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Sales Funnel & Content Marketing Audit

For entrepreneurs who want the internet to do 90% of the selling for them!

Let's optimize your online stranger to happy, paying customer journey



The internet and social media are powerful tools for growing your business ... as long as you know how to use them!

Do you know if your online presence, content marketing, and sales funnels are speeding up your customer's journey or dropping them through the cracks?

Let's spend 4-Hours together reviewing & tweaking your online sales journey, including your:

  • Website: We'll make sure your website is clear and relatable for your customers; your branding and marketing messaging highlight your brilliance; your site is easy to navigate and encourages your visitors to take action! 
  • Social Media: We'll ensure your profiles and bios showcase your expertise while appealing to your ideal customers; your posts are clear, relatable, entertaining, and effectively draw your audience into your sales funnels; you understand how to use social media as a powerful tool for building your list, reputation, network, and customer base.
  • Lead Magnet & Email Marketing: We'll review your current lead magnet and email sequence and I'll suggest any necessary changes to help optimize them. If you don't have a lead magnet and email sequence yet we'll map out one for you to create!
  • Content Strategy: We'll review your current content marketing strategy (both macro content like blogs, YouTube, etc and micro-content like Instagram, TikTok, etc) and map out an effective strategy that attracts your target market AND is fun for you to do!
  • Sales Strategy & Simple Sales Funnel: We'll review your current strategy for getting customers and refine your approach to make sure it's strategic and effective ... and fun! We'll also create a simple sales funnel to help automate your sales process for quicker and easier sales ... with serious wow-factor!
  • To-Do List & Action Plan: We'll create a to-do list of the tweaks you need to do and an action plan so you can implement your updated content marketing and sales strategies! 

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