Your Journey from WANTrepreneur to Entrepreneur!

Are you ready to break out on your own and start your own business ... but don't know where to start first?

Making the jump from WANTrepreneur to Entrepreneur gets overwhelming fast

When you make the leap into entrepreneurship you are full of talent, creativity, brilliance, and drive. There's just one problem . . . you have no idea where to start!


So many questions, so little time:

😫 Should I incorporate or stick with a sole proprietorship?

😫  Should I use my real name or create a business name?

😫 Where do I find clients?

😫 How do I let people know I exist and am open for business?

😫 What do I put on my website?

😫 How much should I charge?

😫 â€‹How do I deal with all of this overwhelm, isolation, and STRESS?

😫 What should I post on social media or in my newsletters?

😫 Marketing, sales, copy writing, bookkeeping, courses, networking, community building, public speaking, workshops, podcasts . . . where will I find the time for all of the things required to get my business off the ground?

😫 What should I invest in and what should I do myself?

😫 What the heck am I actually supposed to DO all day to grow my business??


​​Aaaaaahhh ... are you worried you bit off more than you can chew?

From Hazy Dream to Focused Reality

Wanting to be an entrepreneur was mostly a stare-out-the-window daydream until I found the Mastermind. I was able to focus the hazy parts of my ideas and make them reality. Being a creative person means having a mental tornado swirling around your head 24/7. With Lindsay's guidance, I was able to focus that storm as a force for success! From dream to a reality of being an entrepreneur!

 If you have even a glimmer of a business idea sign up for the Mastermind ASAP. I guarantee that idea will be refined and focused and might change completely!

- Laura Hamilton, Women, Sex and Cannabis

Starting with the foundation-building steps in your new business is crucial

Ooooh baby. It's so tempting to make the first steps you take in your new business all about the pretty stuff like websites, logos, social media profiles, lead magnets ...


If you feel like you're missing something ... you're doing what the experts tell you to do but no one's connecting to your brand or business and almost no one is buying from you, you're right ... you ARE missing something.

You're missing the most important first steps in starting a business ... the foundation-building steps.


The first steps you need to take are:

👍 Market research

👍 Decide on your business model and revenue streams

👍 Develop your brand values, tone, and style

👍 Get up close and personal with your niche market

👍 Start playing with building your community and audience

👍 Play around with creating content and establishing your reputation to see what resonates

👍 Start building your network with the right connections and potential clients for your goals 

👍 Lay out an easy-breezy marketing and sales strategy (so you can start making money)


I don't believe in GUESSING when starting a business ... I believe in asking the right questions, finding the real answer and building on a strong foundation.

Who's wants to build their business in the dark?

Stop dreaming about it and let's get to work building your empire!

What if there's an easier way to get your first business off the ground ... and profitable?

The Mastermind brings together the magic of group coaching with real-time support from a business strategist. This program has been specially designed for entrepreneurs-in-the-making who've been bitten by the business bug and want to make their vision a reality the easy (and fast) way.


Because you need to learn how to build your business from the ground up


Wouldn't you love to:

😍 Have a business strategist in your corner guiding you as you explore your business model, revenue streams, and more

😍 Work side-by-side with a community of entrepreneurs going through the same stage of business development

😍 Escape isolation and loneliness that often accompanies entrepreneurship

😍 Kiss overwhelm and decision overload goodbye with tools to help you make fast and wise biz decisions

😍 Know how to connect with your perfect clients or collaborators anywhere and everywhere

😍 Learn the art of attraction based marketing and sales for fun and easy growth (goodbye icky self-promotion)

😍 Learn exactly how to put the pieces of your business together for faster growth in your first year in business

😍 Build your network and your community for sales, opportunities, and new biz friends

😍  Have the space to experiment in your business while someone else (me!) keeps you moving forward in the right direction and in the right order


How amazing would it feel to let go of the steering wheel and just play while I keep you moving forward in the right direction?

A Plan, Tools, and Gentle Kick in the Butt

Lindsay and the Brilliance to Business Mastermind has me feeling more on track with having a business that aligns with my goals and values. I have tools and systems that I can use to help me stay focused and make better decisions as I build.

