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How to Make a Virtual Vision Board

goal setting goals vision board Sep 20, 2020

I love vision boards!

​I've been making them since I was a wee one. 

I got my first taste in elementary school with collages. In my teens we made them at work. 

(Ask me how I "hit" my goal of saving $3000 in one day)

In my 20's I made a vision board every two years, filling a large cardboard sheet full of places I wanted to travel, things I wanted to accomplish, and fashion I wanted to wear. 

In my 30's I began making smaller one-page vision boards every January filled with what I wanted to accomplish in the year to come. I focused my vision board around a single word or theme for the year. 

As I grew up, I moved away from material items into how I wanted to feel year after year. 

Confident. Connected. Free. Joyful. Organized. Focused. 

​All through the years, I've never doubted for a minute that what I put on my vision board would eventually come to be. 

It's not all hocus pocus. The reasons why vision boards work is because when we put them somewhere we can see day in and day out, we can't help but be constantly visualizing what we want in our lives. Vision boards create a point of focus and drive for us. ​

It's easy to live life on autopilot and quickly forget our dreams and goals. Vision boards keep our goals and dreams alive and front and center. 

We make different decisions in our lives. We become courageous, bold, persistent and determined in our actions. 

We hold onto and work towards what we want to have in our lives. 

We literally begin to live, choose, and think differently. 

Last year my theme was SPACE. Creating more space in my life for me.

It worked and amazing things happened...and quickly!

(Side note: making oneself a priority becomes addictive)

This year I want more of that...I want more ME in my life.

What does that look like? 

I will start saying NO to what isn't me a whole lot more. I'll stop shying away from the Heck Yeah's that drive me to express myself and boldly try new things. 

I will reconnect to the bold, courageous adventurer in me and start having more fun! 

How about you?

  • What do you want to feel this year? 
  • What is your intention for the next 12 months?
  • What do you want more of in your life? 
  • What will you put on your vision board?

This year I created a Virtual Vision Board.

That way I can save it to my desktop, my iphone, print it out and carry it in my binders and tape it to my walls. 

(Plus it's just easier, faster, and much less waste!) 

Below I've laid out the steps for you to create your own virtual vision board. 

Be sure to share it in our Facebook group, Rad Connectors, when you're done so we can ALL support your vision for a radical year ahead.

Dream Big, Be Bold, and Have Fun!


Step 1

Go to and create an account. 

Once you've signed up you can Create a design. 

Decide if you'd like a landscape/horizontal or portrait/vertical vision board and select the appropriate design.

Step 2

Click Elements from the feature bar on far right.

Click Grids and choose what image grid you'd like to use.

Step 3

Search Google or Pinterest for images that represent what you want more of in your life this year. 

Save the images to your computer. 

Step 4

Click upload from the feature bar on the far left hand side then click the green upload your own image bar. 

Once your images are uploaded they will appear below the green bar. 

Drag your image one by one into your preferred box on the grid. 

NOTE: If you want to delete an image make simply click the image then click the trash can on the upper right side of the screen. Delete the image only, not the element. If you delete the element the entire grid will be deleted!

Step 5

Play around with adding Text and other Elements (like coloured shapes) from the features bar on the far left. 

Step 6

When your virtual vision board is done click Download from the top right of the menu bar.

Select your preferred format (png, jpg, or pdf) and click the green download bar to save it to your computer. 

Step 7

Congratulations! You now have shiny new vision board for the new year.

Come join our Facebook group, Rad Connectors, and share your vision board with the group so we can support you in making your goals a reality all year long!


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