3 Rules of Engagement for the New Threads App by Meta

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Image of a person holding a smart phone up into the sky. The background is a blue sky with white clouds. On the phone is the the new Threads app by Meta. The Radical Connector logo is in the bottom right corner and is a hot pink Chihuahua wearing a scarf and sunglasses. There is a pink banner running across the middle of the page that reads, 3 Rules for Engagement with the New Threads App by Meta

Meta has created a new app called Threads that is filling in the gap that the downfall of Twitter has created. 

It’s the wild wild west over there and we’re having a blast getting to know the new platform and co-creating the Threads culture. 

The consensus seems to be unanimous so far … 

We Just Want to Show Up as Our Whole Selves and Have Fun!!

Thank you TikTok for creating a social media platform that paved the way for true authenticity and realness … we’ve been craving it! 

As you begin to play with the app here’s what I recommend...

Number 1: Ditch Perfection and Start Posting Anything and Everything

The fastest way to win is to lose as much as you can!

No, really. 

Trying to be perfect and get everything right from the hop ensures that your learning and growth will be slow AF! 

Don’t worry about getting it right. Don’t worry about sounding perfect. And LEAVE THE MARKETING AT HOME right now. 

Instead, just start posting! 

Gifs. Memes. Random thoughts. Quotes. Jokes. Repost and add your two cents. Tag others and cheer them on. 

The Threads app is still taking shape and the culture is still forming.

Share share share and see what kinds of content take off and what falls flat. 

Then build from there! 

Number 2: Scroll and Observe

Don’t assume that what works on other apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are going to work on the new Threads app! 

Get to know the culture that’s forming by scrolling the main feed and observing which posts created by others are getting engagement, reposts, and likes and which ones are falling flat. 

The new Threads app by Meta is not a place to repost the same old content you’ve shared on every other platform. 

Get curious. Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not. How can you put your own signature twist on things while remaining true to the vibe of the Threads app community? 

Number 3: Be Yourself! 

I’m talking … 

Unhinged. Unmasked. Who you are when nobody’s watching. 

Over time the Threads app culture may change to become an overly polished version of perfection that Instagram has forced us all to become… 

Or maybe not! 

YOU get to be part of creating the culture including how to use the Threads and how to build a community on Threads …

And that all starts with letting go of fear of judgement, fear of unmasking, fear of imperfection, and fear of rejection and just going for it! 


As for me … I’m super excited to unleash my unhinged, whacky sense of humour as well as my sassier self. 

(It’s boring always having the wear the mask of professionalism!) 

Now what are you waiting for? 

Come follow me at @RadicalLinds for Business Advice and @FantasticalFatty for Fat Joy Content!

I’ll see you over on Threads, as well as my usual spots on TikTok and Instagram!



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