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5 Ways to Increase Email Open Rates

Are You Using Email Marketing All Wrong?¬†ūüôÄ

Episode 29 with Lindsay Johnson

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Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers and promote your products or services.But if your email open rates are low, it becomes pretty obvious that your subscribers are missing out on your brilliant content, expertise, and ultimately, getting to work with you!

Worst of all, you're left feeling like you're wasting your time. Am I right?!

Now, if you're new around here you might be asking, "Lindsay, what is email marketing anyway and why do I need it?"

Email marketing is the process of using email messages, either sent individually or in bulk, to market and promote a product, service, or cause.

To be effective in email marketing, you need to understand your audience!

In this podcast, I’m going to cover

  • What it Really Means to Let Your Personality Shine
  • How to Make Your Emails Scan Friendly
  • Tips for Writing Intriguing Subject Lines
  • The Importance of Sharing Wow-Factor Content
  • What the Heck A/B Testing To Improve Your Results Means


"To be effective in email marketing, you need to understand your audience!" - Lindsay Johnson




Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I'm a business coach for big-dreaming entrepreneurs who want to launch & scale a service-based business and build the life of their wildest dreams.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and after years of repeating the same old cycle of working hard until burning out, I decided to stop the madness and figure out how to build a profitable business by WORKING LESS and PLAYING MORE.

I was determined to find an easier and faster way to build a profitable business and have spent the last 20 years nerding out to all things entrepreneurship and business development (how we make money). I've distilled what I've proven actually works into simple marketing strategies and sales formulas that teach service-based entrepreneurs how to get customers and make money in a way that feels GOOD!

If you're done with working your buns off to the point of burnout and not seeing big growth in your business (or bank account) come join my weekly group coaching community, Easier Entrepreuneruship Club. I'll teach you real business skills that will help you get customers and make money with way less work so you have time for a lot more play!


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