Top 5 Fears Stopping Entrepreneurs from Video Marketing

(And how to get out of your own way!)

Episode 30 with Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector
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Video marketing is one of the most underused content marketing tools for getting new customers!


Whether you're using short-form videos like TikToks and Instagram Reels, long-form videos like YouTube or courses, or my personal favourite, automated videos in your list-building funnels, sales funnels, or client onboarding process ... video marketing is essential to faster growth and a bigger wow factor with potential clients!

But ... none of that matters if new entrepreneurs are stuck in their heads and letting fear stop them from showing up on camera.

You have brilliance inside you begging to be brought to life on camera but there are some annoying fears holding you back ... and it's time to get over them so the world can see you shine!



Powerful Tidbits Lindsay Shares in This Episode...

  • How overwhelm plays a bigger role in blocking your creativity with videos than you realize
  • #1 hack for generating video content your audience and customers actually WANT!
  • How to get past your tech fears and embrace being a beginner
  • Tips for building up your confidence on camera (and giving yourself permission to be awkward and stiff in the beginning)
  • Lindsay's super simple 5-step framework for structuring your videos that will 10x the speed with which you can create kickass content!

"Overwhelm has a sneaky way of tricking our brains into putting ourselves last or believing we can't do scary things."

- Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector


Teaching Biz Newbies How to Be Entrepreneur Rockstars!

Lindsay's goal is to get you making oodles of money in your business in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of work possible!

Lindsay's a huge entrepreneurship nerd and has been teaching entrepreneurs how to get customers and make money for over 20 years. They believe getting clients and making money doesn't have to be complicated or cost you a small fortune. Lindsay's signature Work Less Play More System teaches entrepreneurs consent-based marketing and sales skills so that they can attract the right strangers and co-create the sales journey with them so they become happy, paying customers. 

As an ADHD entrepreneur, Lindsay has mastered the art of breaking down complex business strategies into simple, step-by-step frameworks that help their clients grow faster, with less burnout, overwhelm, and effort. 

After all, as Lindsay says, you own your business, it shouldn't own you!

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