If you have an idea for starting a business but feel lost in how to get it from in your head to making actual progress, Lindsay has a way of asking the real questions and kicking your butt in a firm but gentle approach to get you there.  I always felt supported and nutured when expressing my thoughts, but not babied.

- Rowen Kazmer, Conscious Living with Rowen

Hi, I’m Lindsay,

aka The Radical Connector.

When you are first starting a business there are so many unknowns you need to discover and moving parts to put in the right order. You need the space to play, experiment, learn, adapt, shift and change. You also need to get to know yourself in your new role ... business owner! 

Most importantly, you need lots of support from a business building expert and community of like-minded entrepreneurs if you're going to make it from idea to business with joy, ease, and money in your bank account. 

I created this program to give you all of the support you'll need to build a solid foundation and have a heck of a lot of fun taking on (what you will soon discover) one of the most challenging adventures you'll ever take! 

Here's What You Get in the Mastermind

Brilliance to Business Mastermind brings together the magic of group coaching, accountability, and the support and guidance of a business strategist who’s been breaking down complex business skills into easy, tactical and practical approaches for over 18 years.


Ooh baby, we’re going to have some fun! Here’s what to expect in our time together:

💡 The Mastermind starts November 3, 2020 and runs for 5 months 

💡 Registration opens up twice a year, in the spring and fall, and is limited to 20 people per round (we keep our class size small!)

💡 We'll meet live on Zoom for 90 minutes on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 3:00 pm PST

💡 Join us live online or watch the replay at your own convenience (bowl of popcorn not necessary, but recommended!)

💡 24/7 Access to all replays, bonus videos, worksheets, and tools as they are added

💡 Connect in the Facebook group with real time questions, challenges, wins, and wisdom

💡 Accountability partners and group challenges for extra motivation and inspiration ... and who doesn't love a little friendly competition?!


The fun doesn't stop there...

We always kick things off with a Welcome Party one week before our first official group coaching session!

Get to know your Mastermind crew, meet your accountability partner, and dive into your first group challenge ... we're going to start you off strong and smiling!

I'm in! Take Me to the Purchase Page

Take a Peek Inside the Mastermind ...

This Is Exactly What I Need, Lindsay!

How much does the Mastermind cost?


$1500 CDN

or 4 payments of $425


I’m going to sweeten the deal even more!

When you register you will get two 30-minute strategy sessions free.

$300 FREE

Our Fall Mastermind officially kicks off November 3, 2020

Only 20 Spots Available


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Imagine Yourself in Just a Few Months ...

A solid business foundation & the confidence to achieve your wildest entrepreneurial dreams!


Here's what you can expect after completing this mastermind:

😊 A complete business including a viable revenue model, revenue streams, products and services

😊 An understanding of how your business functions, who your clients are, and how to connect with them

😊 Cohesive messaging across your website, social media channels, and resources to help you look gooood

😊 An attraction-based marketing and sales process you'll love

😊 A growing network and community of champions and cheerleaders

😊 Tools, strategies and an action plan to grow your business fast

😊 Unshakable confidence and belief in yourself, your vision, and your ability to make it happen!


The Brilliance to Business Mastermind is perfect for anyone who...


🚀 Is less than one year into their business

🚀  Has an existing business idea or desire to start a business of their own

🚀 Has never built a business before

🚀 Still works a job, freelancing, and/or is in bootstrapping mode

🚀 Is unclear on what to do next to grow their business

🚀 Has no experience marketing or selling their own goods

🚀  Doesn't want to go alone ... or figure it out slowly!

I'm Ready ... Save My Spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

I Stopped Hiding in My Comfort Zone

I knew what I wanted to do, I couldn't figure out how to get there. Lindsay's guidance helped me let go of what I thought I 'should' do as a business and own what I really wanted to do, create a podcast about fashion and mental health. My idea went from scattered and fuzzy to not only clear ... but created! 

And like I've always heard, Lindsay gently kicked my butt out of my comfort zone and got me into action. I stopped talking about it and made it happen.

If you're ready to get serious about bringing your ideas to life, no matter how random or fuzzy they are, the Mastermind will get you there. 

- Min Sukree, Podcast Host, Saved By My Wardrobe

I Can't Wait to Help You Bring Your Entrepreneurial Vision to Life!

The next step is up to you. What do YOU want to do next?


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