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Hey You Radical

If your business is in its hot mess era I'm going to get it cleaned up and making great money.

If your business is already making great money I'm going to help you level up your visibility and get the whole world talking about you.

Fast-acting Sales & Brand Visibility Growth Strategies for entrepreneurs ready to think bigger, make more money, and build a business people can’t stop talking about!


Where You'll Find Me

A handful of my fave organizations where I teach.

Join my community!

The entrepreneurial journey is not meant to be travelled alone.

  • Connect with other cool entrepreneurs changing the world at our live online hangs

  • Get badass business tips to help you level up your skills & mindset

  • Flash sales, bonus resources, and more goodies than you can shake a stick at!

My 4 Keys to Faster Business Growth

Brand Visibility 

Get your brand in front of the people who are already looking for you with money in hand. Build a business people can't stop talking  about.

Cool Connections

Get help with the heavy lift of getting your business off the ground, open doors to new opportunities, get important introductions, and explore cool collaborations.

Sales Confidence

Get money in the bank with ethical marketing & sales strategies so you can invest in support to grow even faster and free up your time to live life your way.

Light Bulb.png
Thought Leadership

Get ready to make your mark on the world, make waves in your industry, and move beyond the day-to-day in your business onto something much bigger

I'm going to help you shave years off the time it takes you to  accomplish your big, bold business goals!

You started your business to do what you love and make an impact...

So why does it seem like most of your time is spent running in circles trying to figure out how to get (and keep) customers? 

And why does it feel so much harder and like it's taking way longer than everyone else?


There's no doubt about it! Getting a profitable, scalable business off the ground is a heavy lift ... especially if you're doing all the lifting by yourself!

I'm going to teach you how to leverage my 4 Keys to Faster Growth and the power that comes from travelling the entrepreneurial journey with all the right people.

Brand Visibility, Cool Connections, Sales Confidence, and Thought Leadership are the keys to unlocking the magic of entrepreneurship and building the life of your wildest dreams.

Are you ready?

Two types of entrepreneurs I love working with...


You're business feels like a hot mess (Shhhh. I won't tell anyone!) and you need to get your business ducks in a row and start making money. You're ready to learn simple, feel-good marketing & sales skills!


Your business is growing rapidly, and you're thinking, "What's next?" You're ready to explore thought leadership, evolve your revenue streams and you want to get a heck of a lot more visible!

Howdy, I'm Lindsay!

My superpower is saving you years of frustration, thousands of wasted dollars, and the constant overwhelm, exhaustion & loneliness that comes from building a business.

I've been teaching entrepreneurs how to stop spinning their wheels on busy work and build a profitable business people can't stop talking about for over 20 years. 

I've spent a lifetime in my own entrepreneurial family nerding out to all things business development and I still can't get enough of teaching my fast-acting growth strategies to big-dreaming, impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a key that unlocks your true potential, unshakable self-confidence & self-knowing, and the life of your wildest dreams...

But only if you're ready to stop blocking your own business growth and get to work on the business building activities that will propel you forward.

Simply put, I want to get your business making life-changing money so we can free up your time to do, be, and create all the cool stuff you want to do with your one wild life!

Screenshot 2024-05-11 180440.png

"Lindsay's never getting rid of me; they've got me for life. Lindsay is the only expert I've worked with who actually listened to me and helped me build MY business MY way."

- Brittney Ashley, Creative Dynamics Virtual Services

"In my first year I of business I knew absolutely nothing and went thousands of dollars into personal debt trying to find the answer. Lindsay taught me how easy it was to turn the engine on in my business." - Rachel Lee, Brand Strategist

Jun Wu JW Professional Immigration Services.jpg

"I learned so much about building a business from Lindsay. Most importantly I learned how much I don't know. Lindsay took the time to get to know me, nudged me outside comfort zone, and keep me focused ... not distracted!"

- Jun Wu, Sticky Note Chinese

4 Ways to Make Business Magic Together

How to Entrepreneur Membership

How to Entrepreneur is a cheeky $9 membership filled with bite-size marketing & sales skills, live Q&A and action planning sessions, and a kickasss community for entrepreneurs ready to feel confident, and get their business on the map and money in the bank!

Private Sessions

Whether you're focused on levelling up your business visibility so the world knows you exist, making cool connections for faster growth, increasing your marketing & sales skills & confidence, or making your mark on the world as a thought leader, working directly with me will get you there faster and with way less work!

Lindsay's Super Secret Mastermind

Shhhh! My super secret mastermind is exclusively for entrepreneurs who've already worked one-on-one with me and have moved past the "hot mess" stage of their business into momentum, traction, and diving outside of their comfort zones. We're a close-knit community that meets every Tuesday to share big ideas, ask complex questions, make exciting things happen, and get deep support as we take our businesses and lives to the next level. Ready for more?

Hire Me to Speak to Your Community

If you're looking for a playful, engaging, high-energy speaker with a knack for setting the room on fire with inclusive and welcoming vibes, creative thinking, and breaking brains wide open to think differently about marketing, sales, and all things entrepreneurship, let's talk!

Let's get nerdy...

Join my community for business badassery and let's see how far we can take you and your business... together!

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