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 *Hint: All my radical rule-breaking, nonconforming, or neurodivergent besties are gonna love this community!

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OMG! As a new entrepreneur, you wear soooo many hats and have so much work to do. There's also a lot of guesswork and trial and error as you turn your brilliant business ideas into a fun money-maker that changes the world. 

Ooh, and if you're dealing with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, or any other Neurodivergence don't even get me started on executive dysfunction, decision paralysis, and "noisy brain".

You're feeling your way in the dark ...


Second-guessing your gut instincts ...


And sometimes you just wish you had other entrepreneurs you wish you could JUST GET REAL with when it comes to discussing the very real struggles of building a business!


Your entrepreneurial journey becomes WAY EASIER and WAY MORE FUN when we work together in a supportive community!


Let's Keep it Real ... Entrepreneurship is Magical and also Really Hard.

Joining our community of entrepreneurs to talk to about the big stuff ... brainstorm within a hive-mind of innovation and creativity ... PLUS have a business coach guiding you towards your goals every step of the way feels like winning the lottery!


Check out the TONS of support you get when you're part of the Club 👇

Entrepreneurial Support Group on Zoom

Ask Your Business Questions and Dive into Big Conversations, like....

  • How to Stay Afloat During a Recession
  • Navigating the Pros and Cons of AI
  • What to Do If Your Work Gets Stollen and more


  • Business Strategy Q&A
  • Bring your to-do list and Get Ish Done
  • FIRST TUESDAY of the month
  • 2 hours from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific Time 
  • 2 hours from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Hive-Mind Brainstorming on Zoom

Get into the Nitty Gritty of Specialized Digital Marketing & Sales Skills!

  • Hyperfocus on a new digital marketing strategy, sales skill, or general entrepreneurial mindset shift
  • Quick and easy implementation in your own business (no busy work!)

Topics include

  • How to Create Video Testimonials
  • How to Use TikTok for Business
  • How to Make a Lead Magnet, and more!
  • SECOND TUESDAY of the month from 10:00 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time 

Monthly Action-Planning & Goal-Setting on Zoom

No More Aimless Busy Work or Fuzzy Action Plans Hemmeroghing Your Time, Money, and Energy!

  • Debrief your month and understand what's working and what's not in your business
  • Set your goals and map out your step-by-step action plan for the following month 
  • Stop building your business on autopilot and tune into where you're leaking time, money, or energy in your business
  • LAST TUESDAY of the month
  • 90 minutes from 10:00 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time 
  • 90 minutes from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Private Members Area Turning Biz into a Party!

No More Trying to Explain the Entrepreneurial Experience to Friends and Family Who Just Don't Get It!

  • Your own member profile with website and social media links for easy connecting
  • Connect, collaborate and do business with your fellow members
  • Coordinate your own coworking sessions together
  • Share your work in our main feed to get feedback, share your wins, and get answers to your questions in between live coaching sessions

Pop-Up Online Get-Togethers and Fun Bonuses

When You're Here, You're Family ... and Family Members Always Get the Best Gifts!

  • Bonus get-togethers when we decide as a group to tackle something cool, fun, and of the moment
  • Online parties throughout the year
  • Insider info and early access to upcoming specials
  • Special prices on my programs and products
  • Basically ... all the extra goodies I can possibly throw at you!

Templates, Guides, Checklists and More

 No More Figuring it All Out On Your Own!

  • All my popular checklists, templates, and worksheets like my SEO Checklist, List-Building Checklist, Impostor Syndrome Worksheet, 5-Steps to Consent-based Sales Framework, and more!
  • Special guest expert interviews with business skills and mindset shifts
  • Collection of my popular workshop replays like Lead Magnet Love, Stop Giving Away the Farm for Free, and 100K in 30 Minutes a Day
  • All of my Blogs, YouTube videos, and Podcasts in one convenient place
Come Play with Us in the Club!



 Hellooooo clear path forward with a prioritized to-do list and simple, repeatable actions for faster growth and less work!



 Welcome hive-mind brilliance and oodles of support and camaraderie while you work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs who get it!



 Get guidance, personalized strategies, and a path toward your big, bold biz goals with a marketing and sales coach ... me, Lindsay!

The Best Part is the Price! Only...

$50 per month!


  • Live Entrepreneurial Support Group and Business Q&A on the First Tuesday of the Month
  • Live Hive-Mind Brainstorming on the Second Tuesday of the Month
  • Live Month-End Debrief & Action Planning on the Last Tuesday of the Month
  • Private Community with Supper Supportive Rule-Breaking Entrepreneurs for Connecting, Coworking, and Collaborating
  • Club Only Perks and Gifts like Pop-Up Online Get-Togethers and Parties
  • Tons of Resources like Templates, Checklists, Guest Expert Interviews, and More!
Get Your Butt in the Club!


Action taker is my middle name and I'm a big believer in ditching perfection and just getting ish done!

Oh, and I'm also neurodivergent AF and can appreciate the struggle of wanting to work but that dang executive dysfunction keeping you stuck in overwhelm, decision paralysis, and overthinking. 

My trick? 

Body doubling, the Pomodoro Technique, and a 3-task max to-do list so that I can actually GET ISH DONE!

Who the Heck is Lindsay and Why Should I Listen to Them?

If we haven't officially met yet, I'm a business coach for radical rule-breaking and nonconforming entrepreneurs who know status-quo business advice isn't going to help them grow!

My job is to help entrepreneurs make lots of money by building their businesses THEIR WAY. 

I've been nerding out to all things entrepreneurship for 20+ years and have developed my own marketing and sales process that is clear, simple, and easily duplicatable so that YOU no longer have to feel your way in the dark. 

I created the Get Ish Done Club for other maverick entrepreneurs with a passion to change the world AND build a life of their wildest dreams ...

...who need support, guidance, and structure in implementing their action plans and making magic happen in their businesses.

...and obviously ... want a supportive community of biz besties running right alongside them. 

Seriously, building a business is lonely, overwhelming and boring AF.

Let's turn it into a party!


Join the Party!



And let's focus up on the work that matters so we can make lots of money and change the freaking world!

We're waiting for you to come play with us!

Join the Get Ish Done Club and let's make business magic together. You're going to get oodles of support, answers to your burning business questions, improve your business skills, and best of all a bunch of new biz besties running alongside you as you grow!