Why 80% of Your Subscribers Will Never Open Your Lead Magnet (but still buy from you!) content marketing email marketing lead magnet sales funnel social media Apr 04, 2021



Would it shock you to know that almost no one who signs up for your lead magnet will actually open it?


Go check your analytics right now. How many people landed on your opt-in page, signed up, opened your delivery email, and clicked on the link? If you have a course as a lead magnet, how many people kept clicking on each email or course module?

Did you notice that number goes down the further along your sales funnel they travel?

Most of the time, even when they do click on the lead magnet link in your delivery email, they still do little more than scan it or...

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15 Ways to Set Business Goals this Month that Inspire and Delight You business planning goal setting new year goals self reflection strategic planning Dec 11, 2020


Setting goals and planning your year can't be done with blinders on!

If you want to make sure you set goals that make sense and will get you to your dream life you absolutely need to spend time reflecting on what worked and what didn't in the past year and build on all your newfound wisdom. 

Do you want to know my secret to how to set business goals at the start of every new year?

I take three whole days to myself and do nothing but think, journal, and reflect on the previous 12 months with very specific questions in mind (which I'm about to share with you!).

But first, let me...

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5 Daily Secrets You Can Use to Stop Impostor Syndrome in its Tracks community confidence impostor syndrome mindset personal growth self-doubt Nov 27, 2020

Self-doubt will kill more dreams than failure ever will.

Impostor syndrome is a sneaky gremlin and has an annoying tendency to pop up anytime we’re stretching out of our comfort zones or daring to do something incredible for the first time.

Would it surprise you to learn that the more successful you are, the more impostor syndrome will show up?!

Fear not … the other fab side effect of success is developing the tools to stay grounded in your confidence, capabilities, and ditch the gremlin faster than you can say, “Who do I think I am?”

Read on for my top 5 Daily...

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7 Reasons You Absolutely Deserve an Extra Long Holiday This Year burnout business development entrepreneurship personal growth time management Nov 17, 2020

It’s been a doozy of a year and we need to talk about how to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season to go from burnout to balance … are you with me?

I often get the strangest comments from people about how I need to take time off, slow down, or stop working so hard. The funny thing is, I do all three of these … take time off, slow down, and stop working so hard.

In fact, I used to burnout All The Time because I didn’t do this in the past. I have learned (the hard way) that it is essential to my business and my life to set up lots of rest, space, and time-off...

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3 Steps to Time Blocking So You Can Make More Money This Week entrepreneurship productivity time blocking time management to-do lists Nov 09, 2020

Ugh. Don't you hate when your to-do list is never-ending and you don't know where to start?

You've got big goals, a great big BOLD vision for your business and you're ready to take some brave steps forward.

There's just one little problem ... you've got so much you to do that end up starting each day overwhelmed, unsure where to start, and making to-do list after to-do (after to-do list) and it's killing your motivation.


"We get so focused on all the things we can be doing, we get distracted from what we need to do!"


I'm going to show you 3 Steps to Time Blocking So You Can...

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3 Heartbreaking Reasons Nobody's Buying Your Digital Course digital course email marketing entrepreneurship marketing sales sales funnel skill development Nov 05, 2020

Your new digital course is brilliant … so why the heck isn’t anybody buying it?

I see this All The Time with new entrepreneurs. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it drives me bonkers to see you investing your money into courses that promise to make you a six-figure earner in six months or less with your own digital course when you don’t have the whole picture of what it really takes to create and launch a successful digital course.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector, and I’ve got a reputation for being ...

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Top 20 Books to Read in 2020 to Help You Think Like an Entrepreneur books bravery copywriting creativity entrepreneurship marketing money mindset personal growth rad connectors skill development Nov 02, 2020

Asking if entrepreneurs are made or born is the wrong question.

The real question is, how you can make yourself more successful by thinking like an entrepreneur?

I’ve round up the top 20 books you need to read in 2020 to help you think like an entrepreneur and apply these principles in every area of your life.

I’ve even included links so you can buy the books that inspire you to take action right away!

To think like an entrepreneur you have to appreciate that most of us are life-long learners. To take an idea from deep within and then the necessary steps to figure out how to...

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Top 3 Worst Answers to 'What Do You Do' You Need to Stop Today conversation skill entrepreneurship networking skill development wdyd Oct 30, 2020


Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone, cringing so hard over what you just said about your business??

Or worse, told someone what you do only to be met with a dispassionate and distant, "Cool. Interesting."


Telling others what you or your business does in a clear way is the very first step in connecting with your perfect client. Yet, this is where newbie entrepreneurs often get tripped up the most!

Let's take a journey together into the top 3 worst answers to what do you do you need to stop today so you can start telling others about your...

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How to Make a Virtual Vision Board goal setting goals vision board Sep 20, 2020

I love vision boards!

I've been making them since I was a wee one. 

I got my first taste in elementary school with collages. In my teens we made them at work. 

(Ask me how I "hit" my goal of saving $3000 in one day)

In my 20's I made a vision board every two years, filling a large cardboard sheet full of places I wanted to travel, things I wanted to accomplish, and fashion I wanted to wear. 

In my 30's I began making smaller one-page vision boards every January filled with what I wanted to accomplish in the year to come. I focused my vision board around a single word or...

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