Building Resilience to Stand Up for What You Believe In

Values-Based Leadership, Connection, and Community!

Episode 28 with Belinda Clemmensen, Women's Leadership Intensive
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Being Part of the Change isn't Always Easy...


It's not easy to be part of the change our world so urgently needs ... and it's even harder not to burn out our completely disappear into our work to make that change happen.

Belinda Clemmense, founder of The Women's Leadership Intensive and author of Women, Leadership, and Saving the world shares with us the importance of standing up for what you believe in, leading from your core values, and nurturing your resilience on the path to change. 


Powerful Tidbits Belinda Shared in This Episode...

  • What happens when disappearing into work to cope with stressful situations doesn't work anymore

  • Redefining what it means to work less and play more in a way that fits with YOUR values
  • Why we need to stop looking at rest as a bridge to more productivity
  • How Belinda connected to FREEDOM as one of her core values (hint: it wasn't easy)
  • How being a robotic workaholic causes the sensory experience of being a human being to dissipate

"I really think trying to do this work alone is way too hard and way too lonely. We have to join together. We have to have connections to other people but I also think we have to let those connections be imperfect."

- Belinda Clemmensen, Women's Leadership Intensive


Check Out All the Goodies We Talked About...


👉 Belinda's Free Mini Online Course: Inspired to Lead 

👉 Belinda's Book: Women, Leadership, and Saving the World

👉Blog: How to Nurture Connections Through Compassion

👉 Book Recommendations:  The Five Best Books To Help Build Resilience In Difficult Times


Changing the World One Leader at a Time!

Belinda Clemmensen is a professional certified coach and leadership development consultant who had a mid-life wake-up call to rethink everything she'd learned over 25+ years in leadership and take a new path. The Women's Leadership Intensive is leadership development by women, for women and our mission is to inspire, empower, equip and support women to lead the change the world needs, because the world needs changing, and it will be women who lead the way to get it done.

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