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Automation Nation

Replay Available Now!

Y'all love my automations and have been asking how I make them. Soooo let's hop on Zoom and I'll walk you through all my favourite online automations to wow your customers and shave hours of busy work off your to-do list!

I can't wait to show you my favourite automations including my...

  • Wow-factor client onboarding automation (from inquiry to our first session) including how to accelerate the know-like-trust process with videos

  • Calendly integrations for online and IRL events, sales calls, networking meetings, and community building

  • List-building automations with lead magnets, tripwires, landing pages, and emails

  • Email engagement including more clicks, replies, and real-time market research

This won't be presentation style. Instead, I'll kick us off and then you can ask me all your questions and we'll brainstorm simple, fun, and engaging automations you can set up for your biz!

I'll have my favourite automation flows mapped out for you and will share them live during our Zoom hang!

Replays will be sent out if you can't make it live but really want to hear all my fave automation tips and tricks!

Automations are


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