • 9:00 - 11:00 am PT

  • 4:00 - 6:00 pm PT

"I never miss these group sessions. The Club is the only space where we get to talk about these topics. I always learn something new!"


Business Skills Brainstorming

These brainstorming sessions give us a chance to hyperfocus on very specific business skills that we decide to cover as a group every month. 

Past sessions have included Wow-factor Onboarding Funnels, How to Make an Irresistible Lead Magnet, TikTok for Business, How to Make Video Testimonials and more!

You'll get to flesh out your own customized strategy and action plan to implement in your business.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10:00 - 11:30 am PT


All sessions are recorded so you can watch on your own time if you can't make it live or just want to watch it again.

"Lindsay's brainstorming sessions get me to level up my digital marketing, funnels, customer experience, and more. I take myself and my business much more seriously!"


Coworking & Content Batching

Bring your to-do list and your content ideas and GET ISH DONE with us! We use the power of Body Doubling, the Pomodoro Technique, and Music to fly through your work. You will have the most productive two hours of your entire week!

To accommodate different availability we meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at two times:

  • 10:00 - 12:00 am PT

  • 4:00 - 6:00 pm PT

"I get SO MUCH 💩 DONE at these sessions. I always end the session feeling relieved, energized, and accomplished!"


Month-end Debrief, Goal Setting, and Action Planning

The most important session of the entire month! This is where you get off autopilot and get intentional with your business-building activities. 

We meet on Zoom for 90 minutes and start by debriefing your month. We look at what worked, what didn't, what you learned, and what you'll continue next month. 

Next, we set goals for the following month and then map out a step-by-step strategy and action plan to help you get to your goals. 

To accommodate different availability we meet on the Last Tuesday of the month at two times:

  • 10:00 - 11:30 am PT

  • 4:30 - 6:00 pm PT

"Within 3 months of being in the Club I started achieving, and beating, my sales goals because I knew exactly what worked and what didn't. Now I can make a strategy and action plan in my sleep. Who knew sales could be this easy and fun?!"

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  • 1st Tuesday: Business Q&A to tackle your burning business questions

  • 2nd Tuesday: Business Skills Brainstorming to level up your digital marketing and sales funnels

  • 3rd Tuesday: Coworking & Content Batching to Get Ish Done!

  • Last Tuesday: Month-End Debrief & Action Planning to get off autopilot and get intentional with your business goals

  • Private Members Portal so you can get feedback on your work, share your upcoming events and promos, connect one-on-one with members, and chat with us in the main feed.

  • Kickass Community of Supper Supportive Rule-Breaking Entrepreneurs for Connecting, Coworking, and Collaborating

  • Club Only Perks like Pop-Up Workshops, Free Events and Seasonal Parties

  • Tons of Resources like Templates, Checklists, Guest Expert Interviews, Workshops and More!


Who the Heck is Lindsay ...

and why should I listen to them?

the radical connector_the key to faster growth is less work 4.png


Action Taker is my middle name and I'm a big believer in

ditching busy work (that doesn't work) and just getting

ish done!

Oh, and I'm also neurodivergent AF and can appreciate the struggle of wanting to work but that dang executive dysfunction keeping you stuck in overwhelm, decision paralysis, and overthinking. 

My trick? 

Body doubling, the Pomodoro Technique, and a 3-task max to-do list so that I can actually GET ISH DONE!

If we haven't officially met yet, I'm a business strategist for radical rule-breaking and nonconforming entrepreneurs who know status-quo business advice isn't going to help them grow!


My job is to help entrepreneurs make excellent money by building their businesses THEIR WAY so they can ditch their desks and go have an incredible life!

I've been nerding out to all things entrepreneurship for 20+ years and have developed my own Work Less Play More marketing and sales process that is clear, simple, and easily duplicatable so that YOU no longer have to feel your way in the dark. 


I created the Get Ish Done Club for other maverick entrepreneurs with a passion to change the world AND build a life of their wildest dreams ...


... who need support, guidance, and structure in implementing their action plans and making magic happen in their businesses and obviously ...

... want a supportive community of biz besties running right alongside them. 


Seriously, building a business is lonely, overwhelming and boring AF.


Let's turn it into a party!



Is there a minimum membership length? Nope! Join us and stay as long as you need the support. When you feel like you're good to go on your own you can turn off your membership. You'll be given a link to manage your membership when you register. If you have any questions please contact

Will the Q&A Sessions be recorded? Heck Yah! Whether you wanted to listen and save the note-taking for later or you had to miss this month's live session but submitted your own questions ahead of time and want to watch the replay and hear my answer ... I've got you! You'll be able to access the live Q&A recordings in the member portal within 24 hours of our live sessions.

Can I join if I'm scaling my current biz OR I don't have a biz yet? Yes! The club focuses on implementation and action no matter what stage of business you're at. If you are scaling your business or ready to diversify your revenue streams the club will help you level up and scale faster! If you are still putting the pieces of your business together you are absolutely more than welcome to get ish done with us in the club! I also have oodles of resources and content I can share with you throughout your time in the membership as different challenges or questions come up for you! My advice, give the club a whirl and see how it works for you!

Should I join the Club even if I've worked with you or joined your previous programs? Heck Yah! This group is aaaall about implementation and action! The club is about consistent growth over months (and years) ... the marathon of business building if you will.

What if I haven't learned your Work Less Play More System yet? If you haven't learned my Work Less Play More System Yet you can start with my free mini-course, 4 Business Building Basics Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Know! Hint: I'm in the process of creating an official self-guided course you can purchase that lays out my system ... it'll be available soon!

What If I Want to Work Privately With You? Apply! If you'd like to work one-on-one together def apply and let's chat! Apply to Work One-on-one You'll be given a link to book a call once your application has been submitted.


And let's focus up on the work that matters so we can make lots of money and change the freaking world ... together!

We're waiting for you to come play with us

Join the Get Ish Done Club and let's make business magic together.


You're going to get oodles of support, answers to your burning business questions, improve your business skills, and best of all a bunch of new biz besties running alongside you as you grow!

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